Today we’re talking about the Higdon Warthog Water Pump. Higdon claims that the Warthog Water Pump is the world's best floating pump and the highest volume compact floating pump in the world. From what we've seen, they’re not wrong. 

But first, let’s go over some water pump basics – what it is and does, and why they’re important. If you know this info, then you can skip right along to our in-depth review of the Higdon Warthog Water Pump.

Water Pump Basics

Water pumps essentially do one thing - they move water. And depending on your water pump, it can move a lot of water at a very efficient rate.

A water pump will remove or drain different forms of water from all sorts of places – residential buildings, pools, construction sites, riverbeds, tunnels, etc. This can be very important during rainy seasons or areas prone to flooding. When water floods an area and sits, it can cause all sorts of major issues such as surface erosion, structural damage, delays, etc. That is why it is so crucial to have a water pump that can move that water out at a quick rate and get you out of trouble as fast as possible.

At Hunter’s Wholesale, we are a hunting site first and foremost, so that is where our focus will mainly lie. As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of a water pump is to move water from one location to another. And the reason you’re probably here is to see how the Higdon Warthog Water Pump can help you land some birds this upcoming waterfowl season. And, if you’re not a hunter, and simply want a water pump for either residential or commercial use, hopefully this review helps you decide if the Higdon Warthog Water Pump is right for you!

Higdon Warthog Water Pump Higdon Warthog Water Pump Details

Higdon did their best to create a solid water pump that is both light and portable while also maintaining the ability to move a lot of water. And for the size of this unit, we were really impressed at how much water it could actually move. The Warthog Pump is capable of moving over 850 gallons of water per minute! That’s 51,000 gallons (192,000 liters for the metric guys out there) per hour! And at only 85 pounds, it is only a one-person job for most. 

Higdon created a patented removable 5-gallon external fuel ring that leads to an “industry leading run time of over 15 hours” for the Warthog Pump. Again, that is a hell of a lot of water being moved! Almost 3 million liters if you want to run the math.

The Warthog Pump has a gas-powered 5HP Kohler motor and includes a 400’ long 6” lay flat hose. All necessary clamps and quick connect couplers are provided. The materials used for the pump are high quality and it utilizes metal on metal pump components. We have heard of issues in the past where the hose came with tears in it but the team at Higdon did a great job in making sure that the customer was taken care of and given a new hose. Overall, the pump is a rugged machine and from what we can tell it is quite reliable and ready to be put to work!

How It Works & Uses

The Warthog Pump is a self-priming pump that floats and skims along while settling to lowest point as the water recedes. This means that you don’t need to keep repositioning the pump while it’s operating. We really liked this design and the LPE floating base is made for high impact giving us confidence in its durability.

The floating design of the pump allows the Warthog to draw water in from just under the surface thus helping to avoid drawing in surface debris while also not stirring up debris underneath the pump. Because of this, the pump does not require a filter.

Compared to other pumping methods, the Warthog Pump is much more economical and, because of its size, a more speedy alternative. This means it will work great for commercial use and personal use – construction sites needing dewatering, agricultural use on a farm, removing water from a pool, flood relief & fire control, irrigation, oil/mining, etc.

And of course, for waterfowl hunting!

Ducks love a good duck pond. And with a nice field, you could give them just that. The Warthog Water Pump makes it easy to flood that nice field and turn it into your very own duck pond for waterfowl season.

Creating a shallow water area is preferred for ducks and some, like a teal, may only need just enough water for them to land. Not all hunters live close to a marsh or bay, and if you’re simply relying on rain, you may be SOL. But with the Warthog Pump, and a solid water supply, you can very quickly create a waterfowl habitat. Just place the pump on your water source, roll out the hose in the area you would like to flood, and let it rip!

Check out this video from Higdon showing the Warthog in action. It’s a good way to see what it will look like for you out in the field.

List of Uses

  • Waterfowl hunting
  • Dewatering construction sites
  • Agriculture
  • Drain pools
  • Flood relief
  • Access water for firefighting
  • Fill dugouts
  • Pump water for trickle irrigation
  • Aerate dugouts, ponds, and lakes
  • Protect industrial sites from flooding
  • Drain flooded land including sloughs, swamps, and potholes
  • Drain or irrigate golf courses
  • Drain oilfield sites

Check out this video from Higdon showing the Warthog in action pumping water out of a loading dock:

Features & Details

  • 5HP Kohler Motor
  • 400’ long 6” lay flat discharge hose
  • Pumps 3,200 liters (850 gallons) per minute
  • 192,000 liters (51,000 gallons) per hour
  • Weighs 85 lbs.
  • Run-time of 15 hours
  • Constructed from durable medium density polyethylene
  • Steel on gears and camlock hose attachment
  • Gear Case- requires 1 liter (35 ounces) of full synthetic 30-weight oil (recommended) or 30 weight mineral oil


Overall, we are clearly very impressed with the Higdon Warthog Water Pump. It’s easy to use, it’s super portable, great quality, versatile, and highly effective.

Whether you’re in the construction business and looking to use it on site or you’re a farmer in need of agricultural applications, this pump does it all. And obviously, for the waterfowl hunter, this water pump is absolutely awesome! You really just need to place it on water, roll out the hose, pull the cord, and soon enough you’ll have your own waterfowl habitat ready for bagging some birds!

Reviews from Verified Customers Online

  • GREAT pump – "Fantastic pump. Moves a ton of water on and off the duck hole. We cut open a hole in the ice and threw the pump into it and pumped water on top of the ice to create sheet water. LETHAL. Would recommend to any club or guide service!” - John
  • Fantastic Pump – “I can not believe how much water this pump will move. It is a easy one man job to set it up and one pull and it is running. I came back 21 hours later and it was still running so I am not sure how long it will run on a full tank of gas. I love this little pump.” - Jim

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