Higdon Decoys has been around for over 25 years, originating in Paducah, Kentucky. They are an industry leader in the waterfowl/turkey decoy arena and are the official decoy of Ducks Unlimited. The company prides itself on making quality duck and turkey hunting decoys that bring value to their customers.

Their duck decoys are ultra-realistic and engineered with an easy to use, lightweight design. If you’re looking for lightweight, packable, and affordable decoy there’s no better place than Higdon. You can use them on their own, pack them into your favorite public spot, or to add numbers and variety to any spread. They are a great addition to any duck hunter’s gear pack and will last for years to come. Higdon’s line of signature products includes the Higdon Outdoors XS Pulsator, the Higdon Outdoors Full-Size Goose Floater, and the Higdon Outdoors Standard Red Head Duck Decoys.

For turkey hunters, Higdon produces the same high-quality turkey decoys to match their duck line. They continue to build unique, ultra-realistic combinations that are guaranteed to bring in a big ol’ tom. The products hold a lightweight and durable hard body design with very natural postures. Higdon’s design, engineering and turkey hunting professionals have designed a full line of decoys that are versatile, easy to set up, and simple to use. New features include XHD Hyper Feathering and their patented TruMotion system for natural movement. Higdon’s line of turkey decoys includes the XS TruBreeder Motion, Turkey Breeding Pair and the Hard Body Upright Hen.

So to answer the question – Yes, they are good!

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