Going duck hunting with the right style of choke is going to make a huge difference in the success of your duck hunting trip. By using the best duck hunting choke available, the hunter minimizes potential errors. With that said, there are some brands on the market that are much more reliable than others.

Among those brands are Mojo Outdoors, Patternmaster, Carlson’s, and Rob Roberts. Each of these brands carry a specific duck hunting choke that overwhelming outperforms the competition. Let’s take a closer look at these brands and the specific chokes that make them an ideal choice for your duck hunting needs. We’re also going to go over some things you need to consider while choosing a duck hunting choke too.

Below are the product summaries of the five brands mentioned above, along with the products in question. While each of these options is great in its own way, it’s very possible that one may work better for you than another. Whether you need something that can give you more distance, or you want less constriction, you’re sure to find something to fit your needs.            

Rob Roberts T3 Carlson's Cremator Patternmaster Code Black Geese Mojo Outdoors Fatal Shot
Brand Rob Roberts Carlson's Patternmaster Mojo
Image Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Rob Roberts T3 Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Carlsons Cremator Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Patternmaster Code Black Geese Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Mojo Fatal Shot
17-4 PH Stainless Steel
17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Range 45+ yds. Multiple Options Long Multiple Options
Steel Shot Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Around $70 Around $75 Around $100 Around $80


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Best Priced Duck Hunting Choke

Rob Roberts T3

The T3 Choke by Rob Roberts kicks off our list as the most affordable option, while still being incredibly effective. This choke can be used with steel, lead, or non-toxic exotic shots. The distance you get with this one allows you to hit high-flying and long trap targets. These chokes are USA-made and consist entirely of stainless steel. The T3 Choke is compatible with a variety of loads and it’s recommended not to go any higher than “fast” varieties so you can maintain control in your shot.

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Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Rob Roberts T3

Top Rated Duck Hunting Choke

Carlson's Cremator

Our next duck hunting choke is slightly more expensive than the Rob Roberts, but works well and is worth the couple extra dollars. The Cremator is incredibly versatile as it comes with long and mid-range chokes, as well as a free wrench. This way, you can adjust your shot as you’re hunting to hit various distances. The choke has a ported design to help you maintain stability after each shot too. Made with stainless steel, the choke is compatible with lead, steel, and Hevi-Shot loads.

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Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Carlsons Cremator

Best Duck Hunting Chokes

Most Popular Duck Hunting Choke

Patternmaster Code Black Geese

This next choke by Patternmaster is a 12 gauge goose choke that is specifically designed to give hunters a tight shot pattern with a short shot string. The design is optimal for hitting geese from longer distances. Although the chokes are specifically designed for 3 ½ inch shells, they can also work well with shells of other sizes. They also work well with lead and steel shots too, making them quite versatile. The choke is made out of stainless steel.

The main difference between the Code Black and Classic model of the Patternmaster choke goes beyond just the color. The performance level is generally the same, but the Code Black is best for game hunting geese.

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Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Patternmaster Code Black Geese

Most Compatible Duck Hunting Choke

Mojo Outdoors Fatal Shot

This series of waterfowl chokes and was created in partnership with Rob Roberts, another company on our list. This particular choke has been meticulously tested to ensure optimal performance and is compatible with all modern shotguns and ammunition. The tubes are non-ported, which is helpful in giving consistent impact points and are available in three sizes: short, medium, and long.

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Best Duck Hunting Chokes - Mojo Fatal Shot

Things to Consider When Buying A Duck Hunting Choke

Before adding a choke to your cart, there are a number of things you need to do to ensure you’re buying the right one for you. Not all chokes are created the same and depending on the amount of distance and the type of shots you’re using, one model may not be as effective as another. Trying to find the right duck hunting choke can be stressful. With all the important features to keep in mind, how is a person supposed to know they’re choosing the right one?

The most important things to bear in mind when choke shopping is the material the choke is made of, how constricted the model is, whether you can use steel shots, and the range the choke can give you.


Not only do you need to keep in mind the material of the choke itself, but you should also be aware of the material of each shot you plan to use. The highest quality duck hunting chokes are typically made from stainless steel and also come coated in bronze or another similarly durable material. It’s increasingly important to know which shot types will work best with your choke tube as some materials will release much slower from certain models than others will. For example, steel shots are much harder than their lead counterparts. Because of this, the steel shots won’t compress as much as the lead. This will lead to a weaker shot and may potentially mess up your catch.

It’s most common for duck and other waterfowl hunters to actually use tungsten or heavy shot when hunting for waterfowl. This is because the material is much harder than lead and is incredibly dense. The density allows it to retain far more energy downrange than steel can.

    Using Steel Shot

    When using steel shot with your duck hunting choke, there are specific things you need to bear in mind because steel is much trickier to work with than other shot types. Steel, as well as tungsten shots, tend to produce much tighter results than it would with lead or a softer shot type.

    With that said, it’s best not to use a full-lead choke with steel shots due to the tightness of the constriction. For waterfowl that is further away, it’s best to use a modified choke tube as opposed to when they’re closer where you use an improved cylinder or skeet constriction.

    As steel shots are becoming more and more popular, many big-name brands have started developing close-range steel shots. With that said, using close-range steel shots should take a lot of practice with clay pots before you venture out and try using them on your next hunting trip. To avoid injuring the birds rather than killing them, that specific guideline has been put into place.

    Best Duck Hunting Chokes


    The constriction of a choke refers to the amount of time the choke will stay together and the distance you can get between shots. There are a variety of constriction types with the tighter constriction chokes keeping the part together for longer and increasing the distance you can get with each shot. For a bigger game, a tighter constriction is best. However, for geese and other medium-sized waterfowl, a slightly less constricted choke will give you more success.

    The constriction of any particular choke will come in decimal measurement. For example, a cylinder bore measures out at 0.000 constriction, while a modified cylinder measures out at 0.020 constriction. When using a steel shot, it’s common practice to take whatever constriction measurement your choke has and add .005 to it. The sum of those two numbers will give you a more accurate depiction of the constriction achieved when using the steel shot.


    The range your choke allows for gives you a solid idea as to how far away you’ll be able to achieve a successful kill shot. Most birds are shot within a 40-yard range, however, most duck hunters will work in ranges varying from 20 yards to 40 yards. Having a solid understanding of the range allowed for a certain choke will keep you from accidentally injuring birds out of range and focus solely on your target. You’ll find that duck hunting chokes will come in one of three sizes: short, medium, or long-range. In some cases, a choke may come with multiple sizes in a pack so you have more versatility in your shots.


    Regardless of which duck hunting choke you choose, we cannot recommend these brands and models enough. They come highly rated, not only from us but from those in the duck hunting community too. For a less expensive option, the T3 Choke by Rob Roberts is your best bet. However, those who want versatility may suffice better with the Cremator by Carlson’s.

    While the process of finding the right choke can prove to be quite stressful, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you keep in mind your desired budget and the type of hunting you want to do with the choke, you can’t really go wrong no matter your choice.

    Once you’ve made your final decision, remember to pattern your shotgun with the choke before using it. Patterning beforehand is the only way you can actually see how the choke, shotgun, and ammo work together while performing the duck blind.

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