Are you tired of trekking through the woods while carrying all of your gear? Are you looking for an easier way to get to your hunting destination - reaching areas others can't? Sounds like you need an electric hunting bike. But not just any e-bike, the best electric hunting bike!

Choosing an electric hunting bikes isn't an easy choice, and it's not something you really want to make a mistake on. The cost of these high-priced hunting accessories warrants some research, but there's so much information out there to sort through.

We've research some of the top brands and models, as well as the most popular questions when searching for an e-bike. Take a look at the information summarized below, and take your time on your purchase. Good luck this upcoming hunting season!

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Bakcou Mule Elite E-Bike Rambo Nomad E-Bike Rambo Megatron X2WD E-Bike Rungu Dualie Rubicon E-Bike
Brand Bakcou Rambo Rambo Rungu
Image Bakcou Mule E-Bike Rambo Nomad E-Bike Rambo Megatron E-Bike Rangu Dualie Rubicon E-Bike
Top Speed
35 mph
20 mph
28 mph 20 mph
Range 82 Miles 25 Miles 80 Miles 40 Miles
Frame Size 18" 19" 19.7" 14.5"
Price Around $5,500 Around $4,500 Around $7,300 Around $8,500


Electric Hunting Bikes

Most Popular Hunting E-Bike

Bakcou Mule Electric Hunting Bike

Bakcou was built by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts to help hunters go further and hunt harder with less effort. They've engineered some of the top designs on the market with outstanding features. Furthermore, each of their models are rigorously tested for optimal performance before they reach your doorstep.

One of their most popular e-bike models is the Mule series that features a smart torque sensing mid-drive motor, powered by Bafang. This particular motor actually falls under all 3 Classifications and can toggle between 750 watts, and 1,000 continuous watts.

As far as additional features, the frame is built with high grade aluminum alloy frame in a step-through design. And you're going to need a well built frame to house all of these great components - including powerful Tektro HD E750 Quad Piston Hydraulic brakes and a BCEB GT MRK 100mm AIR Fork suspension. These provide optimum safety and comfort while maneuvering the trails. 

If that's not convincing enough, it's been the #1 selling fat-tire eBike on the market for 2 years!

What We Like

  • Motor
  • Range
  • Frame Size
  • Fully Accessorized
  • Walk Assist Mode

What We Dislike

  • Speed
  • Weight
Our Pick
Bakcou Mule E-Bike
Bakcou Mule E-Bike
The Most Popular E-Bike
A great solution for anyone wanting to go farther and further to find game.

Best Mid Drive Hunting E-Bike

Rambo Nomad Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo is rated as the #1 electric hunting bike brand out there, and they are producing some top models to back up that claim. While they offer many different options, their top model is really grabbing the attention of many hard-core hunters!

The Rambo Nomad's greatest feature is the integrated battery frame that allows the battery sit lower on the frame. By keeping the weight low, it gives the bike a fast, more responsive ride.

To going specifics the Nomad houses a Bafang BBSHD powerful mid-drive motor that creates an explosive force when taking off. For those hunters that routinely chase game across tough terrine such as mountains this motor is more than suitable!

Other top features include Maxxis Minion 4” wide tires, Tektro’s hydraulic disc brakes, and a 5 pedal-assist level option.

What We Like

  • Price
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Powerful Motor
  • Weight Capacity

What We Dislike

  • Range
Our Pick
Rambo Nomad E-Bike
Rambo Nomad E-Bike
The Best Mid Drive E-Bike
For those looking for a top mid drive e-bike, look no further than the Rambo Nomad.

Best All Wheel Drive Hunting E-Bike

Rambo Megatron X2WD Electric Hunting Bike

We're back with another great model from Rambo, and this one is not for the faint of heart! If you're looking for a smaller electric bike, you might want to stop reading now. This one is for those looking for size and power!

The Rambo Megatron's 19.7" frame holds a two 1000w hub motors with an demand all wheel drive (Double the battery of the Crusader). This gives hunters the option to change from front, to rear, to all-wheel drive without stopping. Its construction is very similar to the Nomad, while giving the rider up to 80 miles of range. 

Other great features include a new LCD full color display which is used to easily change drive options. And as far as simplicity, the Rambo Megatron is a single speed which is ideal for hunters. 

This e-bike is a beast, so be prepared!

What we like: Dual Batteries, Size, Motor Options, Full Color Display

What we dislike: Price

Rambo Megatron E-Bike

Most Powerful Hunting E-Bike

Rungu Dualie Rubicon Electric Hunting Bike

If you spotted the picture below already, you might be wondering, "What the heck is that thing?" Yes, it is quite a unique design, but the team at Rungu has prepared quite an option for those looking for something different in an e-bike frame. 

The Rungu Dualie Rubicon's top features is the front two tire design, with dual suspension for each tire. While it might look a little uneasy at first, this particular design actually increases stability and ease of use (similar to an ATV). 

This particular model was originally built to easily navigate terrain such as sand, but with the "Double Up" battery design it's been known to traverse hills of 50 degrees with ease.

Other highly reviewed features include a “Crunch Free” modified step-through frame, and the “Stand Alone” Storage, meaning it stands up without the use of a kickstand. 

What we like: Suspension Design, Off Road Abilities, Durability, Load Capacity

What we dislike: Price, Speed

Rangu Dualie Rubicon E-Bike

Questions To Ask When Buying An Electric Hunting Bike

Are E-Bikes Good For Hunting?

E-bikes are a great option for hunters trying to increase their hunting range, and pursue game that might exist beyond the reach of many others. 

Electronic bike technology has really advanced over the years as well, giving hunters the option to go further, faster, and to carry more gear. While their prices are very high, they provide another option for those looking for something that's a little more mobile than a traditional ATV or UTV. 

Are Rambo Bikes Good?

Rambo bikes are some of the most reliable e-bikes on the market for hunting. They offer hunters a large amount of options to best fit your needs. Their top feature includes a frame integrated battery that sits lower than the competition to create a faster, more responsive ride.

Electric Hunting Bike

Can I Use An Electric Bike On Public Land?

If you research electric bike laws and regulations, the most common answer you'll find is something like this: "Contact your local office."

Unfortunately, there isn't a one size fits all rule for Public Land, National Forest Systems, BLM, etc. The good news is that there's over 60,000 miles of trails and roads on national forests and grasslands available for e-bike use. The most simple way to understand what's allowed and not allowed is to remember e-bikes are motorized vehicles and these general rules should be applied. 

Here are some helpful links below:

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

US Forest Service

E-Bike Hunting Laws by State

Which Electric Motor Is Best For Hunting?

While looking for electric motors for hunting you're going to come across a few options: Mid-Drive, Rear-Hub, and All-Drive motors.

To get to the point, if you hunting in tough terrain with a lot of hills and carry a lot gear you should select the mid-drive option. On the other side, if you're pursuing game on relatively flat land and looking for speed and efficiency, take a look at rear-hub. 

For more detailed information, check out this blog summarizing all the pros and cons of electric motors

How Is Electric Bike Range Calculated?

The two most important pieces of information needed to calculate range is Voltage (V) and Amp Hours (AH). Most e-bike companies give you a somewhat reliable estimate when it comes to range; however, there are other things to consider. 

Non-electrical factors that affect range include speed, terrain, bicycle weight, pedal assist, acceleration, rider/cargo weight, cargo, wind, cadence, barking, and battery size. 

Here's a great calculator from E-Bike Escapes!

Best Electric Hunting Bikes Review Video 


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