The hunt is over, and it's time to hit the bars (or at least your la-z-boy with a cold one)! The next step is to take off that muddy, sweaty hat and.... put on another one. Come on - you know what we're talking about!

The only problem now is figuring out how to tell people you were out duck hunting, without telling people you were out duck hunting. We think it's time to put on one of the Best Duck Hunting Hats you can find. 

Now, there are a lot of posers out there who try to imitate. We've narrowed the list to show you the top brands with the most unique duck hunting hat designs anyone can find. Enjoy the list below and some of their top picks!

East Coast Waterfowl Rig'Em Right Duck Camp Old South Apparel
Product Name Blue Wing Teal Old School Camo Early Season Wetland Wood Duck
Product East Coast Waterfowl Duck Hunting Hats Rigem Right Duck Hunting Hats Duck Camp Duck Hunting Hats Old South Duck Hunting Hats
Type Snap Back Standard Trucker Snap Back
N/A Mesh Back Cotton Fit
Size Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Price Around $25 Around $20 Around $30 Around $30
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Best Overall Duck Hunting Hats

East Coast Waterfowl

East Coast Waterfowl started nearly 10 years ago by Kent Jones. He wanted to simply publish some duck hunting photos on Instagram, and it later merged into a full blown company. 

The first year, East Coast Waterfowl produced a few simple logos and designs for their hats and shirts. Waterfowl hunters quickly grew attached to the brand, and now they have over 40 different styles of hats

We picked East Coast Waterfowl as the top duck hunting hat brand because these guys are true duck hunters! When they're not creating the coolest, most down-to-earth designs out there, they're in the woods! Take a look at their Instagram page and you'll see guys and girl in the blind or in the marsh doing what they love. Additionally, they even spend time organizing clean up days to assist their local duck hunting grounds. 

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    East Coast Waterfowl Duck Hunting Hats

    Most Rugged Duck Hunting Hats

    Rig'Em Right

    Something must be in the water in North Carolina, because we just picked another top duck hunting company from this area. Rig'Em Right is located in Newport, NC, and is creating the hottest products in the waterfowl industry. 

    Rig'Em Right not only creates a well-liked and durable performance line of waterfowl gear, but also offers hunters something once the hunt is over. Take a look at their line of hats and you'll see what we're talking about. 

    From canvas to corduroy, and styles like dad-hats and trucker caps, Rig'Em Right has made something you'll like! One of their most popular styles of hats is the "Old School" flat bill with a sweet vintage duck camo outer. Take a look at the image below and click the link if you want to see what else this top brand has to offer.   

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    Rigem Right Duck Hunting Hats

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    Most Stylish Duck Hunting Hats

    Duck Camp

    Duck Camp is well-known for creating premium outdoor apparel for both fishermen and hunters. Their designs are incredibly unique and offer duck hunters the perfect solution to a hat that will stand out amongst the crowd!

    One of the their most popular hats is the Early Season Wetland Trucker Hat, and it's something you can easily wear in and out of the blind. This cap is wrapped in their splotchy camo design, which is perfect for coastal marshes or flooded field. Finally, the structure is a simple mesh back trucker cap with a snap back closure. 

    Additionally, if you're looking for something a little different we recommend you take a look at their embroidered options... or even their waxed cotton designs. They pair great waterfowl designs with unique hats for a perfect look.

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    Duck Camp Duck Hunting Hats

    Cleanest Looking Duck Hunting Hats 

    Old South Apparel

    If you're looking for a style of hats that's a little more simple and clean, we've got the brand for you. Old South Apparel is very straight forward with their hat options - a subtle take on southern heritage

    Our top pick from Old South has to be their Wood Duck trucker cap pictured below. The mesh back keeps your head cool, while the pro-stitched front lets people know it's high quality. As far as design, the Wood Duck embroidery pops with the simple grey background. 

    Many of their other top designs include similar concepts. From the most popular ducks with detailed coloring and outlines to unique duck calls, they have many options available. Old South even offers leather patch branded hats in case you're looking for something a little more subtle. 

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    Old South Duck Hunting Hats

    Most Popular Duck Hunting Hat Questions

    What's The Best Performance Duck Hunting Hat?

    When it comes to performance duck hunting apparel, it's hard to beat Sitka Gear. For this reason, we had to choose a Sitka waterfowl hunting hat when it comes to the best performance duck hunting hat on the market. 

    The Sitka Trucker Hat is one of the most popular style hats on the market, and it's easy to recognize once you see that Sitka trademark camo pattern. The trucker style hat is constructed of a front synthetic material with a mesh back for added durability. It also comes in all 5 Optifade patterns and blaze orange option. As you'd expect, customers rave about its comfort and durability! 

      What's The Best Cold Weather Duck Hunting Hat?

      Honestly, it's hard to get away from Sitka when it comes to waterfowl gear, especially when you're talking about cold weather. If you're hunting in extreme cold weather conditions, but still need to maintain a clear line of sight we recommend the Boreal Beanie.

      The Boreal Beanie is Sitka's warmest waterfowl hat, and is at the top of the list with little competition. The 100% windproof Gore-Tex Infinium and Windstopper shell securely cover your entire head! However, Sitka was smart enough to remove this material near the ear to improve hearing. It's also equipped with a soft Berber liner and Primaloft Silver Insulation. Overall, it's a must-have for any cold weather duck hunt!

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      What Are The Most Popular Duck Hunting Hat Brands?

      The most popular duck hunting hat brands are listed below. We decided to split this up between performance and leisure clothing. Take a look! If we missed one, add it to the comments section below. 

      Performance  Leisure
      Sitka East Coast Waterfowl
      Drake Duck Camp
      Banded Old South Apparel
      Rig'Em Right Marsh Wear

      East Coast Waterfowl Hats Video

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