Searching for the best hunting pants can be a rather difficult task, especially since there are so many top hunting brands out there. To make your decision a little easier we've categorized the top hunting pants on the market with this simple list.

Each one of these pants has been reviewed and ranked based on customer feedback across numerous websites. We've also taken the time to tell you which type of hunter each pair of pants is best suited for. In case we missed anything, add your recommendations in the comments section below. 

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The list below summarizes the Top 6 Hunting Pants. Don't forget to cover them all, and good luck this upcoming hunting season!

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1. Best Overall Hunting Pants: KUIU Attack Pants

Kuiu has revolutionized the hunting clothing industry, creating some of the most innovative and comfortable gear available. One of their more popular items is the Kuiu Attack Pants, and that's why it's our pick for the best overall hunting pants. 

Customers rave about the pants comfort level - saying it's one of the most comfortable pairs of pants they've ever worn. Kuiu attributes this to the pant's Toray's Primeflex® Polyester fabric as it's incredible stretchy, soft and very high-quality. Furthermore, the athletic fit flexes with your body's movement to produce unrestricted range. 

What Type Of Hunter Is This Best Suited For?

The Kuiu Attack pants is the perfect fit for any hunter looking for an incredibly athletic fit pant that provides high durability with minimal weight.

It's also best suited for any hunter that needs a versatile pair of pants that can be used through the year. While the pant is built for mild conditions, it can also be used as a base layer for rain gear or insulated cold weather outer layers. 

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Top Item
Kuiu Attack Pants - Best Overall Hunting Pants
Kuiu Attack Pants
Best Overall Hunting Pants
Kuiu's best-selling hunting pants, which combines comfort, durability, and simplicity.

2. Best Kneepad Hunting Pants: Sitka Timberline Pants

Sitka Gear needs no introduction when it comes to hunting clothing. They've recently started to develop specific pieces of gear tailored to unique individual needs. As a result, the Sitka Timberline Pants is the best kneepad hunting pants out there right now!

Sitka engineered the Timberline pants with an ultra-durable 4-way stretch polyester to keep hunters dry while allowing breathability throughout the legs. The knee pads are removable and covered with a double reinforced ripstop nylon outer for durability and comfort.

What Type Of Hunter Should Purchase This?

The Sitka Timberline pants is great for any hunter looking for a tough mid-to-late season solution. It provides a high level of warmth while also offering much higher durability when compared to other insulated options. 

Furthermore, it's great for individuals that prefer stalking and ambushing, and those that might hunt in moisture and abrasion-prone areas. 

Top Item
Sitka Timberline Pants
Best Kneepad Hunting Pants
A tough soft shell pant that's optimal for mid-to-late season hunts.

3. Best Cold-Weather Hunting Pants: Cabela's Outfitter Series Wooltimate 

Over the past decade or so Cabela's has really stepped up their game with the new Outfitter Series, hoping to give hunters a good balance of quality and price. The Cabela's Wooltimate Pants is a solid solution for any hunter looking for the best cold-weather pants available. 

Cabela's new woolimate material is something interesting to note as it combines the top features of wool and Berber fleece. This duo gives the hunter added stealth, warmth, microclimate control and weather resistance in a single offering. Cablea's also added 4MOST WINDSHEAR to keep you shielded from extreme windy conditions. 

What Type Of Hunter Is This Best Suited For?

The Cabela's Woolitimate pants is a great option for any hunter that's battling extreme cold weather conditions, specifically those hunting from a blind or treestand. While the pant is extremely warm, it's not going to offer the needed breathability required for someone that prefers spot-and-stalk style hunting. 

It's also a great option for any hunter that does not prefer an athletic style fit. Many newer clothing brands tend to overdo the athletic style, making it difficult for bulkier / larger hunters. These pants offer a more traditional style fit - great for those big guys!

Top Item
Cabelas Wooltimate Pants
Cabela's Outfitter Series Wooltimate
Best Cold-Weather Hunting Pants
A great pair of pants that offers increased performance and comfort for cold weather.

4. Best Rain Pants: Sitka Thunderhead Pants

Yes... we had to pick another pair of Sitka pants to make the list. But what can we say? They are just great at making hunting clothing. If you're looking for an outer later that's going to protect you from the rain, look no further than the Sitka Thunderhead Pants

The Thunderhed pant was developed to keep you dry, and at the same time, keep you quiet! So many brands out there forget that you need to remain quite, especially for those bow hunters that need to get close. 

This pair of pants bring together an exceptionally waterproof and breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric with one of the quietest polyester knit fabrics available. It also comes equipped with side zips for easy on and off without removing your boots. 

What Type Of Hunter Should Purchase This?

The Sitka Thunderhead pants was designed for stalking and ambushing in wet conditions. It's perfect for any hunter, especially bow hunters, that want to remain out in the woods all day when weather is likely to disrupt your hunt. 

It's also great for individuals that hunt in tough terrain, as the 3-layer protects against abrasion. 

Top Item
Sitka Thunderhead Pants - Best Rain Hunting Pants
Sitka Thunderhead Pants
Best Rain Hunting Pants
A pair of pants that combines an exceptionally waterproof and breathable fabric in a single unit.

5. Best Upland Pants: Orvis Pro LT Upland Pants

For all you upland hunters out there, it's time to throw away those thick briar chaps you would wear over your jeans. Orvis now provides the best upland pants on the market with their relatively newly designed Orvis Pro LT Upland Pants

The Orvis Pro LT model is extremely lightweight and very durable - especially when compared to other upland hunting pants on the market. The synthetic, stretch-woven Cordura® fabric provides strong moisture control, and is even DWR-treated to remain dry to the touch. It also has mesh pockets for added breathability. 

What Type Of Hunter Is This Best Suited For?

The Orvis Pro LT upland pants is great for anyone that hunts quail or pheasants in hot weather conditions. Walking miles and miles in a pair of heavy, thick pants with heavy upland boots kills the day and needs to be avoided at all costs. 

It's a great option for anyone searching for a lightweight fabric that promotes wicking, venting and temperature control. But don't get worried about protection, this material resists most brush!

Top Item
Orvis Pro LT Upland Pants - Best Upland Hunting Pants
Orvis Pro LT Pants
The Best Upland Hunting Pants
The top rated upland pant with advanced technology and a traditional look.

6. Best Budget Hunting Pants: RedHead Tec-Lite Pants

For those looking to get out in the woods, and do so in a relatively affordable manner, you're going to need a pair of pants that's not going to break the bank. For this reason, we chose the RedHead Tec-LIte Pants to keep you protected from both the woods and inflation!

The RedHead Tec-Lite pants is made out of an ultra-light 90% polyester/10% spandex material. It provides surprisingly good moisture-wicking technology, and fast-dry capabilities to keep you out in the woods all day long. Furthermore, it's a great fit many hunters out there.  

What Type Of Hunter Should Purchase This?

The RedHead Tec-Lite pants is great option for any new hunter or for any hunter that wants to spend their money on other gear. At a price of just $50, it'll get you out in the woods and ready to enjoy your hunt with little worry.

One thing to note- these pair of pants are specifically built for those hunting in warm weather conditions. If you're looking to test these out in the cold, we'd suggest buying a reliable base layer to add some insulation and protection. 

Top Item
RedHead Tec-Lite Pants - Best Budget Hunting Pants
RedHead Tec-Lite Pants
The Best Budget Hunting Pants
A reliable pair of hunting pants that won't break the bank.

In Conclusion

Well... that summarizes our full list of the best hunting pants out there! Each brand offers its own unique technology, making it better for some and worse for others. In case you're not fully convinced, do a little more research on each brand's website before you purchase. 

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