If you're in the market for the best hunting dog kennel out there and you're doing some initial research, you might want to know how much kennels cost.

It's important to note that this blog does not summarize the costs associated with DIY kennels or static, large scale kennels. I'm going to focus on standard travel kennels utilized by hunters to transport their favorite hunting companion on the road. 

No matter your budget or dog kennel style preference, there's a solid, well-built kennel out there that's going to be a match. Of course, when you sacrifice on price, you're going to sacrifice a few features. I'm going to help outline a few of the more popular dog kennels types, some popular brands, and the costs associated with each.

The Different Types Of Hunting Dog Kennels

This list below summarizes the most popular and reliable hunting dog kennel types available:

Dog Kennel Trailers

Dog kennel trailers are just that - dog kennels built on top of a trailer that attaches to the rear of your vehicle.

Almost of all of these trailers are built of aluminum, with housing options of just a few dog slot to upwards of a dozen plus. Furthermore, these kennel trailer manufactures have equipped these these kennels with water storage, gun storage, as well as heating and cooling systems to keep your dog comfortable.

Metal Dog Boxes

Metal dog boxes are a bit of hybrid between dog trailers and plastic dog crates. 

As you'd expect, metal dog boxes are built out of metal, specifically aluminum, making them one of the best options available to keep your dog safe while traveling

The kennel options can be reasonably priced if you purchase a simple straight forward box; however, if you want to include additional storage options as well as features like heating/cooling systems, you're going to find yourself in an entirely different price bracket.

Plastic Travel Hunting Dog Kennels

Plastic travel hunting dog kennels are probably the most popular choice of kennels for the weekend hunter. 

They combine a much needed balance of price and features, and with today's brand options, you're able to choose from a large selection of designs.

This particular kennel type is very easy to store, clean, and transport when compared to your other options. 

Types of Hunting Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels Prices & Costs

The summary below clarifies the costs associated with dog kennel trailers, metal dog boxes, and plastic travel kennels.

Dog Kennel Trailer Prices & Costs

Aluminum dog kennel trailers usually cost between $4,000 and $40,000 plus depending on the manufacturer and selection of features. 

These dog kennel trailers are top of the line, including some things like heating and cooling systems, gun storage, and water storage just to mention a few features.

A few of the top brands include Jones Trailer Co., Alum-line, and Solid Point.

Metal Dog Box Prices & Costs.

Metal dog boxes usually cost between $400 and $5,000 plus depending on the manufacturer and selection of features. 

Most of these dog kennels are going to mirror a standard aluminum tool box, or a pop-up camper design. Features can range from relatively minimal, producing a much more affordable price, to options that rival the aforementioned dog kennel trailers - requiring a much more expensive price point.

A few of the top brands include Old South, Diamond Deluxe, and Ainley kennels.

Plastic Travel Hunting Dog Kennel Prices & Costs

The list below summarizes the most popular plastic, travel hunting dog kennel brands on the market today, and the prices and costs associated with their models.

Top Travel Dog Kennel Brands

Gunner Kennel Prices

A Gunner kennel is going to cost between between $500 and $975 depending on the size and available features.

Ruff Land Kennel Prices

A Ruff Land kennel is going to cost between between $190 and $435 depending on the size and available features.

Dakota Kennel Prices

A Dakota kennel is going to cost between between $380 and $600 depending on the size and available features.

Lucky Dog Prices

A Lucky Dog kennel is going to cost between between $600 and $700 depending on the size and available features.

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