So you just bagged a nice buck, and you're trying to figure out which type of deer mount is best for you!

Well... you've come to the right place.

Listed below are the most popular types of deer mount styles utilized by hunters today. While there are several options, the list to choose from is relatively straight forward. 

Of course, each style of mount has their own pros and cons, as well as different price points. Be sure to read each section below before making your final pick.

What Are The Different Types of Deer Mounts?

Listed below are the several different styles of mounts hunters choose for their whitetail.

What Are The Different Types of Deer Mounts?

1. Shoulder Mount

A traditional shoulder mount is probably one of the most well-known types of mounts out there, and most likely the deer mount you see when walking into a hunting store or hunting lodge.

These mounts include the head and neck, and go down to the shoulder of the deer. 

While many of these are traditionally mounted on the wall, you are seeing several hunters utilize what's called a pedestal mount, while also incorporating some sort of base structure to hold it up.

A professionally done shoulder mount from a taxidermist can cost you between $300 and $700.

To go into more details, check out the many different types of shoulder mounts available from taxidermists:

Shoulder Mount Type Overview Image
 Upright A shoulder mount where the chin and nose are a few inches above the shoulder. Standard Shoulder Mount
Semi-Upright A shoulder mount where the chin and nose are level with the shoulder. Semi Upright Shoulder Mount
Semi-Sneak A shoulder mount where the chin and nose are below the shoulder. Semi Sneak Shoulder Mount
Full Sneak A shoulder mount where the head is extended straight out. Full Sneak Shoulder Mount
Wall Pedestal A shoulder mount which is put up against a wall, with either the left or right shoulder against the wall and head is facing away from the wall, into the room. Wall Pedestal Shoulder Mount
Pedestal A shoulder mount which is put up on a wooden base or other structure - not against a wall. Pedestal Shoulder Mount

2. Full Body Mount

For those looking to do something a little more than a shoulder mount, you might want to check out what's known as a full body mount.

As the name suggests, this means the full body of the deer is mounted for display.

Now, while these mounts are amazing to look at that, there are few cons. First, they're obviously much more expensive when compared to shoulder mounts, and you also need a lot of room to display one of these.

A full body mount is a great way to display a large deer, or a scene that properly depicts your kill. 

A professionally done full body deer mount from a taxidermist can cost you between $1,800 and $3,500.

3. Antler Mount

For those that want something very simple and cheap to complete, I would personally recommend an antler mount.

While you're not able to display anything related to the deer's body structure, you are able to easily display those antlers... which isn't always a bad thing.

Some hunter incorporate a high-quality wooden plague, and a simple velvet skull cover to spice up the display.

An antler mount can be successfully completed for under $200.

4. Skull Antler Mount (European Mount)

Very similar to the antler mount mentioned above, the European mount incorporates one additional feature - the skull.

For this process, the antlers are kept attached to the skull, and the skull is cleaned and polished for a better overall look.

Similar to the other mount, you can utilize a high-quality wooden plagues to hold the mount against a wall.

Similar to an antler mount, a European mount can be done for under $200 as well.

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