Your kill is down, everything has been quartered, and you need a way to safely and efficiently transport your meat back to basecamp or the house.

For a lot of hunters purchasing a hunting game bag means diving in and guessing which one will work best for them. And unfortunately, there's just not a lot of information out there to help you. But that's all over now...

It's time to get the game bag you need!

The Quick Summary
Overall, the Best Hunting Game Bag is the Koola Buck Game Bags!
Below you can check out other top options including the... 
- Best Budget Hunting Game Bag: GearOz Game Bags
- Best Big Game Hunting Bag: KUIU Quarter Game Bags
- Best Hunting Game Bag Set: Argali High Country Ultralight Game Bag Set
And scroll down to find out the one thing to remember before buying your new game bags!

In my experience, I've used game bags when lower temperature months are present as way to protect my deer meat while hanging it up.

Of course, I don't rely on these as heavily as a West coast hunter that might need to carry their kill back for miles and miles, but I do know what works and what doesn't...

    Trivia Question: What is a deer's expected meat yield percentage? (Click here to see answer).

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    Koola Buck GearOz KUIU Quarter Argali High Country Set
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    Image Best Hunting Game Bag - Koola Buck Game Bags Best Budget Hunting Game Bag - GearOz Game Bags Best Big Game Hunting Bag - KUIU Quarter Game Bags Best Hunting Game Bag Set - Argali High Country Ultralight Game Bag Set
    Material Cloth Cloth Synthetic Nylon
    Closure Type Zipper Zipper Draw-String Draw-String
    Size Multiple
    48", 28"
    Price Around $35 Around $25 Around $30 Around $70
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    Best Hunting Game Bag

    Koola Buck Game Bag

    To protect your prized game meat, you need the right gear. Koola Buck's Cloth Game Bags are here to optimize your hunting experience.

    Crafted from high-quality cloth with a secure zipper closure, these bags ensure food-grade protection for your game meat. The set of four is versatile, fitting various game animals and designed to save space in your hunting gear.

    What sets these game bags apart is their rugged design, boasting a weave 2X stronger than standard meat bags. They are breathable, keeping your meat fresh for longer, reducing waste, and enhancing meat quality. Designed by fellow hunters in the USA, Koola Buck's Cloth Game Bags prioritize detail and quality. Say goodbye to spoilage, pests, and bag blowouts, and say hello to efficient, enjoyable hunting. 

    So why compromise on the quality of your game meat preservation?

    What We Like

    • Reasonable Price
    • Highly Reviewed
    • Strong Weave Design
    • Washable & Reusable

    What We Dislike

    • Minimal Size Options
    • Zipper Closure

    For latest prices, and more information about the Koola Buck Game Bag, click below!

    Our Pick
    Best Hunting Game Bag - Koola Buck Game Bags
    Koola Buck Game Bag
    The Best Hunting Game Bag
    The Koola Buck is the best hunting game bag because it will help keep your game meat lasting longer, and it's a great price!

    Best Budget Hunting Game Bag

    GearOz Game Bags

    Hunters know that preserving game meat is a top priority, and GearOZ Game Bags are designed with this in mind. Specifically crafted for elk, caribou, deer, and other game, these bags act as a shield, keeping your meat free from dirt and debris. Crafted from high-quality materials, these bags are not only durable but also capable of withstanding the rugged conditions of hunting and transportation.

    One of the standout features of GearOZ Game Bags is their breathability. They allow your harvested meat to cool down while retaining essential moisture. This ingenious design minimizes the risk of meat drying out and spoiling during transportation or storage. The breathable fabric promotes air circulation, preventing the buildup of excess heat and moisture that can lead to spoilage.

    Visibility in low light conditions is crucial during hunting trips, and GearOZ Game Bags have you covered. The reflective strip on these bags enhances visibility, making it easier to locate your game bag even in the dark. A simple flashlight is all you need to make the bag stand out, facilitating quick and convenient identification.

    GearOZ doesn't stop at quality; they provide quantity too. The 5-pack includes four 1248-Inch bags, perfect for storing larger game meat like elk, caribou, or deer. Additionally, there's one 1228-Inch bag designed for storing livers or other viscera separately. As a bonus, the pack includes five ropes for securely bundling the mouth of the bags, ensuring proper closure.

    What We Like

    • Great Price
    • Very Breathable
    • Various Sizes
    • Washable & Reusable

    What We Dislike

    • Hanging Capacity Concerns

    For latest prices, and more information on the GearOz Game Bags, take a look below!

    Our Pick
    Best Budget Hunting Game Bag - GearOz Game Bags
    GearOz Game Bags
    The Best Budget Game Bags
    The GearOz is the budget game bag because of its very reasonable price and exceptional durability.

    Best Big Game Hunting Bag

    KUIU Quarter Game Bag

    KUIU Quarter Game Bags are a cut above the rest. Crafted from lightweight, high-strength, and incredibly breathable nylon fabric, these game bags are your ultimate shield against debris and flies while allowing your meat to cool and dry rapidly.

    KUIU took a page from the book of ultralight tent makers to enhance the seams and closure points of these game bags. The innovative side panel construction eliminates the most vulnerable bottom seam, ensuring robustness and durability. What's more, this design allows the bags to conform naturally to the curvature of a game quarter, providing a snug fit and optimal protection. Double needle felled seams are used throughout the bags, maximizing seam strength and further solidifying their reliability.

    Safety is paramount in the field, and KUIU Quarter Game Bags understand this well. They feature high-visibility blaze orange side panels, offering an extra margin of safety when carrying meat and antlers on your back, especially in challenging terrain and low-light conditions.

    Versatility is another hallmark of KUIU Quarter Game Bags. They are available in four sizes, catering to a wide range of game. Whether you're dealing with Coues Deer or massive Moose quarters, KUIU has you covered. Opt for the small size for small deer or to wrap the skull of a caped deer or sheep. The medium size is perfect for big deer, the large for elk, and the extra-large for the grandeur of a moose.

    What We Like

    • Durable Construction
    • Reusable & Washable
    • Multiple Sizes
    • Draw-String Closure

    What We Dislike

    • Only Single-Bag Purchase Options

    For latest prices, and more information on the KUIU Quarter Game Bag, we have that as well!

    Best Hunting Game Bag Set

    Argali High Country Ultralight Game Bag Set

    Argali Quarter Game Bags are the ultimate solution for preserving your game meat with ease. Weighing only 9 ounces per set, this package includes five 17"x29" quarter game bags and a handy stuff stack. Their featherlight design ensures you can carry them effortlessly while venturing into the wild.

    These versatile bags are perfectly sized for various game types, from boned-out elk to meat-on-bone for deer, sheep, pronghorn, and similar-sized game. Argali strikes a balance between breathability and protection, allowing your meat to cool rapidly while keeping flies and fly eggs at bay.

    What sets Argali Quarter Game Bags apart is their durability and multifunctionality. They are machine washable, ready to accompany you on countless hunting trips. Beyond game preservation, they serve as stuff sacks, gear organizers, and even transform into a backcountry pillowcase. Elevate your hunting experience with Argali Quarter Game Bags.

    What We Like

    • Ultra Lightweight
    • High Breathability
    • Reusable & Washable

    What We Dislike

    • Smaller Measurements vs. Other Models

    For latest prices, and more information on the Argali High Country Game Bag Set, we have that as well!

    Best Hunting Game Bag Set - Argali High Country Ultralight Game Bag Set

    Things To Consider When Choosing A Hunting Game Bag


    Most hunters will know the size of the largest portion of meat (boned-in or boned-out) from the game they go after. From here, compare those measurements to the hunting game bags you're evaluating. 

    Many top brands offer multiple options with different sizes to either individually or collectively pack up your game meat.

    Pro Tip: Try to keep your hunting coolers outside at night before you fill them up with ice to get their core temperature down.


    Most traditional game bags are made out of cotton cloth, but today's newly engineered options are constructed of synthetic materials.

    While synthetic materials are much stronger than traditional cotton, you'll want to double check how breathable the material is. 


    Some game bags can get pretty expensive, and as a result, you'll want to know if the bag is for single use or if it can be reused over and over again. 

    If you're looking for the most reliable and durable bag option, keep an eye out for one that's reusable and washable. This will not only help your dollar go further, but will ensure optimal protection for future use.

    Hanging Features

    Many hunters prefer hanging their game bag up after the meat has been packed to keep it off the ground and to allow as much airflow as possible. 

    When purchasing a game bag be sure to check and see if it has some sort of additional strap or a secure string/rope that will efficiently and securely hold up your meat while hanging.

    Benefits Of Hunting Game Bags

    Temperature Maintenance

    After your cooler has been prepped and you've quartered your game, you're going to want to let your meat cool before packing it up. 

    Setting your meat in a hunting bag helps it cool to the ambient temperature by being exposed to wind/air, and at the same time, protecting it...


    One of the top benefits of a hunting game bag is the protection it provides from dirt, debris, and bugs. 

    If dirt or egg larvae gets on the meat, it could contaminate it, forcing you to throw it away.


    One of the final benefits of a game bag is helping a hunter transport their meat from the location of the kill to the processing table. Again, you can now rest easy knowing the meat is protected while being moved. 

    Hunting Game Bag FAQs

    1. What Is The Purpose Of A Hunting Game Bag?

    The main purpose of hunting game bags is to keep your meat clean, and to shield it from dirt, debris, and bugs.

    2. Are Game Bags Worth It?

    While game bags aren't an essential piece of gear for every hunter, for those that require a way to protect and easily transport their game meat for extended amounts of time, it's very much worth it.

    3. How Long Can You Leave Meat In A Game Bag?

    Meat hanging or aging time is more dependent on temperature rather than the type or quality of your game bag.

    4. Can You Put A Game Bag In A Cooler?

    Yes, once you have your top hunting cooler, you can place your game bag within it for added protection.

    5. Can Predators Smell Meat In A Game Bag?

    Yes, predators can smell meat in a game bag as these are not scent proof.

    6. Why Use Game Bags vs. Plastic?

    High quality game bags have optimal breathability, allowing the meat to cool and dry quickly. Unfortunately, plastic bags do not have this.

    One Thing To Remember...

    Watch The Porosity

    While cotton game bags are very common, you'll want to make sure they are not too porous. Having a game bag that's too porous when stretched might let bugs and flies land on the meat and lay eggs.

    Answer: Most butchers say that a deer's expected meat yield is around 40-50%.