If you're hoping for success on your next coyote hunting trip, you need to get the Best Coyote Hunting Gear available!

No matter if you're in flat country or big timber, you need to be well-prepared as coyote hunting isn't an easy feat. Getting to your spot unseen while avoiding ever-changing wind conditions can make or break a hunt. Not to mention the fact that you need to execute on difficult shots after long day sits. 

To make it a little easier to attract and spot a coyote, while also being well camouflaged and comfortable, we've put together some top coyote hunting gear picks. Be sure to review these different gear categories, as well as some specific product options before you head out in the woods for your next hunt!

1. Optics

Taking down a coyote, whether you're hunting in farm land or thick woods, is incredibly difficult. These predators are smart, sneaky, and stealthy. Furthermore, they dart in and out of cover, and have surprisingly good smell and sight!

To get one in the crosshairs, you need a scope that will get you on target fast and with minimal errors. Also, it needs to be equipped to work well in low light conditions, and possibly at night as these are nocturnal creatures. 

What's A Top Option For Coyote Hunting?

If you're in the market for a new coyote hunting scope, take a look at the Vortex Optics Crossfire II. This scope is backed by Vortex, one of the leading scope manufacturers in the country, and one that provides reasonable prices for all hunters. 

The Crossfire II features long eye relief and a fast-focus eyepiece that helps you get any moving coyote on target. It's also waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, so you know it's going to last for years to come!

Best Item
Vortex Crossfire II Coyote Hunting Scope
Vortex Optics Crossfire II
A Great Scope For Coyote Hunting
This scope allows you to successfully hunt at different ranges while not breaking the bank. 

2. Electronic Calls

Having a reliable e-call in your gear bag helps in so many ways! For one, by using a remote electronic coyote call, you shift the attention away from your location. On the other side, if you use mouth calls, you're most likely to get spotted.

When choosing an e-call you want to pay attention to a few things: Durability, Range, and Call Variety/Volume. Remember, you want a call that will that last you each and every season, while also giving you that much needed distance and range to bring in a coyote. 

What's A Good Electronic Call For Coyote Hunting?

There are quite a few solid options out there when it comes to electronic coyote calls. To quickly narrow it down, we chose the ICOtec Gen2 GC300.

The GC300 offers a 300 yard remote range, and can even play two sounds at once. Additionally, the unit offers 12 professional quality sounds that can be easily activated and paused without memorizing call buttons. And don't forget about the price - at only a $100 it's quite the deal

Top Item
ICOtech GC300
A Great Coyote E-Call
An e-call that provides durability on top of numerous call options at a great price.

3. Decoys

In a similar vein with the coyote e-calls, you're going to want to do your best to draw a coyote out in plain sight and get their attention away from you. Calls do a great job, but sometimes you need a little bit of movement to entice them.

When it comes to decoys some hunters prefer to go with another coyote, while others feel it's best to offer some sort of prey style. The choice is ultimate up to you and the environment and time of year you're going to be hunting in. Whatever you choose, make sure to properly match your decoy with additional scents and sounds to make it look as real as possible. 

What Decoy Should I Choose For Coyote Hunting?

After reviewing several different websites, we decided to go with the Lucky Duck Predator Decoy as today's top option. While many other companies offer coyote decoys, Lucky Duck specializes within this category and offers great products as a result. 

The Lucky Ducky predator decoy is a motion decoy that relies on an erratic stick with a realistic fur option to bring in coyotes. The dual speed motor whips the fur back and forth while remaining stable with its tripod base. Finally, it's relatively lightweight so it's great for hunters traveling far distances. 

Best Item
Lucky Duck Predator Decoy
Lucky Duck Predator Decoy
The Top Coyote Predator Decoy
This decoy is not only easy to use, but its lifelike movement will draw the attention of any coyote.

4. Seating

When you're confident in your location, and you're ready to wait it out until that coyote crosses your path, you better have a comfortable seat beneath you. Sitting all day on a hard surface, or worse, sitting on the bare ground is just a poor choice. Not only is it uncomfortable, it's opens up the possibility of your clothing getting wet as well!

All coyote hunters need a reliable seat that allows you to move quickly to your location and settle down for hours to come. It's also nice to have something that can possibly carry some of your gear, while remaining lightweight. Initially, this might seem difficult to find, but we've got a great option for you. 

What's A Good Seat To Pick For Coyote Hunting?

The Alps Outdoorz Enforcer predator vest is the top option on the market for coyote hunting seats. You might notice that the design is very similar to their turkey hunting vests, and for this reason, you know it's good!

As you can already tell by the picture below, the Enforcer vest is a hybrid vest/seat style. The kickstand frame and adjustable legs help any coyote hunter set up wherever he/she finds suitable. It also comes equipped with a removable memory foam fold-away set and enough pockets to carry all your gear. 

Top Item
Alps Outdoorz Enforcer Vest
Alps Outdoorz Enforcer Vest
The Best Coyote Hunting Seat
This seat combines a sturdy and comfortable base with the option of holding all your gear.

5. Camouflage

Choosing the best camouflage for coyote hunting is really going to depend on the time of year and location. Coyote season usually peaks in the Fall/Winter months so it might be best to go with something that blends in with that particular time of the year.

It's also important to keep in mind that you might need to use some sort of 3-D camouflage system to break up your pattern. There are quite a few popular hunting clothing brands out there that make incredible 3-D leafy or ghillie suits. Be sure to check those out as well!

What Camo Option Should I Choose For Coyote Hunting?

Honestly, this is the toughest area to recommend as it's not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. (Get it!) Of course, the most popular brands like Mossy Oak, Realtree, Kryptek, etc. are going to provide great solutions. Unfortunately, there's not really a "coyote specific" hunting clothing brand out there. Maybe it's time someone came up with something?

Best Item
Mossy Oak Vintage Hoodie
Mossy Oak Vintage Hoodie
The Best Mossy Oak Hoodie
A hoodie with vintage looks and reliable durability that can be used in any hunting situation.

6. Shooting Support

More often than not, taking down a coyote is going to require a relatively lengthy shot. With that, you have little room for error. Additionally, due to the size of coyotes and the fact that they're relatively difficult to stop, you're going to need all the help you can get.

One of the most important pieces of gear you need when coyote hunting is some sort of shooting support. Back in the day, you might take a chance and hope your hunting spot has a log or fence post to rest on. But taking chances like this can prove costly, and that's why all coyote hunters should have a reliable pair of shooting sticks ready to go. 

What's The Best Shooting Sticks For Coyote Hunting?

There are several different styles of shooting sticks out on the market today. You'll see tripods, bipods, and even monopods that offer different height ranges. This becomes difficult because you want something that can do it all just in case you find yourself in different shooting positions. 

Well, don't worry! If you're looking for a versatile pair of shooting sticks take a look at the Vanguard Quest T62U shooting stick. This particular product is great for coyote hunters as it can adjust to a tripod, bipod, and monopod. Additionally, it only weighs 2.2 lbs. and adjusts to from 27.5" to 62" - making it great for shooting from the ground. 

Top Item
Vanguard Quest T62U
Vanguard Quest T62U
The Best Coyote Shooting Sticks
These shooting sticks offer numerous configuration options and ideal stability for shooting from the ground. 

In Conclusion

While no piece of gear guarantees a successful hunt, the options above sure make it a lot easier. Being protected from the elements, while having gear that's going to produce when the moment counts, helps every hunter stay focused in preparation for the hunt. 

Just in case we missed anything, be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below with any gear you might recommend or use. Good luck this upcoming season!

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