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Rob Roberts T2 Mid Range Choke

When you need a choke for shots at the mid range, such as flooded timber mallards, dove and most sporting clays targets, and 16 yard trap, this choke makes the...

Rob Roberts T3 Long Range Choke

When you need to deliver a crushing shot at the edge of your range this is the choke. High flyers and long trap targets are not safe from this choke....

Rob Roberts Triple Threat 3 Pack Chokes

Includes T1, T2 and T3 Choke Tubes These choke tubes are built from years of product development and innovations using the highest advanced technology available. They are made out of...

Rob Roberts T1 Short Range Choke

Intended for close and quick work such as skeet, teal or quail. Provides a wide but uniform pattern to cover fast moving targets. These choke tubes are built from years...

MOmarsh Tactical Dove Chair

Hunt in complete comfort with the Tactical Dove Chair. Full size while lightweight, compact, and foldable. This chair offers many features previously unavailable to bucket hunters. Features include built in...

MOmarsh Dove/Small Game Dangler

The alternative to the standard game strap, the Dangler spreads your game out so you can quickly and accurately count your birds in the field. The unique design has "barbs"...
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