Since 2013, QuietKat has produced some of the top e-bikes for men, women, and most importantly - HUNTERS! Today, we're taking a look at the Best QuietKat E-Bikes. Now, there's quite a few comparisons out there, but we felt like nobody was doing it right. 

This blog doesn't necessarily compare QuietKat vs. the rest. We're focusing solely on QuietKat's top models, and how they stack up against each other. Obviously, you've made your mind up about QuietKat. We're just here to help you take that last step!

With a hunting e-bike being such a large investment, it's important to throughly review and read before you buy. We're going to help you find the #1 QuietKat electric hunting bike. Enjoy and good luck!

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QuietKat RidgeRunner QuietKat Warrior QuietKat Jeep QuietKat Ranger
Brand QuietKat QuietKat QuietKat QuietKat
Image QuietKat RidgeRunner Hunting E-Bike QuietKat Warrior Hunting E-Bike QuietKat Jeep Hunting E-Bike QuietKat Ranger Hunting E-Bike
30 mph
25 mph
28 mph 20 mph
Range 64 Miles 48 Miles 58 Miles 48 Miles
Weight 79 lbs. 70 lbs. 70 lbs. 65 lbs.
Price Around $7,200 Around $4,700 Around $7,300 Around $3,500


Best QuietKat Electric Hunting Bikes

Best Overall QuietKat Hunting E-Bike

QuietKat RidgeRunner Electric Hunting Bike

The QuietKat RidgeRunner e-bike is by far the best engineered hunting e-bike from the brand. It's a well-constructed combination of power and speed, and will help get you and your gear deep into the woods. 

The first thing to notice about the RidgeRunner electric bike is the 1000w ultra-drive motor. This powerful foundation can push the 17"/19" frame easily across some of the toughest terrain, while providing great traction due to the 4.8" massive fat tires.

As far as comfort, the full suspension frame has a lot to offer. The fire link 4-bar suspension linkage sits between 150mm of front suspension travel and 150mm of rear suspension travel. Overall, it's an easy ride - even with a 300lb load capacity. 

Another great characteristic - The QuietKat RidgeRunner is the fastest QuietKat e-bike model on the market

What we like: Speed, Load Capacity, Comfort, Suspension Linkage, Range

What we dislike: Price, Weight

QuietKat RidgeRunner Hunting E-Bike

Most Durable QuietKat Hunting E-Bike

QuietKat Warrior Electric Hunting Bike

Many hunters have raved about the durability and toughness of the QuietKat Warrior. It's not hard to believe since this particular model has a whopping 325 lbs. of load capacity

The QuietKat Warrior e-bike is unique as it features a flexible e-bike classification. The mid-drive motor is available as a 1000W unclassified electric bike for large amounts of power, or programmed at 750W for Class 1 and Class 2 compliance.To gather more information on the difference in these classes, check out this FAQ section provided by the BLM.

Another great feature is the integrated rack, something new for 2021 and beyond. This addition pairs well with QuietKat cargo accessories, and will come in handy when dragging gear out into the woods!

What we like: Pedal Assist Levels, Adjustable Air Suspension, Price, Integrated Rack, Load Capacity 

What we dislike: Speed, Range

QuietKat Warrior Hunting E-Bike

Best QuietKat Electric Bike

Best Features QuietKat Hunting E-Bike

QuietKat Jeep Electric Hunting Bike

Looking for the QuietKat with the most features? Stop searching now! The folks at QuietKat have really outdone themselves with their latest model - the QuietKat Jeep E-Bike.

This particle model was designed to be the most capable eBike in existence, and it definitely hits the marker. The full-suspension frame is powered by a torque sensor motor system (in 750W or 1000W), and features a 9-speed drivetrain for max torque. This combination allows hunters to go pretty much anywhere, anytime with added safety and comfort. 

The QuietKat Jeep's top advanced components include:

    • SRAM 9 Speed Drivetrain 
    • TEKTRO 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes 
    • Up to 58 miles of range per charge 
    • Extend your range with additional batteries & solar power
    • Flexible Modes: Eco, Sport, Throttle, Walk

All these great features allow the bike to master any technical off-road terrain, and that includes everything from snow to sand and even worn-down trails and large rocks. Overall, there's too much to mention, so click the link below to learn more.  

What we like: Motor System, Range, Off-Road Ability, Adjustable Modes

What we dislike: Price

QuietKat Jeep Hunting E-Bike

Most Affordable QuietKat Hunting E-Bike

QuietKat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

If you're looking for something a little less pricey from QuietKat, check out the Ranger e-bike! It's a great option for someone that's relatively new to the e-bike world, especially if they're trying to gauge how effective it's going to be on hunting trips. Furthermore, it's a great choice for smaller hunters since it offers a small frame option design

As far as power, the Range's powerful hub-drive motor is available in two options - 750 watt and 1000 watt. This motor sends direct power to the rear wheel, independent of the chain. Additionally, you can disconnect the throttle for Class 1 compliance

The performance level components include a coil sprung fork, two-piston mechanical disc bakes from Tectro, SRAM's 7-speed drivetrain, and mountain bike fat tires for added stability and traction. Overall, this amount of features is well worth the price!

What we like: Price, Durability, Walk Assist Mode, Load Capacity, Cargo Rack

What we dislike: Mechanical Brakes, Range

QuietKat Ranger Hunting E-Bike

FAQs When Buying A QuietKat E-Bike

How Much Does A QuietKat Cost?

QuietKat costs range quite a bit with the different models, motors, and sizes available. For a quick overview, take a look at the chart below.

Also, to view all the different QuietKat E-Bike Hunting Models click here!

 Model Lowest Cost Highest Cost
Villager $3,200 $3,200
Ranger $2,700 $3,800
Warrior $4,700 $5,200
Apex $5,500 $5,800
Ridgerunner $7,200 $7,200
Jeep $7,300 $7,500


Where Are QuietKat Bikes Made?

QuietKat bikes are made in Eagle, Colorado. They were established in 2013 by Jake Roach, and purchased by Vista Outdoors in mid-2021.

Best QuietKat Electric Hunting Bike

Who Makes QuietKat?

Even though QuietKat was recently purchased by Vista Outdoors, QuietKat continues to design, manufacture, and market the electric bikes as usual. 

How Fast Does A QuietKat Electric Bike Go?

QuietKat electric bikes offer a wide range of different models and motor sizes, and with that comes speeds from 20-30 mph. To view the list of speeds for each model, check out the chart below:

 Model Speed
Villager 20 mph
Ranger 20 mph
Warrior 25 mph
Apex 20 mph
Ridgerunner 30 mph
Jeep 28 mph


Are QuietKat E-Bikes Allowed On Public Land?

The Bureau of Land Management has given the e-bike world more attention, and realizes that it helps hunters successfully take advantage of public lands. To help hunters and to protect the land, BLM has published more information on what can and cannot be done. While rules and regulations do vary, it's best to contact your local office to gather more accurate information. 

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