Before we get started, it's important to recognize the difference between ice eaters and de-icers. For more information, check out the originator of the ice-eater - Bearon Manufacturing.

It’s that time of the year again, and waterfowl hunters are gearing up for another winter! While we all try to remember the successful hunts, preparation is about remembering what got in our way and the gear we need to make things better. If you’re reading this article, we’re guessing that ice got in the way of a successful hunt or two and you’re looking for a solution!

There are quite a few ways to fight the ice when temperatures get low, but we’re going to focus on one tool to keep you hunting – Ice Eaters and De-Icers!

Locating and maintaining an open water area is the first step to a successful duck hunt. As winter comes forward, temperatures will drop, and those open water honey holes may get covered with a nice, thick sheet of ice. We all know that if ducks have no open water to land and feed, they’ll move on to the next area – leaving you empty handed and out of luck. Ice eaters/de-icers are a great solution to these problems and the products below have been relied upon by many duck hunters as the best ice eaters and de-icers for duck hunting.

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Higdon Ice Blasters Kasco Marine De-Icer J2 Outdoors De-Icer Mallard View Ice Package
Brand Higdon Kasco J2 Outdoors Mallard View
Cord Length (ft.) 100 25-500 100 100-200
Size 1/2, 3/4, 1HP 1/2, 3/4, 1HP 1HP 3/4, 1HP
Stand Included Yes No Yes Yes
Price Around $700-$850 Around $600-$700 Around $650 Around $750-$800


Top Rated De-Icer

Higdon Ice Blasters

Higdon is one of the most relied upon names in the waterfowl industry, and that reliability is shown once again in their latest line of ice blasters. Each model is powered by a durable Kasco marine de-icer motor. If Kasco sounds familiar – it should. They’ve been producing de-icing equipment for both the marine and waterfowl industry for over 40 years. With the motor being such a high-quality piece of equipment, Higdon has done its best to protect it. A wire protective cage surrounds the motor while providing minimal restriction for water flow. The design provides zero debris clogging issues – something many waterfowl hunters can appreciate. To maximize waterflow, Higdon has specifically matched a unique propeller with maximum pitch for the exact thrust of the motor. While this article specifically talks about the benefits of using this to break down ice, duck hunters can use this tool to create a surface ripple and help out with decoy movement on still-water days. The line of Higdon Ice Blasters comes in a 1/2hp, 3/4hp, and 1hp. Lowest setting dimensions are as follows - L-36" W-26" H-23". Lastly, all models come with a 100’ cord and stand.

  • 1/2hp – initial startup wattage 1440, running wattage 600.
  • 3/4hp – initial startup wattage 2160, running wattage 804.
  • 1hp – initial startup wattage 4800, running wattage 1356.

    What we like: Kasco Motor, Wire Propeller Cage, Used for Decoy Movement

    What we dislike: Price

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    Best Price De-Icer

    Kasco Marine De-Icer

    As you might have guessed, Kasco has to make the list of some of the best de-icers on the market. As many know, de-icers push warm bottom water to the surface, allowing for an ice-free area for your upcoming duck hunt. Kasco’s quality motors do a great job at fighting tough conditions and preventing ice formation from ruining your hunt. They provide similar motor options like Higdon - 1/2hp, 3/4hp, and 1hp. On the other side, Kasco de-icers do not come with a stand. They do however come with (2) 20 ft. suspension ropes for ease of use. Kasco also offers as stainless-steel mount and floating mount for additional options. We urge everyone to check reviews of the Kasco de-icers. There are countless reviews from customers all over the country that speak to the product’s durability and consistency over the years.

    More model details located here.

    What we like: Multiple Model options, Strong Thrust Power, Stainless Steel Mount (Separate), Control Panels (Separate)

    What we dislike: No Stand

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    The One, The Only Ice Eater

    Mallard View Ice Package

    Mallard View Outdoors produces some great waterfowl equipment, and they’ve recently teamed up with Power House, Inc. to bring waterfowl hunters one of the top ice eaters available today. Mallard View developed a custom black powder coat frame to house a solid Power House motor – the original ice eater. The adjustable frame helps duck hunters in a variety of conditions, while the motor moves approximately 1,400 gallons of water a minute. As far as power, the ice eater runs off AC current with models that range from 115 volts to 230 volts. Mallard View suggests a small Honda generator to accommodate the ice eater since the mid 50 decibel level is just enough to not disturb ducks or geese. Furthermore, they provide multiple power cord length options at 100’, 150’, and 200’. Mallard View hopes that this construction helps you spend more time working birds, and not breaking ice. The line of Mallard View ice eaters comes in a 3/4hp and 1hp.

    What we like: Multiple Voltage Options, Stand, 200' Power Cord

    What we dislike: Weight (25 lbs.)

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    De-Icer Videos

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