Some people think shotgun chokes are all the same, and that it's more about the constriction than the brand. However, I think I disagree...

Of course, from the outside, you might think all these chokes look the same, but if you look closer you'll find some differences that appeal to different hunters and shooters. 

Each brand listed below has approached shotgun choke design and construction in their own way. Some offer the very basics at a very reasonable prices, while other take it up a notch and have a price to match the quality. 

Regardless, before you take the next step and purchase a new choke, review the different brands listed below to gather some more information!

1. Rob Roberts

Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works, led by founder Rob Roberts, has established itself as a premier destination for custom gun work, including building custom rifles and creating choke systems. Leveraging Roberts' passion for hunting and years of experience in competitive shooting, the company utilizes a state-of-the-art computerized pattern analysis machine to efficiently test different loads and choke constrictions, ensuring precise and optimized performance for each firearm.

This technology, combined with the expertise of the team, allows them to determine the best choke/load combinations for various hunting scenarios, from waterfowl to turkey hunting. Their partnership with Benelli Performance Shop guns further highlights their reputation for excellence in the industry, solidifying their position as leaders in custom gun work for discerning hunters and shooters.

What's Unique About Rob Roberts Chokes?

This company uses a computerized pattern analysis machine in produce the best patterns for each gun and load.

Our Pick
Rob Roberts Triple Threat Series
Rob Roberts Triple Threat Series
The Best Rob Roberts Pick
These chokes are the product of years of product development, innovations and the highest most advanced technology available.

2. Indian Creek

Indian Creek Shooting Systems, situated in the wildlife-rich "River Hills" near the Mississippi River, was founded by Stuart Ruehling and Mike Ponder, who aimed to revolutionize choke tubes for turkey, waterfowl, and predator hunting.

Their Black Diamond Series choke tubes, born from extensive research and field testing, have become renowned for their precision engineering, CNC machining, and remarkable pattern density, boasting a design featuring 30 parallel ports to enhance gas release and mitigate recoil. Their tubes, celebrated for their ease of installation without the need for tools, have garnered widespread acclaim.

What's Unique About Indian Creek Chokes?

Since 2006, no other tube has collected more NWTF still shoot records than Indian Creek.

Our Pick
Indian Creek Black Diamond Chokes
Indian Creek Black Diamond Chokes
The Best Indian Creek Pick
These tubes have superior clean machining and amazing pattern density.

4. Briley

Briley, renowned in competition and recreational shooting, stands out for its customer-centric approach and innovative products, including chokes, tube sets, gun services, and accessories, catering to various shooting needs. Founded by Jess Briley and Cliff Moller, the company's success is rooted in their commitment to redefining industry standards, exemplified by the development of groundbreaking products like the Briley screw-in choke system.

Their relentless pursuit of improvement and technical excellence has fueled their growth, with Briley supplying key components to industry giants and maintaining a workforce of over 80 skilled professionals. Their dedication to providing shooters with superior products reflects their ethos of always seeking a better way to enhance performance and meet customer needs.

What's Unique About Briley Chokes?

The original owner Jess Briley used his knowledge as a machinist and as a shooter to introduce new technology to the world of shotgun chokes.

5. Patternmaster

Patternmaster's origin story traces back to the late 1980s when the transition to steel shot in waterfowl hunting presented performance challenges compared to lead. Kansas farmer Mike See and Wisconsin businessman Jerry Poe explored crude solutions, eventually enlisting the expertise of Larry Leutenegger, a master machinist and champion shooter. Leutenegger's innovative approach led to the development of Patternmaster choke tubes, which manipulate shot patterns without traditional constriction, ensuring simultaneous payload delivery to the target.

This breakthrough revolutionized shotgun performance, offering solutions for hunters across various scenarios, emphasizing the significance of shot-string length alongside pattern density. Today, Patternmaster stands as a leading shotgun accessory, renowned for its ability to optimize performance in hunting situations.

What's Unique About Patternmaster Chokes?

This manufacturer developed a way to manipulate the pattern based on the placement of the actual stud ring rather than constriction.

6. Beretta

I'm sure everyone has heard of Beretta guns, but have you checked out there chokes? 

Beretta offers a variety of choke tubes designed specifically for their shotguns, known for their conical parallel design that creates a more gradual taper inside the choke for reduced shot deformation, improved pattern uniformity, and increased pattern density.

What's Unique About Beretta Chokes?

Beretta offers a new DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating to reduce in the friction, increase wear resistance, and increase hardness.


KICK'S Industries produces a comprehensive range of aftermarket shotgun chokes tailored for hunting and competition shooting, available for direct purchase or through their international dealer network. Utilizing solid, heat-treated 17-4PH grade round bar stock ensures durability and eliminates common issues associated with lower-quality materials.

Notably, KICK'S chokes feature a smooth bore interior, free from obstructions that could affect shot or patterning. Their unique conical/parallel internal design and diagonally ported configuration at a 135° angle reduce side blast, act as a braking system, and improve patterning by up to 20%, while also reducing muzzle jump and felt recoil for faster and more accurate follow-up shots. The installation and removal of KICK'S chokes are hassle-free, as no wrench is required, making them a popular choice for shooters seeking superior performance and comfort.

What's Unique About KICK'S Chokes?

They've created a unique conical/parallel internal design, and combined that with outward angled diagonal ports to improve patterns.

8. Carlson's

Founded in 1989, Carlson's Choke Tubes is a US-based company known for its affordable, high-quality choke tubes designed for a wide range of popular shotgun models.

Emphasizing extensive testing and dedicated customer service, Carlson's offers a lifetime warranty on their American-made products, reflecting their commitment to durability and satisfaction. While they offer a limited selection of other hunting gear, choke tubes remain their primary focus and area of expertise.

What's Unique About Carlson's Chokes?

These chokes are made out of CNC milled from solid 17-4, heat-treated, stainless bars, and made in the USA.

Shotgun Choke FAQs

1. What Is The Best Choke Brand?

The best shotgun choke brand is either Rob Roberts or Indian Creek due to their incredible durability and valued price points.

2. What Is The Best Choke For Shotguns?

When it comes to the best overall choke, you're going to want to go with a Modified style choke. From there, you can adjust to a Light Modified or Improved Modified.

3. What Are The Three Most Common Shotgun Chokes?

The most common shotgun chokes are Cylinder, Modified, and Improved choke categories.

4. What Are The 4 Types Of Chokes For Shotguns?

The four different types of shotgun chokes are Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, and Full.

5. What Do The Notches On A Choke Mean?

One notch means full, two notches mean improved modified, and three notches mean modified.

6. What Is The Worst Brand Of Shotgun Chokes?

From my standpoint, I haven't had the best luck with Carlson's chokes. I believe their construction could be improved, and as a result their patterns are not very consistent. 

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