Considered a necessary burden in decades past, waterfowl hunting layout blinds used to be bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. Nowadays, manufacturers have addressed all of those concerns to make layout blinds a foundational component in dedicated waterfowl hunters’ gear hauls. In fact, layout blinds have gone from cumbersome contraptions to refined essentials worth their weight in gold. Modern manufacturing processes and advanced materials mean the common hunter can turn his or her spread into a luxury retreat at an affordable price.

Ease of deployment and increased comfort mean more time in the blind, more bag limits filled, and more memories afield. In particular, the four layout blinds described below go above and beyond in design features, usability, and affordability. There are no more excuses for leaving the field early due to unsatisfactory layout blinds. The only decision you have to make is determining which model is right for you. Hunter’s Wholesale is here to help with all the specifications and comparisons you need to make the right choice.                                                                      

MOmarsh AT-X Invisilay Layout Blind Rig’Em
Right X-Factor Layout Blind
ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind Tanglefree Flight Series Snap Layout Blind
Brand MOmarsh Rig’Em Right ALPS Tanglefree
Packed Size 33"x33"x13" 51"x37"x4" 43"x26"x8" N/A
Weight 33 lbs. 20 lbs. 23 lbs. 19 lbs.
Camo Realtree Max-5, Gore Optifade Gore Optifade Marsh Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat, Tan, Realtree Max-5
Gore Optifade
Price Around $360 Around $270 Around $300 Around $350


Top Rated Layout Blind

MOmarsh AT-X Invisi-Lay

Let’s cut to the chase. For those who don’t want to mess around and prefer to go straight to the premium option, the MOmarsh AT-X Invisi-Lay is the top-tier selection. The feature-rich AT-X Invisi-Lay is your one-stop shop to cover all your waterfowl hunting needs.

Three sets of independently adjustable legs offer 16 inches of range for fine tuning your blind into a comfortable position. With six legs and pivoting, “duck-style” feet, your weight gets distributed across a wider surface area, so you don’t have to fear sinking into the mud. A built-in storage compartment, door pitch toggles, and an adjustable back rest are just a few more of the luxuries this blind brings to the field. From dry croplands to shallow marshes, the MOmarsh AT-X Invisi-Lay is sure to make your hunting buddies jealous while you stay high and dry in refined comfort.

Worth mentioning is MOmarsh’s proven excellence in customer service. They stand by their products and are more than willing to help their customers solve issues. Their primary goal is for you to have a successful hunt, and they’re eager to support you season after season.

What we like: Simple and easy to adjust for supreme comfort and performance, Versatile design allows you to hunt in any environment, Excellent customer support always willing to make things right for you

What we dislike: Collapsed dimension are a bit bulky

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Best Minimalist Layout Blind

ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

Waterfowl hunters in search of something more trimmed down will appreciate the ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind. This modern minimalist design combines all the best features into a single product that won’t bog down your payload or your budget.

The Zero-Gravity Layout Blind emphasizes ease of deployment and portability with a floor-less design for easy clean-up. However, that’s not to say you’ll be enduring prolonged discomfort on the barren, heat-sucking ground. The zero-gravity padded chair gets you off the ground while allowing you to maintain a low profile, and the flared cockpit offers tons of internal storage space to keep all your belongings within reach and out of the elements. Zippered flag doors promise a reliable seal to block out the wind while plentiful stubble straps and threaded stakes ensure you’ll be able to setup and blend in no matter how challenging the landscape.

The Zero-Gravity Layout Blind comes in three different color options to suit your preferred hunting environment, and a one-year limited warranty guarantees your investment won’t be wasted. Minimalists, rejoice! The ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind has you – and your gear - covered.

What we like: Minimalist construction means few parts can fail or break, Simplistic design removes the hassle from deployment and clean-up, Lightweight design facilitates backwoods excursions away from other hunters

What we dislike: Open bottom design restricts hunters to dry ground

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Ideal Layout Blind for Guides

Rig’Em Right X-Factor Layout Blind

Dedicated waterfowl hunters who need a layout blind that will stand the test of time season after season can finally rest easy. The Rig’Em Right X-Factor Layout Blind is here to save your hunt.

The X-Factor’s no-nonsense steel frame, steel pins, and rugged bottom construction ensure durability and reliable performance through heavy, prolonged use. The thoughtful design maintains a low profile, and the large foot-bag offers zip-out access for ease of cleaning. Most importantly, the durable construction extends to the multi-layered padded seat, backrest, and headrest for extended use year after year. To top it off, the entire X-Factor outfit only weighs 20lbs.

Whether you’re a die-hard recreational hunter or a professional guide, the Rig’Em Right X-Factor Layout Blind is the go-to blind you won’t have to worry about when the going gets tough.

What we like: Rugged construction withstands punishment season after season, Surprisingly lightweight design considering the durability of the materials, Design strikes the right balance between comfort and durability

What we dislike: Reduced internal space for gear compared to other options

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Best Blind for Simple Operation

Tanglefree Flight Series Snap Layout Blind

If you’re looking for a hassle-free layout blind with minimal maintenance needs, then you should consider the Tanglefree Flight Series Snap Layout Blind. This layout blind is a snap to setup, and the materials selection ensures you’ll spend more time in the blind and less time making repairs.

The Flight Series Snap model epitomizes ‘addition through subtraction’ by reimagining the proven design of the original Flight Series layout blind. The most unique feature is the incorporation of injection molded plastic clamps to replace the pin assembly. This means less parts, easier manipulation in cold temperatures, and quicker deployment. Thankfully, the Snap Layout Blind still uses metal clips for the backrest connection buckles to guarantee you’ll always have a reliably comfortable chair to support you.

The original Flight Series layout blind was never broken, and it certainly didn’t need fixing. Nevertheless, the Tanglefree Flight Series Snap Layout Blind is now more hassle-free than ever before, and the utilitarian suite of features means you’ll have everything you want without missing out on anything you don’t need.

What we like: An emphasis on reduced hardware makes setup a breeze with gloved hands, Ultrathin collapsed dimensions make the blind extra portable, Thoughtful engineering provides usable features without complicating the design

What we dislike: Plastic snaps may not withstand rough handling or stand the test of time

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Things to Consider When Buying a Layout Blind

Seat Height and Construction

First and foremost, you need to consider the typical environments you prefer to hunt. If you consistently find yourself setting up in or near marshes, then you need a layout blind that will keep you above the water’s surface to stay dry. Even if you typically stay on dry land, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer the weather protection of an enclosed system or the simplicity of a semi-open design. The blind that allows you to comfortably lay there for hours onend is the one you need.

Weight and Portability

It’s one thing to carry a bulky, heavy blind a couple hundred yards. It’s another thing to carry that same blind a mile into the field while also carrying all your other gear. The blind you can comfortably carry is the blind you’ll take into the field. An honest assessment of your hunting style and physical fitness will clue you into which models will suit your needs and abilities.

Features vs. Simplicity

Features are great until they’re not. At best, they offer added convenience and comfort. At worst, they’re more things that can fail or break in the field. Some hunters appreciate and make good use of the latest and greatest features in their blinds. Other hunters quickly realize they’re overwhelmed with the gadgetry of it all and prefer to slim down their approach to the basics. A good place to start would be to ask yourself what other gear items you bring to the field, then find a blind that holds it all while still offering a little room for you to move around.


Lastly, our budgets often get the final say in which purchases we decide to make. It’s not easy when layout blinds are just one of the many items we need to complete our gear setup. Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to invest in a quality layout blind. Even the most modest budgets can get a great blind at an affordable price. If it gets us in the field to have a great time, then that’s all we really need. Don’t let the most expensive blinds with all the latest and greatest features lure you into buying a product you’ll regret purchasing. It will just take away from your budget for shells. At the end of the day, the birds will never know the difference anyways.

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