With nearly two decades of experience designing and improving choke tubes, Stuart Ruehling and Mike Ponder are producing high-quality products for today’s hunter under the company Indian Creek Shooting Systems. These two have spent thousands of hours researching and developing, testing new materials and designs, to make Indian Creek Shooting Systems one of the top manufacturers of choke tubes on the market. While their successful products have been around for years, popularity began to soar after Steve Conover shot a new NWTF Still Target World Record. Hunters soon noticed the quality products – precision engineered and CNC machined to the best tolerances. Indian Creek’s research shows that pattern design can improve by upwards of 40% for most firearms, and they do so while decreasing recoil. Since 2006, these chokes have produced more NWTF still shoot records than any other choke tubes on the market.

They continue to provide choke tubes for various gauges (12, 20, and 10) for most manufacturers which include Remington, Winchester, Benelli, Browning, and Mossberg.

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