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Hunter's Wholesale Editorial Policy

Hunter's Wholesale is edited in-house and is your one-stop-shop for news, product reviews, great product deals, and everything else related to hunting. I know you’re just as passionate about hunting as I am, so I aim to bring you all of the latest and greatest information about hunting - no matter if it's deer, elk, turkey, upland, etc.

My (Patrick Morgan) goal as the editor of Hunter's Wholesale is to provide content that’s thoroughly accurate, reliable, credible, interesting, and entertaining for hunters. Our articles are independently produced and are not sponsored or influenced by brands or advertisers, unless stated otherwise. Each article is reviewed by me before publication.

Hunter's Wholesale is a place for hunters to read about all things related to hunting! Whether you consider hunt every day or every now and then, this information is dedicated to making you a better and more informed hunter!

Additionally, due to the critical nature of the content, and how inaccurate advice can affect hunters, articles about hunting must contain evidence of expertise or personal experience. This is noted again as the website's owner has over 20 years of experience in the hunting industry.

Every article is based on the personal experience of me, the writer. Where personal experience is lacking, each topic is thoroughly researched using the most authoritative sources in our industry to provide the best, most accurate and helpful information.

Before an article is published, it is reviewed multiple times by me. Articles are checked for plagiarism against other articles and sources are verified to ensure the highest quality information is being provided.

Additionally, gear reviews and recommendations are based on personal experience or thorough research gathered from the personal experience of those people who have personal experience with the gear.


When evaluating our articles, I am looking to demonstrate credibility in one (or more) of these three ways:

1. Professional experience: I routinely not my professional experience working in the outdoor industry for successful hunting companies.

2. Personal experience: I showcase my personal time spent in the woods and reviewing and rating the products we talk about on our website with direct feedback and images/videos.

3. Citing sources: If I do not have direct personal or professional experience with a topic, I make sure to cite the sources of other reputable websites to fill in the information gaps.

Additionally, we abide by Google's E-E-A-T guidelines to ensure we give the most accurate information available to our readers.


Because our content can potentially impact hunters, I feel it's important to establish trust right from the start. Here are two easy features that appear at the very end of your article that will help confirm this:

1. Author Bio: You can find all information related to me, Patrick Morgan, at the bottom of each article.

2. Using My Real Name: I use my real name for each article, and this can be verified by the LinkedIn page in the About Us section of our website.

2. Tangible Videos: You can check out our YouTube channel to see the real evidence of our product tests.
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