The list below summarizes the top 10 hunting tv shows available to watch right now! Every outdoor hunting show on this list offers hunters and non-hunters alike a real world view into what's happening in the field and out in the woods.

Some focus more on a home-grown deer hunting show feel, while others hunt for anything and everything across the globe. If you're looking to learn anything new about hunting, or you're just simply interested in being entertained, check out the list below!

10. Primos Truth About Hunting

Most hunters are familiar with Primos game calls, but the tv show adds a new spin on using calls to effectively hunt animals. Packed with plenty of segments with hosts that share tips and tricks on how to call animals, there are many big hunts all around the world.

If you want a simple hunting show that gets straight to the point and is also full of actionable information, then you will want to watch an episode or two of Primos Truth About Hunting.

Where To Watch Primos Truth About Hunting

You can watch Primos Truth About Hunting on the Outdoor Channel, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

9. Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg

Fresh Tracks is host Randy Newberg’s newest hunting show and follows him across the west as he pursues public land animals. What makes Randy so popular is his openness in describing how he drew the tags and the process he went through to find his hunting areas.

This kind of transparency is hard to find in the hunting industry as a whole, especially when it comes to tv shows. Thanks to him and his tv show, many hunters get the knowledge of how to acquire elk or deer tags and head out on their own adventures.

Where To Watch Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg

You can watch Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg on FreshTracks+, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

8. Into High Country

If you live in Montana or simply love seeing the beauty of western state locations, this show should definitely be one you watch. Into High Country focuses on hunting in and around Montana and follows the host Jason Matzinger as he tries to capture the best hunting that the state has to offer.

Sitting in the comfort of your home, you get to see him push his body and mind to the limits as he hunts elk, sheep, deer, and mountain goats. Getting to watch all of these experiences and all of the challenges that come his way is truly a treat.

Where To Watch Into High Country

You can watch Into High Country on MyOutdoorTV and Amazon Prime.

 7. Eastman’s Hunting TV

Eastman’s is run by the Eastman family and is a draw odds and application strategy magazine. With its rise in popularity came a tv show, and this is the show you will want to watch if you like to see giant, trophy-class animals being harvested.

The Eastmans know how to find and kill record book bucks, bulls, and just about everything else. Throughout the show, they also share plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques to help you out in the field so that you can find your own success.

Where To Watch Eastman's Hunting TV

You can watch Eastman's Hunting TV on the Outdoor Channel, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

6. Solo Hunter

Solo Hunter (SoloHntr) started with the concept of exploring the idea of hunting alone. After all, most of us don’t always have the luxury of hunting with other people. The hosts, Tim Burnett and Remi Warren set off by themselves and self-record their hunting adventures.

As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult to do and the shots don’t always come out perfectly. This adds to the appeal of the show, however, and gives viewers a unique take on popular hunting trips across the world. Armed with all of their camera gear alongside the hunting equipment, these guys are some of the most dedicated hunters that you will find.

Where To Watch Solo Hunter

You can watch Solo Hunter on Amazon Prime.

5. Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector

Another name that is a staple in the industry, Michael Waddell started his Bone Collector tv show in 2009. Along with his personable and funny cohosts Nick and Travis, Michael set out to produce a hunting show that is entertainable, educational, and that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Throughout the show, you get to see all of them take some amazing whitetail bucks as well as plenty of other critters too. They intended to change the way outdoor television was produced, and that is exactly what they have accomplished since then.

Where To Watch Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

You can watch Michael Waddell's Bone Collector on the Outdoor Channel, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

4. Jim Shockey’s Uncharted

No list of hunting tv shows would be complete without Jim Shockey. This guy has been in the industry for many years and is one of the most likable hunters out there. Many people might be familiar with his tv show “Jim Shockey’s Outdoor Adventures” but his new show “Jim Shockey’s Uncharted” takes it to a whole new level.

Produced by his son Branlin, this show dives deeper into the adventure and exploration aspect of a hunt. It shows the various villages, towns, and cultures that Shockey comes across during the hunt and how hunting relates to the culture. I also love the fact these episodes are much longer than your average tv show!

Where To Watch Jim Shockey's Uncharted

You can watch Jim Shockey's Unchartered on Outdoor Channel, MyOutdoorTV, YouTube, and Amazon.

3. The Western Hunter

If you want some of the best cinematography and storytelling in the industry, try watching an episode of The Western Hunter. This show focuses on hunting public land in the West, chasing after everything from elk to bear.

What really stands out on this show is that you feel as though you are watching a feature-length movie with how high the overall quality is. Everything from the beautiful shots to the amazing stories that are told come together to produce a tv show that is hard to stop watching once you get started. If you have ever wanted to see what a true western hunt entails, this is one tv show you won’t want to miss.

Where To Watch The Western Hunter

You can watch The Western Hunter on MyOutdoorTV.

2. The Hunting Public

The Hunting Public is a show that is relatively new to the scene but is quickly becoming one of the top hunting shows to watch. It follows a close-knit group of friends as they travel around the country every year hunting public land for whitetail deer.

Although they started off on Youtube, their show is now available on a few other streaming platforms as fans love their down-to-earth approach to hunting. Did I mention that they kill some giant bucks every year too? They showcase to people that you don’t need to be rich to effectively kill mature bucks regardless of where you live.

Where To Watch The Hunting Public

You can watch The Hunting Public on Amazon Prime.

1. MeatEater

One of the best hunting tv shows in the world today is MeatEater. The reason for this is the host, Steven Rinella. Rinella has a way of storytelling that is hard to replicate. He is a genuine hunter, conservationist, and outdoorsman. Because of this, and his fantastic cooking skills, Rinella appeals to both hunters and nonhunters alike.

The show follows his adventures as he hunts everything from squirrels to moose and then cooks them immediately after. In addition to showcasing Rinella’s hunting and cooking skills, the MeatEater show also does a great job of highlighting the importance of ethical hunting practices. At the end of the day, it is no surprise that this show is currently the most popular hunting show in the world.

Where To Watch MeatEater 

You can watch MeatEater on Netflix, Amazon Prime and MyOutdoorTV.

Hunting Show FAQs

Are There Hunting Shows On Hulu?

Yes, here are the hunting shows on Hulu:

1. Meat Eater

2. Swamp People

3. American Hoggers

4. The Hunt

5. Duck Dynasty

6. Into High Country

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