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RNT Daisy Slayer Duck Call

Bred from the same DNA as the original DC, the DS has increased back pressure due to its shorter insert and unique bore design which allow it to be free...

RNT MVP Duck Call

MVP: Maximum Volume and Performance. The ultimate competition style duck call. Expanding on our extremely successful Original contest model design, we have made a few changes on the toneboard along...

RNT Mondo LT Duck Call

Although we called it the Mondo Lite, it’s certainly not light in performance. Similar to the original Mondo in looks but different in sound with a redesigned toneboard that makes...

RNT Original Duck Call

This is the ultimate one call that will do it all. From loud ringing hail calls, raw, hang-it-all-out duck, to super sexy, soft, up close, “put your landing gear down”...

Rolling Thunder Spring Turkey Call Set

Everything you need to be successful in the spring turkey woods this season.  6 mouth call cuts (Money Maker, Done Deal, Cougar, Flock Wrecka, Haunt, Simple V) Slate Pot call...
$125.00 $119.00

Rolling Thunder The Bouncer Goose Call

The Bouncer is our new Speck call. It is the result of the overwhelming demand our customers have had for a speck call and we're really proud of it! It's...
$134.99 $124.99

Rolling Thunder Canada Goose Call

The RTGC Goose Call - tons of range in this call... It's fast and has been a favorite of many guides this season for both lessers and greaters. Very versatile...
$139.99 $129.99

Rolling Thunder F5 Goose Call

The F5 was designed as the perfect death wish those big spins of little geese! It's high pitched and very responsive. Set up super fast and packs a lot of...
$134.99 $124.99

Rolling Thunder Swamp Fox 2 Duck Call

The second generation of our popular J Frame... We've increased the barrel length slightly, added some more lift to the tone board, and built in a little more hold for...
$134.99 $124.99

RNT Daisy Cutter Duck Call

This is the 2018 Daisy Cutter. And although it is not a new call, we've made so many changes we consider it new from the ground up. This years model...

RNT Mondo LA Duck Call

The Mondo LA was made in honor of the true cutdown calls of the past from North Louisiana and South or “lower” Arkansas, hence the “LA” designation and the tell...
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