As a gun owner, you have the responsibility of keeping your gun stored properly and safely. There are many different ways to store a gun, but the best way is to invest in a good quality gun safe. A gun safe will protect your gun from being stolen or damaged, and it will also keep children and pets away from the weapon.

When choosing a top gun safe, you want to make sure that it is made from sturdy materials and has a good locking mechanism. You also want to choose a size that will fit your needs. If you have a large gun collection, then you will need a larger gun safe. However, if you only have a few guns, then you can get away with a smaller model.

Some of the best gun safe brands for hunters are Rhino, Biometric, Langger, Stealth, and Stack-On. These companies make high-quality safes that will last for many years. With a variety of options available, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Investing in a good gun safe is an important part of being a responsible gun owner.

Fun Fact: 95% of gun owners talk to their children about gun safety.

Think about what you need your gun safe for before you buy. Do you want to secure your guns in case of a natural disaster? Do you want to store them in a safe and keep them away from children?

The most important thing a gun safe can offer you is peace of mind. No matter what you own, or what you're looking for, some sort of gun safe can help you keep your guns safely.

Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access Fingerprint Long Gun Safe

The Biometric Electronic Gun Safe is a large metal gun safe that is solidly built with 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges. This gun safe allows you to keep up to 5 rifles, guns, ammo and magazines stored securely.

The Biometric Gun Safe also has a quick access feature that makes it easy to get to your weapons in an emergency situation. This safe is a great choice for anyone who wants to have their guns stored safely and securely.

What We Like:

The Biometric fingerprint safe is larger than similar gun safes of its kind, it fits practically anywhere and has storage space for 5-6 rifles or shotguns up to 50" with or without scopes or optics. It also has a separate lockbox inside that can store bullets, a handgun, money, or other valuables within your home or office!

Detailed Product Specifications:

Outer Dimensions: 13.8”x 12” x 57”

Inner Dimensions: 56.5" x 13.4" x 11"

Metal Thickness: 14 Gauge

Rifle Storage: 5 rifles with/without scope

Product Weight: 88lbs

Fingerprint memory: 100 (only biometric model)

Top Item
Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
A Top Biometric Option
This solidly built steel gun safe is great for additional storage requirements.

Langger Upgraded Electronic Rifle Gun Safe

The Langger Upgraded Electronic Rifle Safe is a high-quality, durable gun safe that ensures your guns are safe from harm or thieves. This gun safe is made with 100% steel walls and tamper resistant inner edges for ultimate protection against unwanted access or tampering!

You can comfortably store up to 5 - 6 rifles in this gun case alongside several guns, ammo, magazines etc., securely locked away until you need them.

What We Like:

What's more important than protecting your guns? With the help of Langger, you can do it easily and effectively! This electronic gun safe has a digital keypad that lets users program their own passcode for quick access during emergencies. Code memory function ensures no one but yourself will be able to open this protected gun safe--it even withstands periods of power outages, so there is never an issue with forgetting or losing your gun safe codes again (especially if they're memorable!).

This safe is perfect for those who want maximum security, but don't have the space. It features a silent mode and alarm to make sure your guns are protected from would-be thieves! The 1.2" thick door has five 5/8-inch diameter locking steel deadbolts which also act as extra insurance against tampering or hacking attempts.

Detailed Product Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions: 13.75"W x 12"D x 57"H.

Interior Dimensions: 13.4"W x 11"D x 56.5"H.

Item Weight: 90 lbs.

Rifle Storage: 5-6 rifles

Top Item
Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle
Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle
A Great Quick Access Option
This gun safe offers maximum security with silent mode and alarm.

Rhino Safe Model RB6028ECS

Store your most prized gun possessions in this roomy, secure gun safe. With storage room for up to 24 long guns and 10 handguns you'll have all the space needed! A standard deluxe door organizer comes standard for more storage options. Plus, there is plush adjustable shelving for laying out of shooting gear.

What We Like:

The Rhino Safe also comes equipped with fireboard protection in the ceiling, walls and floor of the gun safe to help ensure protection from any potential flames or smoke in case of a fire hazard.

The heat activated door seal expands up to 7 times its size which seals off the gun safes edges making sure that the interior space of the gun safe stays cool during fire emergencies!

Detailed Product Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions: 60 inches (H) x 28 inches (W) x 20 inches (D)

Item Weight: 365lbs.

Rifle Storage: Holds up to 24 long guns (rifles & shotguns) and 10 pistols or handguns.

Top Item
Rhino Safe RB6028ECS
Rhino Safe RB6028ECS
A Top Fire Protection Option
This gun safe not only holds rifles and shotguns, but handguns as well.

Stealth 14 Gun Safe Model EGS14

This gun safe has some of the most advanced security features on today's market. The 6 solid steel locking bolts, 1 inch in diameter and 14-gauge steel door are just two examples that illustrate this gun safes high-quality build. If you wish to protect your guns from anything that can be thrown at them then this gun safes quality is built to withstand up against potential attacks from both thieves, natural, and manmade disasters.

What We Like:

The company offers a lifetime warranty against break in, attempted break-ins and house fires. The gun safe is also covered by 2 years of parts labor on all components. This gun safe is approved by the California Department of Justice as a gun safety device. The high-security UL approved Type 1 electronic lock is perfect for premium gun security.

Detailed Product Specifications:

External Dimensions: 55" H x 20" W x 17" D (Add 3" to Depth for Handle & Keypad)

Internal Dimensions: 52" H x 17" W x 11" D

Item Weight: 230 lbs.

Rifle Storage: 14 Gun Capacity (Pistols & Long Guns)

Top Item
Stealth EGS14
Stealth EGS14
A Top Interior Features Option
This gun safe provides unique interior storage and organization for all your gear.

Stack-On GCB-910

This Stack-On GCB 910 10 Gun Compact Steel Security Cabinet is a great way to ensure your guns are safe from harm. With its 3-point locking system and key coded double bitted lock, this sturdy gun safe ensures you'll never have an accident, and you can prevent tampering of your guns by others!

The gun safe features a removable shelf that can be positioned at either end of the gun safe where it's most convenient for the storage of longer model guns. So, there's no need worry about being limited to what type or size of guns you wish to store in this gun safe. This Stack-on gun safe can accommodate the gun storage needs of any hunter.

What We Like:

This gun safe is perfect for storing your guns in a secure and dry place. It can hold 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52 inches tall. Steel-topped shelves provide an extra storage possibility or can be removed to make more room for your gun stuff. The shelf is positioned in the back of the gun safe making it easy for longer guns to be stored right near the gun safes front door.

The foam padded bottom of this gun safe will protect your guns butt from storage damage. The California Department of Justice has certified this Stack-On gun safe as meeting their safety standards for storing guns.

Detailed Product Specifications:

External Dimensions: 13.5"D x 17"W x 53"H

Item Weight: 56 lbs.

Rifle Storage: Holds 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52 tall

Top Item
Stack-On GCB-910
Stack-On GCB-910
A Nice Option For Guns With Scopes
This item provides ample space for numerous types of long guns.

How To Properly Store A Gun: Tips For Safe Gun Storage

If you own a gun, it is important to know how to store it safely. There are many ways to do this, but we will discuss some of the most popular methods in this blog post. It is crucial that you take the time to learn about gun safety and storage before buying or using a gun. By following the tips in this article, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm.

One of the most important things to consider when storing a gun is keeping it out of the reach of children. It is also important to make sure that the gun is not loaded when it is being stored. You should also use a gun lock or gun safe to keep your gun secure. If you are not using a gun lock, you should store the gun in a locked gun safe.

Fun Fact: About 4 in 10 gun owners have a gun easily accessible to them.

Another important tip for gun storage is to keep the gun unloaded when it is not in use. You should also keep the ammunition stored separately from the gun. If you need to store the gun and ammunition together, you should keep the gun in a locked gun safe and then inside of the gun safe make use of a separate ammo lockbox to keep your ammo safe.

It is also important to clean your gun regularly. This will help to prevent rust and other damage that can occur over time. You should also oil your gun after cleaning it to help protect it from moisture.

When transporting a gun, it is important to make sure that it is unloaded. You should also keep the gun in a case or bag to prevent it from being damaged. If you are carrying the gun on your person, you should keep it in a holster.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your gun is stored safely and securely. remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions for gun safety and storage. If you have any questions about gun safety or storage, you should contact a gunsmith or guns dealer. They will be able to give you more specific information on how to safely store your gun.

Fun fact data sources gathered from Pew Research.

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