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Rolling Thunder Colt 45 Turkey Call

The BSOD "Colt 45" is the RTGC version of a Louisiana cut call. This call has all of the bark and volume of the original BSOD cut but with a...

Rolling Thunder Box Call

The Rolling Thunder Undercut Box Call is one of the best in the woods! It has a very unique and original design with an unbeatable sound. We have undercut the...

Crystal Mistress by David Halloran

David Halloran Crystal Mistress Friction Turkey Pot Call is a 2010 NWTF DD Adams Award Winner! This soft maple and cedar laminate friction pot call is a temptation that old...

Twisted Sister by David Halloran

Thermal treated Poplar Wood pot style call. Cuts , yelps, it’s silky smooth and SHARP at the same time!   W/ Purple Heart striker.

Natural Born Killer by David Halloran

BEST SELLING MOUTH CALL! Batwing Cut with a clear front side and raspy finishing ability. If you’re gonna pick one ...pick this one.

Field Proven 3 Reed Crazy Cutter

With a rasp rating of 5.0....this call has all the grit and flare of an old boss hen. It’s not hard to see why this call is so popular with...

Field Proven 3 Reed Combo Cut

This call has the volume to reach out and locate a big Tom or get soft to finish him. The 3 Reed Combo is straight-up deadly.

Rolling Thunder Cougar Diaphragm Call

The "Cougar" Split V cut diaphragm turkey call is a 2.5 reed call with lots of rasp.  It can get loud with various cuts & cackles, but retains a great deal...

Rolling Thunder Match Maker Diaphragm Call

The Match Maker is a lethal 3 reed batwing cut diaphragm call that does it all... You'll find that both soft raspy yelps and aggressive cuts and cackles are no problem...

Rolling Thunder Pot Calls

The Rolling Thunder pot call is one of the best on the market!!!! It has the rasp and rattle that picky friction call fanatics look for, but only few achieve....

Rolling Thunder Box Call Chalk

Premium box call chalk.

Rolling Thunder 3 Pack of Custom Strikers (Purple Heart, Hickory & Diamondwood)

3 custom strikers (one piece flare tip) Purple Heart, Hickory, & Diamondwood

Rolling Thunder Turkey Mouth Calls - Set of 6 Cuts

The 6 call set of diaphragm turkey calls includes each of our 6 mouth call cuts: Money Maker (3 reed Bat Wing) Done Deal (3 reed combo cut) Cougar (2.5...
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