What does a quality hunting headlamp mean to you? Oftentimes, they're simply afterthoughts. A light is a light, right? That is until yours breaks. Or it can't hold up to the harsh conditions you hunt in. Or it simply sucks and you cannot see anything clear but your hand in front of you. One thing is for sure, you'll notice the difference between a quality headlamp versus a crappy one as soon as you switch them on. And once you get your hands on a quality light, you won't want to go back. To help you find the right headlamp for you, we compiled a shortlist of the Best Headlamps on the market and important features to consider when purchasing a headlamp.                                                                                   

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp Kohree CREE 80000 Headlamp Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters Headlamp SRI LED Headlamp
Brand Black Diamond Kohree Streamlight SRI
Lumens 350 N/A (275 yds) 80 1800
Light Modes Dimmer & 3 Night-Mode Colors High & Low, Plus Strobe High & Low, Plus Green High & Low, Plus Strobe
Run-Time 22 hrs High/ 160 hrs Low 6 hrs High/ 20 hrs Low 5 hrs High/ 20 hrs Low/ 63 hrs Green Rechargeable Batteries
Price Around $40 Around $100 Around $30 Around $60


Top Rated Headlamp for Hunting

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

The Black Diamond Storm is a very well-rounded headlamp and is a great light for beginners up to advanced hunters. It does the job well and comes with several operating modes. And as much as we appreciate those modes, sometimes there are too many options to choose from. Three night modes does not seem totally necessary and with only one button for them all, it can get complicated. This headlamp is more on the beginner end-range, but nonetheless a great setup backed by a big name brand.

What we like: Several options for dimming and light colors, All-around good light that is decent in all regards, Long battery life

What we dislike: Weight, Confusing single-button operation, Too many light color options can be too much at times, Non-rechargeable batteries

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Best Price Headlamp for Hunting

Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters Headlamp

Similar to the Black Diamond Storm, the Streamlight 61070 Buckmasters Trident Headlamp is a great all-around choice. At 80 lumens max output, it is by no means the most powerful headlamp out there. But at roughly $30, you can't ask for too much more. It has several light modes and even a green night-mode. Another interesting feature that can be useful is the "low battery" signal. That is always much appreciated over the light simply dying while out in the field! This is a great headlamp for those that don't need a more heavy-duty light and want something simple with some added features to it.

What we like: Cost, Simplicity, and Ease of Use

What we dislike:  Light is not that powerful, Water-resistant, but not water-proof

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Also Good Headlamp for Hunting

SRI LED Headlamp

A solidly built headlamp, the SRI LED Headlamp is built for a hunter that wants quality and simplicity. At 1800 lumens, you will find it plenty bright and has a lower light setting as well. It feels like the sturdiest light we tested and of course, we love the rechargeable batteries. This was huge because changing batteries and dealing with corrosion on that end can be highly annoying. We do wish it came with a night-mode option, but that can be found on SRI's other headlamp model. Overall, great headlamp and it's no wonder it's a favorite amongst hunters.

What we like: Great brightness levels, Quality build, Rechargeable batteries

What we dislike: No red light built-in for night modes (Note: The same SRI LED Headlamp Red version can be found in red as well)

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