With over two decades of experience, Momarsh has grown into one of the most trusted brands for hunting blinds. Born out of a desire to get as close and intimate as possible to ducks, Momarsh has pushed the boundaries for what hunters previously thought possible. With Momarsh blinds, you can get closer than ever before and create memories to last a lifetime. 

Each blind is up to a high standard of being both mobile, comfortable and highly concealable. The “Invisi-Man” hunting blind is no exception. Momarsh has branded this hunting blind as their most versatile blind yet. Paired perfectly with their “Invisi-Lab” dog blind, both blinds offer a similar and sleek profile design. This blind is lightweight and versatile enough to be used in any condition. From dry land to 30 inches of water, this blind gets the job done. 

Aside from allowing you to hide in any environment, we at Hunter’s Wholesale really like how portable and convenient this blind is. This blind comes with added backpack straps for easy transportation. Momarsh has done an excellent job here in creating a highly versatile hunting blind making for a hunting experience like no other. 

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