It’s a fascinating thing to watch hunting collide with the rise of technology. There are many hunters who love learning new skills and sharing their adventures with others, so it only makes sense that the internet is the perfect place to do it. Hunting forums have been one of the most valuable resources for those who want to connect with like-minded individuals to ask for help, learn new things, or share with others.

There are many great hunting forums out there, each catering to a specific audience or type of hunting. In order to help you find the right one, we have compiled a list of all of the best hunting forums that includes what they excel at, their features, and why they are worth checking out. Whether you are a veteran hunter or a complete beginner, all of these online forums provide a giant source of information and a community of fellow hunters who share your passion!

1. Shoot Big Bucks

This online community caters to hunters passionate about pursuing large, mature male deer (bucks) in North America.

Members share tips and strategies for successfully tracking, attracting, and harvesting big bucks. This might involve discussions on scouting techniques, stand placement, using calls and attractants, and ethical shot placement.

Be prepared to see photos and stories of impressive buck trophies, with conversation around antler size, body mass, and hunting experiences.

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2. Hunt Talk

Created by TV show host Randy Newberg, Hunt Talk was made for the DIY hunter to learn and help others. Randy rose to become extremely popular due to his helping others hunt out west (usually for elk) and explaining the processes for getting tags.

The Hunt Talk forum helps expand on that, with various different subforums dedicated to various species, hunting weapon types, and even a place to show off your most recent harvest photos.

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3. Predator Masters

As the name implies, Predator Masters is dedicated to everything predator hunting. From smaller predators such as coyotes and bobcats to larger species like bears, wolves, and mountain lions, this is the place to connect with other hunters who are obsessed with hunting predators.

Here you will find various subforms dedicated to everything related to predators like night hunting, best firearms, and calling techniques. If you are a predator hunter or want to become one, this is the place to check out.

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4. Archery Talk

Archery Talk is a forum made for archery enthusiasts. Whether you use a recurve or compound bow, this forum covers all aspects of archery and is a wealth of knowledge. It is particularly valuable for the insights of the members, who are lifelong archery experts that can help you diagnose a shooting problem, give you gear recommendations, or help you become a better bowhunter.

There’s also plenty here for the competition shooters as well if that’s something you are interested in.

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5. Rokslide

Rokslide is perhaps one of the biggest and most popular hunting forums out there for Western hunters. It has a ton of separate subforums for almost every topic imaginable, but it really shines as being a great resource for backpack hunting and western hunting in general.

You can also find places to buy or sell hunting gear, making it a great place to check out if you are planning a western backpacking hunt in the near future.

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6. Eastman’s Hunting Forums

Eastman’s got its start as a magazine, which then brought forth a TV show, website, and then a hunting forum. The Eastman family breaks down hunting opportunities in the West, as well as application strategies and draw odds.

On the forums, you can find much of this same information as well as a place to connect with other die-hard hunters who want to share their adventures, tips, and tricks across the western United States.

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7. HuntingNet is a giant hunting forum, with thousands of active hunters who get on to share their knowledge and experiences. Here you will find forums that cover all types of hunting, from big game to waterfowl.

Like other forums here on our list, you can even find places for gear reviews, hunting news, and a classified section for buying and selling hunting equipment.

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8. 24hourcampfire

If you love sharing or listening to hunting stories, this is the place to visit. Imagine sitting around the campfire and swapping hunt stories, only it is online and whenever you feel like it.

24hourcampfire is the perfect place for those with stories to share, although there are still plenty of places to ask for advice, look up gear reviews, or talk about firearms. On this forum, there is something for just about everybody.

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9. Long Range Hunting Forum

With the rise of new technologies, shooting has no doubt changed from decades ago. The Long Range Hunting website and forum are dedicated to hunters who love the challenge of shooting at a distance. In this forum, you can find tips and tricks to become a better long-range shooter and hunter.

You can also find gear recommendations and a classified section to get your hands on some excellent used shooting gear. From simple hunting sections to in-depth shooting threads, the Long Range Hunting forum is a favorite amongst rifle hunters.

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10. Coues Whitetail Forum is a website revolving around a subspecies of whitetail called coues deer. These small deer are only found in Arizona and New Mexico, but the forums on this website have attracted hunters from all over the country who intend to travel to and hunt the southwest. It has almost all of your standard subforums and threads but can be a great resource for those looking to head to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or Utah in the near future for a hunt.

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