Are you in the market for the best deer blind out on the market? More specifically, the Best Elevated Deer Blind? Take a look at this!

It's a fact - Elevated Hunting Blinds are going to provide the hunter with a solid vision out in the field with so much more comfort when compared to other options. They also do a great job at minimizing scent detection, so you don't get busted by that once in a lifetime buck. This means that with the best elevated hunting blind, you'll be able to add a whole new dimension to the hunt.

There are many elevated blinds out there for you to choose from, but not all are going to work for your needs. You'll need to look at size, weight, durability, field of vision, and many more characteristics to make the best pick.  To clarify, most blinds need to be taken down during the winter and stored because they are not sturdy or durable enough to handle those tough late season conditions. However, you can also choose a more high-quality permanent elevated blind (like the ones mentioned below) to make sure it holds up and does not need to be removed at all.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best elevated / permanent deer blinds that you can choose for your next hunting adventure, and why they may be a good choice for you.                                                                          

Sportsman’s Condo SC-4 Booner 4-Panel
Texas Hunter 4’x4’ Trophy Deer Blind
Sportsman’s Condo SC-2
Brand Sportsman's Condo Maverick Blinds Texas Hunter Products Sportsman's Condo
Image Sportsman's Condo SC-4 Deer Blind Booner 4-Panel Deer Blind Texas Hunter 4’x4’ Trophy Deer Blind Sportsman's Condo SC-2 Deer Blind
All-Weather Polyethylene
Vacuum-Formed High-Density Polyethylene
Marine Siding - Starboard All-Weather Polyethylene
48”W x 72”L x 76”H
48"W x 48"L x 75"H 48"W x 48"L x 75"H
48”W x 72”L x 76”H
Weight 305 lbs. 75 lbs. N/A 305 lbs.
Price Around $1,550 Around $650 Around $1,600 Around $1,350


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Best Overall Elevated Deer Blind

Sportman's Condo SC-4 Deer Blind

Customers will be impressed at the extra space to move around and hunt inside of the updated SC-4, which has an additional six inches inside compared to the popular SC-3 model.

This allows for more room for others to join in or to bring all of your hunting gear along as well. This is one of the biggest pure gun condos that are on the market right now, and it gives you room to move around and get things done. This newer model also has a larger flip down window that will fold into the inside to keep it out of the way. The company has also made the opening for the window a bit larger to help aid with how much you can see looking around. 

In addition to purchasing the all-weather polyethylene upper, you'll get the base for the four by four posts, the window kit, and the door window kit. However, you'll need to pay a little more to get the camo window kit if you would like. In addition to the extra space in this model, you will also like the new built-in shelf that adds lots of space for all of your equipment when you go hunting.

What we like: 

  • Extra space that makes hunting more comfortable
  • Provides a larger window for larger optics
  • Easy to set up

    What we dislike: 

    • Is heavy to move around
    • Specialized window kits cost more.

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      Sportsman's Condo SC-4 Deer Blind

      Best Priced Deer Blind

      Booner 4-Panel Deer Blind

      This Booner 4-Panel GUNNER blind is a great option to use when it is time to go out hunting, especially during those colder months. The design makes it easy to fit almost anywhere, providing you a good view without all of the blind spots that other options have. It's equipped with four horizontal windows to choose from too - a favorite for many customers. 

      The blind is made out of vacuum-formed high-density polyethylene, which is thick and durable. This provides added protection from the elements and can hold up well outside, no matter what season it is. This saves you a lot of time each year because you will not need to take it down once it is in place.

      The measurements are four feet by four feet and it is 6 foot three inches tall. This is one of the smallest blinds offered by this company, but that does make it easy to fit in any location that you would like. And each of the four windows are long enough to give you a full view of the area around you, making it easier to maximize your shooting opportunities.

      What we like: 

      • The windows are big enough to provide 360-degree viewing
      • Can last all winter long without taking it down
      • A durable plastic built to last

      What we dislike:

      • Is smaller than some of the other options

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      Booner 4-Panel Deer Blind

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      Top Rated Elevated Deer Blind

      Texas Hunter 4x4 Trophy Deer Blind

      The Texas Hunter 4x4 deer blind provides a lot of value for the money, and offers a great line of sight on any wildlife that you would like to hunt. It's nice and comfortable inside, while still helping the hunter to stay hidden from sight. It's even designed in a way to muffle any movements that you make, and provides some of the best scent protection (so it is almost like you're not even there).

      This is one of the best enclosures for hunters to choose from (and to keep you safe from stand accidents) . Additionally, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers may enjoy this option too. It allows any individual to sit comfortably inside all day long, and not disturb the world around them. The eight foot frame is made out of a durable powder-coated steel that securely bears the load of your rifle, binoculars and other items.

      Customers will enjoy the Hide-A-Way windows that are on each side. This will help you view all surroundings, without any wildlife noticing that you are there. You are able to have full control of the window panels to make sure that you get the maximum amount of visibility, while still getting protection from the sun.

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      What we like:

      • Open Views / View Options
      • Scent Protection
      • Big enough to sit comfortably

      What we dislike:

      • Small Entry Area

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      Texas Hunter 4’x4’ Trophy Deer Blind

      Most Popular Elevated Deer Blind 

      Sportsman's Condo SC-2 Deer Blind

      This is one of the most popular options from the Sportsman’s Condo brand. It is smaller and compact compared to the other model on our list, but it will provide a lot of space to ensure that you are able to get hunt in any weather. This is designed to be a two-person unit while offering many of the same features of the original deer shed.

      The Sportsman's Condo SC-2 is a great option for a parent who wants to take their child hunting for the first time. It has a thick all-weather polyethylene outside to keep you safe from the elements. It can be placed off the ground on top of a platform, or be hidden in behind brush on the ground.

      Compared to some of the other options that you can choose, this one is going to cost a little less, which can be a good option for those who are trying to stay on a good budget. The original price is for the posts, window kit and door window kit. For starting out hunting, this is a great deer blind for your family.

      What we like:

      • Can fit two people inside
      • Nice and secure to bring kids along
      • Affordable price

      What we dislike:

      • Less room than some of the other options

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      Sportsman's Condo SC-2 Deer Blind

      Other Great Option Elevated Deer Blind 

      Maverick 6-Shooter Deer Blind

      This deer blind is loaded with all of the features that you need to have the best hunt. To start, this blind is going to offer you lots of space to make sure you can spread out or bring someone with you hunting, while still making sure that you are concealed and protected from all of the elements.

      The best part is that you do not need to set up or takedown the blind each winter. You will be able to leave this deer blind out all year long, giving you more time to hunt whenever the weather is nice enough to do so.

      This deer blind is optimized to work well for both bow or gun hunting because it includes nine vertical windows to give you the best view possible. And since it comes in two pieces, it is simple to assemble and easy to transport. It is durable to use, will keep you protected and concealed, and can make hunting a lot of fun.

      What we like:

      • Lots of space to move around or bring someone with you
      • Nine windows to make viewing easier
      • Two pieces to make setup a breeze

      What we dislike:

      • Can be a bit big if you only want to use it for yourself

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      Maverick 6 Shooter Deer Blind

      Things to Consider When Buying an Elevated Blind

      Now, that we know a few of the best elevated blinds that you are able to work with, you may be curious how you will pick from all the these options. Each individual will have their own preferences when it comes to an elevated blind and what will work the best for them. Some of the things to consider when buying an elevated blind include:

      What Do You Need The Blind To Do?

      You need to consider what you want most out of the hunting blind before you start. Do you want one that adds some comfort or one with multiple shooting lane options? Do you an all year around blind to minimize time, or are your willing to take it down and store it during the off season?

      The way you answer these questions is going to define what you are willing to pay for the most, and can really help you focus on the options you think are best. 

        How Many People Are You Hunting With?

        Your hunting party will decide how big the hunting blind needs to be. If you go on your own, then you can afford a smaller hunting blind compared to if you go with several people. Think about how many people you would take on the hunting trip most of the time and use this number to help you make a decision.

        No one wants to get squished into a hunting blind that is not comfortable. So take some time to think if you're going with your small child, or your old pal that doesn't miss a single meal. While the total number of people is the same in this example, you need to best decide who is most likely to join you and plan accordingly. 

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        What Are The Weather Conditions Like In Your Area?

        When choosing an elevated blind, you do have a few options. Some are permanent and others need to be removed at the end of the hunting season. The permanent options will cost a bit more, but it can be worth the money to minimize the trouble. 

        With a traditional elevated blind, you have to watch the weather. When it starts to get bad, you will need to remove it and store it somewhere for the winter, and then bring it back at the end of the season. This can be a big hassle and frustrating, especially if nice weather shows up again and you can’t put in all the effort.

        With a permanent deer blind, this is not a problem. These are made out of sturdy material that is made to last. You can leave it out all year long and go visit the stand to do some hunting when it works the best for you. It is as simple as that and can be worth the cost!


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