With over 40 years of experience in the market, Rich-N-Tone duck calls has established itself as an industry leader in the waterfowl market. Butch Richenback, 1972 World Champion and 1975 Champion of Champions duck caller, first started by whittling a single block of wood to product a simple, reliable duck call. He wanted a call that was dependable and would perform in the field all day long. In the end, the goal was to produce the most realistic duck call out there. Fast forward to today, Rich-N-Tone duck calls has continued its pursuit of the perfect sounding duck call. The RNT team is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, and testing new calls. The company continues to test out new manufacturing techniques and different materials. RNT produces some of the most reliable (and great-looking) duck and goose calls on the market, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon! Come on – RNT duck calls have wone more World Championships than any other brand out there. How can you argue with that?

RNT offers apparel, hunting accessories, and of course - duck and goose calls!

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