For over a decade, Rob Roberts has produced high quality choke tubes for Beretta, Browning, Benelli, Mossberg, Winchester, & many other shotgun brands. Their Triple Threat series (T1, T2 & T3) & Final Strut Turkey chokes offer supreme performance in whatever conditions exist. These chokes are the product of years of product development, innovations and the highest most advanced technology available.  

Unlike many other choke tube manufacturers, Roberts builds their shotgun chokes in one cycle which means that they run the outside of the choke tube and then the inside which insures consistent concentricity. It’s safe to say that patterning shotguns on almost a daily basis has led them to know exactly what constrictions and loads work the best for your shotgun. Whether you’re looking for new duck hunting or turkey hunting choke tube, Roberts knows what to offer. Furthermore, Rob Roberts’ chokes are safe to shoot Lead, Steel, Hevishot, Black Cloud, BlindSide, Buckshot and other non-toxic loads. Rob Roberts’ choke tubes are product made in the USA.

Check out the Rob Roberts T2 Choke here! Or the Final Strut Turkey choke here!