If you're looking for a new hunting boot, it's best to start with the top brands on the market. While each brand offers a variety of different models, some brands offer features and technology that aren't available from other manufacturers out there. 

We're going to take a look at the best hunting boot brands for today's hunter. Each brand has its own origin story, and from that they've developed their own strengths. It's important to note what makes each company unique so you're confident in the boot you have.

This list below showcases the Top 6 Hunting Boot Brands. If you see anything you like, be sure to take a deeper look at the top product choices available below!

1. Danner

Danner has been producing high-quality boots for over a century in the Pacific Northwest. By combining some of the best materials out there with innovative designs, they've earned the respect of thousands of hunters. 

In case you haven't heard, Danner boots are Berry Compliant. This means that each boot meets or exceeds the stringent guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission. Furthermore, many Danner boot are manufactured in the USA.

Danner has an immense amount of experience developing boots for a variety or purposes - whether that be work, tactical, hiking, and of course hunting (and upland hunting). Because of this, they are quick to integrate the newest technology available. If you're a hunter looking for a boot brand that will bring you innovation, don't forget to check out Danner!

What Makes Danner Hunting Boots Unique?

Danners offers a few unique technological features that aren't available from other brands on the market. Combine this with Danner's 100% waterproof liner and abrasion-resistant upper, and you've got a boot that's unlike any other. Take a look at some of the top unique features below:

Open Cell Polyurethane Footbed - The proprietary footbed offers great shock absorption and improved air circulation with their open cell construction. 

Danner® Plyolite® Midsole - Similar to the footbed, the midsole adds an additional layer of comfort and shock absorption.

Danner Vital Outsole - A grip heavy lug design helps you securely move across moss, rock and slick surfaces with ease. 

When it comes to warranty, Danner offers a 365-day warranty across their entire hunting boot line.  

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Top Item
Danner Vital Hunting Boot
Danner Vital Hunting Boot
The Most Popular Danner Boot
This boot is best for the mobile hunter that needs added insulation.

2. Irish Setter

Irish Setter has been around since the 1950's, originally developing boots specifically for hunting. In case you didn't know, their original Oro-Russell leather mirrored the color of their founding mascot - an Irish Setter. 

Since then, Irish setter has introduced new concepts such as the kangaroo hide and Vibram sole that revolutionized the design of the standard hunting boot. However,  the company did stop there. In 2000, the company expanded outside of their standard flat country design to develop boots for the big game hunter out west. 

Irish Setter is one of the few companies on this list that combines a long history of tradition with a longing to create new hunting boots for today's hunter. For this reason, outdoorsmen routinely check with Irish Setter before purchasing their next hunting boot. 

What Makes Irish Setter Hunting Boots Unique?

As mentioned above, Irish Setter continues to innovative and advance new technology. To summarize it all would take paragraph after paragraph. A full list of their technology can be located on Irish Setter's website. In the meantime, we've summarized some of the most important features below:

High Rebound Energy Return - Rebound material along the bottom of the boot provides a recharging burst of energy with every step.

Ultra Dry - A waterproof, moisture management lining that creates dry comfort and performance. 

TempSens -  Technology that reacts to your body's temperatures. When you're cold, it retains body heat and when you're hot it cools you down by vaporizing moisture.

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Top Item
Irish Setter Elk Tracker Hunting Boot
The Most Popular Irish Setter Boot
The best big game boot that can withstand tough conditions.

3. Kenetrek

Kenetrek started in 2002 after Jim Winjum, the company's president, experienced an intense sheep hunt. He noted that while his body was hurting, it was ultimately his boots that broke down. 

From this point on, Kenetrek has dedicated their time to creating big game hunting boots that appeal to the customer. You might ask, "How do they do that?" Well... they listen, that's how!

Kenetrek continues to listen to their customers, and by doing so they've incorporated key characteristics that help hunters battle the tough terrain that exists between them and their ultimate prize. Kenetrek states that their cutomers experience "support, comfort, and most of all confidence" when wearing their hunting boots!

What Makes Kenetrek Hunting Boots Unique?

Kenetrek provides big game hunters with a lethal combination of two of their top boot features: Windtex membrane and K-Talon outsole.

The Windtex membrane creates a waterproof, breathable surrounding to the boot that with stand up to the toughest conditions. In addition to this, the K-Talon outsole provides excellent traction across any terrain. 

As far as unique components, Kenetrek developed a series of boots called their EverStep orthopedic line. These boots were made in partnership with a team of physicians. Not only do they provide additional support, but this technology is routinely perscribed for injury rehab patients.

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Top Item
Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Boot
Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Boot
The Most Popular Kenetrek Boot
This boot combines breathability with extreme traction.

4. Rocky

Rocky began its operations in southeast Ohio during the Great Depression. Even though the company had a tough start, they began to see large success in the 1980s with their hunting boot lineup.

Today, Rocky outfits hunters across the country with boots made right here in the USA. They've prided themselves on developing hunting boots that are specifically equipped to handle a variety of outdoor activities. 

Rocky might be the most highly reviewed boot brand on this list due to their long-standing presence within the hunting industry. Hunters commonly reference the boot's ability to last years with minimal wear and tear; and they routinely brag about the comfort that continues to exist after numerous hunting trips.

What Makes Rocky Hunting Boots Unique?

Rocky's boots have a very traditional feel to them even though they offer some of the industry's most well-known technological features. You'll find boots that offer technology such as GORE-TEX, 3M Thinsulate, and Vibram outsoles just to mention a few. 

One of their most unique features is the VP Waterproof. This particular feature is a new one year guaranteed of Rocky's Vapor Pass waterproof technology – promising your boots stay dry no matter what. 

Outside of this, as mentioned before, Rocky isn't going to be the most innovative boot manufacturer on this list. However, they do produce sturdy, durable hunting boots that thousands of hunters use each and every year. 

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Top Item
Rocky Retraction Hunting Boot
Rocky Retraction Hunting Boot
The Best Rocky Boot
This boot is great for keeping your feet warm and dry while remaining relatively lightweight.

5. LaCrosse

If you're looking for the top dog in the best rubber hunting boots category, look no further than LaCrosse. They've been producing boots for over a century, perfecting how a rubber boot should perform for hunters.

But in all honesty, they shouldn't be pegged as just a rubber hunting boots company. Although they've revolutionized this particular boot style, their lineup of cold weather hunting boots is something that shouldn't be ignored. (And don't forget what they have within the duck hunting waders category too!)

LaCrosse has taken a great deal of time to understand how outdoorsmen use their boots to better see which characteristics they should keep and which ones they should improve upon. In case you haven't done your research on LaCrosse, we recommend you view their entire offering as you might find something you like!

What Makes LaCrosse Hunting Boots Unique?

When it comes to LaCrosse their most unique technology has to be the Alpha Construction present within many of their rubber boots. Since 2003, when it was first introduced, the particular feature has won over many hunters due to its outstanding comfort. 

To summarize it quickly, the Alpha construction is a design built with hand-laid premium, natural rubber over insulating neoprene. This combination offers increased durability, flexibility and complete waterproof protection.

Many of the boots within their Alpha lineup also offer ActiveFit and Burly Pro Outsole. ActiveFit keeps your boots secured at its most important contact point, while the Burly Pro outsole gives you the traction to move across almost anything. 

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Top Item
Lacrosse Grange Hunting Boot
LaCrosse Grange Rubber Boot
The Most Popular LaCrosse Hunting Boot
This is the do-it-all rubber boot for many hunters.

6. Muck

Muck was created to provide you with 100% waterproof boots that protect you from the worst thing of all - MUCK! Since then, they've developed a wide variety of styles that cater to anyone and everyone looking for a sturdy boot. 

While LaCross is well-known for their rubber hunting boot, Muck isn't far behind as they offer a unique take on the design. Most of their rubber hunting boots feature a neoprene upper for added comfort and warmth. 

If you're in the market for a hybrid rubber hunting boot that may outlast you, we'd recommend taking a look at Muck. Hunters and outdoorsmen routinely find themselves wearing their Muck boots out of the woods more than they do in the woods. 

What Makes Muck Hunting Boots Unique?

Muck offers hunters many unique features that are specifically engineered to keep the individual comfortable, dry, and warm. Their most popular technology is summarized below:

- CR Flex-Foam Neoprene Liner - 100% waterproof liner that provides flexibility, shock absorption and heat retention properties.

- Fleece Lining - Muck's key addition for added warmth in the coldest conditions. 

- BioDEWIX™ Insert - A antimicrobial footbed insert topcover with NZYM™ for odor control and moisture management.

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Top Item
Muck Fieldblazer Boot
Muck Fieldblazer Rubber Boot
The Most Popular Muck Boot
A rubber boot that provides the ultimate protection and comfort.

In Conclusion

It's a tough decision to make when you're looking for the best hunting boot on the market. While it's important to spend plenty of time researching the perfect fit for you, it's easiest to start with the top brands first.

We hope this helps you in your next purchase! Please check out our other blogs too. 

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