If you're in the market for a high quality elevated deer hunting blind, you've probably done your research on Texas Hunter Products Deer Blinds. While there's quite a few high quality brands manufacturing elevated deer blinds, Texas Hunter Products firmly places itself near the top of that list.

For a little a bit of background, Texas Hunter Products has produced premium quality deer blinds, as well as automatic deer feeders, for avid hunters since 1954. In this time, they've continued to iterate on their product designs, while staying true to their devotion of high-quality products.

Additionally, the team at Texas Hunter Products continues to take care of their customers with some of the highest customer satisfaction reviews in the market. While they're most known for the high level of comfort, most of the popular, more recent characteristics is the hide-a-way window system which maximizes game visibility while you're in the stand. Furthermore, Texas Hunter Products produces all-weather deer stands designed to battle the toughest elements. 

Now that you've honed in on Texas Hunter Product shooting houses, you're probably asking, "Well, which one should I purchase?". We're going to compare some of the top Texas Hunter deer stands below, going over some of the best and worst qualities of each. Please enjoy the blog!                                                            

4'x4' Trophy Deer Blind 4'x4' Xtreme Deer Blind
5'x7' Wrangler Camo Deer Blind
4'x8' Xtreme Deer Blind
Brand Texas Hunter Products Texas Hunter Products Texas Hunter Products Texas Hunter Products
Image Texas Hunter Products 4'x4' Trophy Deer Blind Texas Hunter Products 4'x4' Xtreme Deer Blind Texas Hunter 5'x7' Wrangler Camo Deer Blind Texas Hunter 4'x8' Xtreme Deer Blind
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48"W x 48"L x 75"H
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Door Size 23.5" x 39" 20.5" x 62" N/A 20.5" x 62"
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Best Priced Texas Hunter Deer Blind

4'x4' Trophy Deer Blind

The Texas Hunter Products 4'x4' Trophy Deer Blind is a great option for an individual hunter looking to escape the elements, while keeping an eye on your wallet. 

The blinds unique Hide-A-Way windows provide an added advantage to any deer hunter by block sunlight and concealing interior shadows. Furthermore, the Silent Slide windows absorb sound, allowing you to quietly open any window if a big buck sneaks up on you.

Additional features include a sound absorbing mat, and a quiet sliding door so you don't spook anything while entering/exiting, or while moving around. During the hunt, the 6'3" headroom gives any hunter enough head room to get up and stretch, keeping you alert and ready for anything that's about to happen.

Overall, the 4'x4' Trophy blind provides a ton of unique features not found in other blind manufactures. With too many features to mention, click the link below to discover more!

What we like: 

  • Shooting Ports on All Four Sides
  • Hide-A-Way Windows
  • Unobstructed 360° View
  • Lightweight For Portability
  • Price

What we dislike: 

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Smaller Door Entry

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Texas Hunter Products 4'x4' Trophy Deer Blind

Top Rated Texas Hunter Deer Blind

4' x 4' Xtreme Deer Blind

Now that you've read about the Trophy Blind, you're probably wondering what's the main difference between that and the Texas Hunter Products 4'x4' Xtreme Deer Blind.

Taking a look at the Xtreme deer blind version, you can easily see that Texas Hunter Products decided to enlarge the door, providing hunters with a much easier access point. Furthermore, if you check out the elevated models, a newly designed set of steps accompanies the Xtreme model - adding another great improvement.  

Aside from this difference, many of the same features on the Trophy model exist on the Xtreme model, including but not limited to Hide-A-Way windows, Silent Slide openings, and an Unobstructed 360° View

If you're willing to pay a little more money, and gain a much easier entry point, check out the Xtreme deer blind. And click the link below for additional features!

What we like: 

  • Larger Entry Door
  • Steps For Easy Entry
  • Easy Transport & Set-Up

What we dislike:

  • Plywood Floor
  • Higher Price

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Texas Hunter Products 4'x4' Xtreme Deer Blind

Best Overall Texas Hunter Deer Blind

5' x 7' Wrangler Deer Blind

One of the newest items to the Texas Hunter Products family is the 5'x7' Wrangler Deer Blind, and it's quite an addition. While the price is somewhat high, you won't be disappointed with its features!

The most recognizable new feature is the TrueTimber® camo exterior that covers an octagon platform. Within this design there are 7 rifle windows strategically placed for maximum visibility. Furthermore, the standard Rain Guards direct water and rain away from these shot openings. 

Additionally, the blinds provides excellent Scent Protection and Silent Operation Windows that flip-open and out of the way. These features, alongside the fact that the blind is leak and rust proof means you can leave it up year around, getting rid of the added work needed take it down during tough weather months. 

What we like:

  • Camo Exterior
  • Octagon Design
  • Wasp, Water and Owl Proof
  • Includes Deer Blind Shelf & Shooting Rest

What we dislike:

  • Price

For latest prices, and more information click here! 

Texas Hunter 5'x7' Wrangler Camo Deer Blind

Types of Texas Hunter Products Deer Blinds

Trophy Blinds

Texas Hunter Products has been field testing the Trophy Hunting Blinds since the 1950s. This particular models is built for all weather comfort and provides full 360-degree visibility.

"I bought four Texas Hunter blinds in 1967, and I'm still using them today. For long life and durability, you just can't beat Texas Hunter."

Paul Johnson- Richmond , TX

Texas Trophy Blinds

    Xtreme Blinds

    Texas Hunter Blinds are now available with a full door entry system within their Xtreme models. All models include a platform, convenient handrails and your choice of Ground Legs or a 5-foot or 10-foot tower with Stairs. The Xtreme models come in two different sizes - 4’x4’ or large and roomy 4’x8’.

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    Wrangler Camo Hunting Blinds

    The newest member of the Texas Hunter Products family, the Wrangler Camo Hunting Blinds offer quite a few new features. Unlike the other models listed above, these models feature a TrueTimber® Camo exterior. Additionally, the square platform has been exchanged for an flattened octagon shape that supports multiple hunters as once. Lastly, each option comes with fully carpeted ceiling and walls.

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