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1. Question: Male whitetail deer shed their antlers each year.
Answer: True
2. Question: Identify the prone shooting position.
Prone Position
3. Question: Which image contains a mule deer?
Mule Deer
4. Question: Can turkey hens have beards?
Answer: Yes
5. Question: A 12-gauge shotgun has a smaller bore diameter than a 28-gauge.
Answer: False
6. Question: Which image contains a Bobwhite quail?
7. Question: What term does not describe a shotgun choke type?
Answer: Light
8. Question: Which image contains a Canvasback duck?
Canvas Duck
9. Question: How many stations are in a typical skeet field?
Answer: 8
10. Question: What does it mean to dry fire a bow?
Answer: Shoot a bow without an arrow properly nocked on the string.
11. Question: Which image contains a Merriams wild turkey?
12. Question: Which duck call has more range?
Answer: Single Reed
13. Question: Which option is not a turkey call?
Answer: Spur
14. Question: Typically, over most of the year, how often do whitetail deer remain bedded?
Answer: 60-70%
15. Question: What does a deer do when it first suspects danger?
Answer: Stomp
16. Question: Which option is not a rifle caliber?
Answer: .165
17. Question: What is compound bow let-off?
Answer: The percentage reduction in holding weight at full draw. 
18. Question: The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) sponsors four tests. Which one is not an officially sponsored test?
Answer: Master Test
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