Times have changed, but the passion for waterfowl hunting has not. Cupped Waterfowl brings that rooted passion to the modern world. If you're a hunter in 2020 and going forward, Cupped Waterfowl has the gear needed for modern-day guides and passionate hunters.

With each new product developed by Cupped Waterfowl, a modern-day problem is erased.

It's 2020. Cell phones are 100% here to stay. And you own one. And there's a big chance you take it on your hunts with you. It's not a bad idea, especially with the number of helpful apps out there. But your hunting trip can get messy. Cupped Waterfowl has got you covered. With each bag Cupped Waterfowl makes, there is a waterproof pocket to keep your phone protected.

If you keep finding your decoy line tangled or too long for depth, Cupped Waterfowl has got you covered there as well. The solution? Texas Rigs or Line Adjusters.

Maybe your slotted bags don't stack. Stackable decoy bags are the solution here. Standard at Cupped Waterfowl.

When your gear gets wet because you set your bag on wet grounds, remember that this wouldn't be an issue if you had chosen Cupped Waterfowl. Each backpack has a hard, plastic bottom that prevents water saturation.

All of Cupped Waterfowl's products have been designed by guides and built with the highest quality materials out there. This has led to an excellent line of products and we're excited to be carrying them on our store. Our goal is to provide you and other waterfowlers with gear made by waterfowlers for waterfowlers. And Cupped Waterfowl does just that.

Cupped Waterfowl is rooted in the passion of waterfowl hunting but with the understanding that modern touches are only for the best. Check 'em out, you won't be disappointed!

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