Spending thousands of dollars on numerous guns is basically pointless, unless you're protecting them with the top gun safe on the market! Before you make a purchase, it's probably smart to start with the most popular manufacturers and review the best gun safe brands out there.

In case you're a little overwhelmed about which gun safe to go with, don't worry - the list below outlines the top gun safe manufactures and outlines their top qualities as well. Each brand offers their own unique take on what a good gun safe should offer, and does so at different prices points. For this reason, we're sure one of these brands will satisfy every single one of your needs!

We've summarized the Top 5 Gun Safe Brands on the market right now. We hope you enjoy!

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1. Browning

Browning was founded over 130 years ago, and continues to produce reliable hunting gear today. They've taken this attention to detail and quality right into their gun safe production - something much appreciated by everyone. 

Browning's gun safes are by far some of the best-looking options out there, but don't doubt their quality and durability. The hinges, welds, and locking systems are very hard to beat, providing a level of protection that is expected from a great brand like Browning. If you're someone that likes to show off their gun safe, while knowing everything is safe and secure, don't skip over these options. 

What Makes Browning Gun Safes Unique?

When researching Browning gun safes, it's important to know that Browning breaks down their models into three different series:

Core Series: Browning's practical solution to gun safes that cover the basics, while still looking great. Technology includes features such as ThermaBlock Fire Insulation, DPX Door System, and Axis Shelving System.

Custom Series: A great middle-grade option from Browning that combines the toughest protective measures, longest fire protection ratings, and top-notch interiors that is uniquely yours. Technology includes features such as Pry-Stop Corner Bolts, 4-Way Bolt Direction, and Uniforce Locking System.  

Pro Series: The best gun safe created by Browning the provides customers with the finest features, materials and protection available. Technology includes features such as the Gear Drive Locking System, Capped Hinges, and Beveled Corners.

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Top Item
Browning Ultra 33-Gun
A Great Browning Option
A top gun safe that provides 60 minutes of reliable fire protection at temperatures of up to 1,400°F.

2. Fort Knox

Fort Knox gun safes are well-known for their thick steel design and high quality paint finishes. While many of their fire and theft protections standards remain on par with the competition, these two aforementioned factors are really a crowd favorite amongst their customers. 

It's important to note that Fort Knox stands by their gun safes more than almost any other manufacture out there. They have supreme confidence in everything from their overall design to the smallest parts that make up these rigid vaults. Overall, the Fort Knox is dedicated to providing custom-style vaults for any hunter out there. 

What Makes Fort Knox Gun Safes Unique?

While Fort Knox doesn't do the best job summarizing their innovative technology, they do have two key features that are unique to the industry:

Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty: To truly set themselves apart from the competition, Fort Knox offers a true comprehensive lifetime warranty that covers lock, interior, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body of the vault.

Industry's Thickest Steel: Fort Knox gun safes come with a 10 gauge or thicker steel that runs the entire length of the door - unlike other company's with composite doors with unclear or unknown compositions inside.

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Top Item
Fort Knox Defender Vault
Defender Vault
A Great Fort Knox Option
A perfect balance of quality and price that stands out amongst similar gun safes.

3. Rhino Metals

Rhino Metals is a veteran owned gun safe company that was founded in 1995. The original owner used his metalworking skills to create their first models and the innovation hasn't stopped since. If you're in the market for a quality gun safe with even better interior and exterior finishes Rhino Metals has something you're sure to like. 

If you take time to look at customer review you'll notice that they routinely comment on the "Superb quality and Solid construction" of each of their models. Furthermore, their unique finishes and great interior finishes match the above industry standard fire and theft protection requirements. 

Lastly, it's important to note that Rhino Metals owns both Ironworks, Kodiak, and Longhorn gun safe companies. 

What Makes Rhino Metals Gun Safes Unique?

Rhino Metals has truly taken the time to develop a superb asset when it comes to gun protection. For some of their most popular safe features, check out the list below:

F-4 Lock System: System featuring an Internal Anti-Tamper clutch, Anti-Punch, and Anti-Drill Boltworks

Swing Out Rack Gun Storage System: Provides a fast, easy way to access many firearms in a safe.

Ultra-Tough Polyurea Safe Finish: Rhino Metals now outfits their gun safes with a super tough outer layer. 

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Top Item
Rhino CD Gun Safe
Rhino CD6030X
A Great Rhino Gun Safe
This is one of Rhino's highest quality safes that provide a superior peace of mind and security.

4. SecureIt Tactical

SecureIt Tactical gun safes take an entirely new approach to gun storage as they've identified many of the flaws within today's solutions. Furthermore, they've recognized that many of today's gun storage manufacturers have not evolved enough - leaving the same technology in place from decades earlier. 

SecureIt takes a simple, practical, and tactical viewpoint of storage. The company aims to be lean and mean, and most importantly a cost-effective gun safe at the same time. They are truly a unique company in the gun storage industry, and if you're in the market for something a little more new-age, we would definitely recommend checking out their many models. 

What Makes SecureIt Tactical Gun Safes Unique?

The technology and innovation brought about by SecureIt is almost too much to tackle is one single blog post. However, we did want to call out a few of their very unique features:

CradleGrid Technology: Consists of a louvered grid panel, reposition-able barrel cradles and corresponding stock bases allowing for straight-line fast access.

Smallest FootPrint: High-density weapon storage racks allow for the storage of a larger number of weapons and gear in the same room. Increase room capacity or make room for effective gear storage.

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Top Item
SecureIt Agile Model 52
SecureIt Agile Model 52
A Great SecureIt Gun Safe
A gun safe that is strong and durable, yet lightweight so you can relocate around the house, or when you move.

5. Cabela's

Cabela's is relatively new to the gun safe world, but there's more to uncover from this brand. All safes are actually built by Liberty, but provide a little better entry point with minor differences.

Regardless, these safes are built with superior engineering and quality construction that's expected by Cabela's customers. All safes are packed with security features, including fire protection and Liberty Safe's military-style locking bars and UL listed security. Furthermore, they are built in the USA, and are a great gun safe choice for hunters

What Makes Cabela's Gun Safes Unique?

As mentioned above, all safes are built by Liberty, and with that they offer some unique features such as:

Liberty Safe Lifetime Warranty: Cabela's safe bodies come with a transferable lifetime warranty. Furthermore, each of their safes comes with a 5-year warranty on the lock.

Military-Style Locking Bars: Engineers created an exclusive piece of technology with their ultra-strong locking bars. Unlike standard round bolts, which many other manufactures use, thieves are unable to behind around this design.

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Top Item
Cabela's Signature E-Lock 64-Gun
Cabela's Signature E-Lock 64-Gun
A Great Cabela's Gun Safe
A gun safe that stores up to 64 long guns, using a pair of collector racks and the ever popular "Fatboy" platform..

Additionally, we have removed Liberty Gun Safes from the list until we gather more information related to the August 2023 news.

Gun Safe Brand FAQs

1. What Is The Best Gun Safe Brand?

Browning is the best gun safe brand because it has provide reliable gun safes for both gun owners and hunters for the past 130 years. Furthermore, they offer very reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

2. How Much Does A Gun Safe Weigh?

When it comes to gun safes the true average weight is going to be around 1,500 pounds.

However, you can really break this number down a few ways.

Small, entry level gun safes can weigh anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds, with a mid-tier option going from 600 to 1,000 pounds.

The typical, multi-gun safe will come in around 1,000 to 1,600 pounds, and that does come close to commercial-grade ones which can top out at 5,000 pounds.

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