Sitting in a blind all day can be quite frustrating if you're not sitting on the best hunting blind chair available! All hunters remember the days of sitting on a simple 5-gallon swivel buck seat, but if you're looking to make an upgrade we've got some great options. 

The reviewed chairs below can be used in either elevated hunting blinds or portable pop up blinds, but one thing is key - they are all built for long sits while waiting for that dream buck to walk by. 

When purchasing a good chair it's important to look at a variety of things such as seat height, weight, durability, comfort, etc. We're going to run through all of these factors and call out the best choice for each style of hunting. Additionally, we've created a handy comparison chart below for you to quickly scan what's important. 

Question: (True/False) Native Americans created hunting blinds by digging pits in the ground and covering them with limbs. Answer at the bottom.

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Alps Outdoorz Stealth Hunting Chair Primos Double Bull Swivel Chair Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair Millennium G100 Shooting Chair
Brand Alps Outdoorz Primos Guide Gear Millennium
Image Alps Outdoorz Hunting Blind Chair Primos Double Bull Swivel Chair Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Blind Chair Millennium G100 Shooting Chair
Type Swivel / Foldable Swivel / Foldable Swivel / Folding Swivel
Seat Height 17.5"-23" 18"-21" 16" 16"-19"
Weight 16.8 lbs. 16.5 lbs. 11.2 lbs. 8.5 lbs.
Price Around $240 Around $130 Around $80 Around $250
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Best Overall Hunting Blind Chair

Alps Outdoorz Hunting Blind Chair (Deluxe)

Alps Outdoorz creates some of the top hunting gear on the market; from packs to vests and even blinds and blind chairs. Their Deluxe Hunting Blind Chair is designed with the same high quality in mind, and has won over hunters for many, many years!

The Alps Outdoors Deluxe Blind Chair is the all-in-one solution if you're looking for a comfortable, sturdy seat for your blind. It's constructed of a powder-coated steel frame and durable TechMesh material that will last for years.

As far as comfort, Alps equipped this chair with individual adjustable legs to keep you level on any surface and a well-designed backrest for maximum support. It also has added armrests; however, these aren't padded which isn't our favorite. 

The durable swivel seat, alongside the steel frame, adds a bit of weight to the seat - coming in at just under 17 lbs. As a result, this particular blind chair might be best for those with a more permanent location, as carrying this around could get somewhat tiresome. 

What We Like

  • Durable Swivel Seat
  • Adjustable Individual Legs
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Adjustable Seat Height

What We Dislike

  • No Padded Armrest
  • Price
Our Pick
Best Hunting Blind Chairs
Alps Outdoorz Hunting Blind Chair
The Best Hunting Blind Chair
The Alps Outdoorz chair is the best hunting blind chair because it super sturdy and very comfortable.

Best Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Primos Double Bull Swivel Chair

Obviously, Primos doesn't need an introduction when it comes to the types of products they produce. However, it's important to note that since their purchase of Double Bull Blinds, they've taken everything to a whole new level. 

The Primos Double Bull Swivel Chair is our pick for the best swivel hunting blind chair. While its construction is very similar to the Alps Outdoorz Deluxe chair mentioned above, if you take a closer look at the swivel design you'll notice that durability and comfort were at the top of the priority list. 

Additional features similar to the model above include individual adjustable legs, adjustable seat height, and large feet just to name a few. This portable hunting chair can be easily broken down and thrown over your back in case you ever need to switch positions. 

It's important to note that the Double Bull Swivel Chair is a bit heavy (16.5 lbs) when compared to other models, so we would not recommend this to any hunter that needs to travel far in the woods. 

What We Like

  • Price
  • Swivel Design
  • Oversized Feet
  • Adjustable Seat Height

What We Dislike

  • Weight
Our Pick
Best Hunting Blind Chair - Primos Double Bull Chair
Primos Double Bull Swivel Chair
The Best Swivel Chair
This swivel chair is perfect for the hunter that needs the full 360 degrees range of motion.

Most Comfortable Hunting Blind Chair

Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair

The Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair was built for maximum comfort and their design speaks to this out right off the bat. If you're looking for a comfortable, swivel hunting blind chair, look no further!

The Guide Gear blind chair boasts a bigger, wider, 2.25" thick padded cushion and backrest. Reviews state that this model is extremely comfortable and supportive, allowing anyone (big or small) to sit for hours. Lastly, Guide Gear added a more supportive back rest - something many models on this list don't have.

Two of the other top features include price and weight. Coming in at just under $80 makes it a steal in today's market. Shoot - You could buy one for both you and your favorite hunting partner! Lastly, the chair's weight makes it a perfect hybrid for the hunter that likes to hunt from both permanent and pop up style blinds. 

What We Like

  • Thick-Padded Seat Cushion
  • Price
  • Swivel Action Design
  • Weight

What We Dislike

  • Brand Durability
  • Static Seat Height

 For latest prices, and more information about the Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Chair we have that too!

Guide Gear Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

Best Shooting Hunting Blind Chair

Millennium G100 Shooting Chair

Most people assume that if you're hunting out of a blind, you're going to have a stable rest to put your gun on. Big mistake! What happens if nothing is available? What do you do?

If you're in search of a top shoot chair, do some research on the Millennium G100 Shooting Chair. This innovative design features pre-drilled holes to attach the G101 optional shooting stick or a M600 bow-holder. Having this style of shooting stick feature attached to your chair provides added sturdiness when taking that final shot. 

While the aforementioned are important to note, you can't forget about the comfort of this particular chair too. Millennium built the G100 with a long lasting, super comfortable ComfortMAX seat fabric

Lastly, all features are built on a sturdy aluminum frame that weights just under 9 lbs., making it the lightest chair option from our list. Enjoy this chair all day long with superior comfort, no matter how far you have to travel. 

What We Like

  • Shooting Attachments
  • Seat Design
  • Swivel Action
  • Seat Comfort

What We Dislike

    • Price

For latest prices, and more information about the Millenium G100 Shooting Chairere we have that as well!

Millennium G100 Shooting Chair

Things To Consider When Buying A Hunting Blind Chair

Different Types Of Hunting Chairs

When it comes to hunting blind chairs, manufactures have quite a few options available. Take a look at the variety of model types below, and see how they align with your style of hunting:


Swivel style chairs give hunters the advantage of a 360 degree view with minimal effort. Furthermore, they minimize the possibility of disturbing game while making such adjustments.

While the chair makes it much easier to position yourself for an easier shot, make sure you only go with top manufacturers. With so many moving parts available, these chairs are more likely to have durability concerns - so you might have to pay a heavy price for a reliable option. 


Folding chairs are the top option for hunters that enjoy a run-and-gun style of hunting. If you routinely carry a pop up blind, especially on public land, you might want to go with a folding chair as they are very light weight and easy to carry.

However, since folding hunting chair offer a relatively minimal design, you're going to lose a bit of comfort. Unlike swivel or stool styles, folding chair seats can be somewhat thin - making all day sits somewhat uncomfortable. If folding style chairs appeal to you, take a look at purchasing an additional cushion to improve your seat. 


Tripod hunting chairs can encompass both swivel and folding chair uppers into their design. The main designation here is the base - a three-leg design that provides added durability and adjustment when compared to other models.

This particular style of chair is great for individuals that hunt on uneven ground, or for larger hunters that might need some additional support. Unfortunately, these options are going to be a little heavier due to its construction, something a nomad style hunter might not enjoy as much. 

Hunting Stool:

Stools hunting chairs come down to one thing - simplicity. If you're look for a no frills option that doesn't hurt the wallet, then you might want to bring a stool in the woods for your next hunting trip.

However, these chair usually mean no backrest and uncomfortable seat options. As mentioned earlier in the blog, a simple 5-gallon stool bucket seat is the first option for many hunters, but there's so much more technology out there if you want to upgrade. 


Sitting in a uncomfortable blind chair makes a long day of hunting even longer. It's a tough balance between comfort and weight so it's up to each hunter to determine which one is most important. Of course, hunters can add an accessory cushion in case you needed more support, but if you're paying this much for a piece of hunter gear you want everything ready to go in one package!

If you want a comfort checklist, see if your chair has the following:

- Lumbar Support

- Padded Armrests

- High-Density Foam Seat

- Flared Backrest

Weight / Weight Capacity

The great thing about having so many chair manufacturers is the fact that they produce very specific models for unique styles of hunting and hunters. If you you're hunting out of a permanent blind, purchasing a heavier chair isn't going to as much of a concern, especially if it's very comfortable.

On the other side of things, those that move around quite a bit require a lighter chair that can be moved frequently and with ease. Choosing a lightweight model will not offer the same accessories and comfort, but it will help you save your energy for those final key moments of the hunt. 

As far as weight capacity, most standard hunting chairs will support somewhere between 200 lbs. and 300 lbs. If you're a bigger guy or girl, be sure to research "Deluxe" or "Big Guys" chairs that extend the weight capacity to 350 lbs. or so. 

Pro Tip: Use bow string wax to prevent your hunting chair from "creaking".

Durability / Stability

Why purchase any piece of hunting gear if it's not going to last years? Hunting chairs offer a large range of prices, and with that a large range of durability levels.

Depending on the style of hunting, your chair might experience more wear and tear than others. For instance, if you keep your chair in a insulated, weatherproof hunting blind, there's a smaller chance it might breakdown. Take a look at the chair's construction to see if it's an aluminum or steel frame, and whether or not it's powder coated. 

As mentioned above, a tripod style chair is going to offer the most stability no matter the ground level or size of hunter. Be cautious about the stability available for stool style models if you decide to go down path. 

Hunting Blind Chair FAQs

1. What Style Chair Is Best For My Type Of Hunting?

The type of hunting you do will definitely impact the blind you use and the chair you pick to sit on all day. We've summarized some of the top blind types in combination with the style of hunting to easily summarize what chair is best. Make sure to comment below in case we missed anything:

- Permanent Elevated Deer Hunting Blind

A permanent style hunting blind allows you to purchase a large, comfortable chair with all the bells and whistles. Since the chair is static, weight isn't a concern within this particular area of hunting. Additionally, having a swivel style chair helps you take advantage of all shooting windows without have to drag your chair across the floor. 

- Pop Up Deer Hunting Blind

A pop up style blind gives hunters the option be agile when out hunting - they can get up and go whenever they want. For those hunters that routinely rely on pop up blind you have a couple of options. A heavier, more comfortable style of chair might be fit someone that isn't traveling far, but if you're traveling many miles or so a folding chair could be best. 

- Turkey Ground Blind

Turkey hunters know that going after that long beard might require you to quickly get to a spot, and get settled. For this reason, a lighter style chair that keeps you low to the ground is best for this particular area of hunting. While the chairs above might be relatively light, they aren't suited for being right on the ground.

For a more specific answer, check out this article summarizing the Best Turkey Hunting Chairs.

2. Does Redneck Blinds Make Chairs?

Yes, Redneck Blinds does make chairs specifically for hunting that are engineered to match perfectly with their blinds. They make a total of three hunting chairs - one swivel and two portable. Check out the models below:

- Platinum 360 Chair

- Portable Hunting Chair (Camo)

- Portable Hunting Chair (Black)

3. Do Hunters Enjoy The HuntRite Big Boy Oversize Blind Chair?

According to the reviews on the Sportsman's Guide website, customers reviewed the HuntRite Big Boy Chair positively, earning 4.7 out of 5 total starts. 

Both the quality and value of the product received great reviews with most hunters leaving positive comments about the seat's cushion and durability. Additionally, many hunters stated that the chair was easy to set up and remained relatively quiet while out in the woods. 

Pro Tip: Place your ground blind well before the season starts to let deer get used to the new surroundings.

4. Does Somebody Make A Hunting Blind Chair With A Gun Rest?

Yes, you're in luck! As stated above in our Best Shooting Blind Chair, the Millennium G100 is the top hunting chair on the market with an attached gun rest. Read the summary above for more information. 

5. What's The Best Hunting Blind Chair For A Child?

The best hunting chair for a kid is hands down the Black Sierra Billy Buckster Kids Chair.

This chair offers a quick and easy folding design that supports any child up to 150 lbs. It's also comes equipped a cupholder for storing drinks and stores in a convenient carrying case.  

    Answer: True!