Women's hunting clothing has advanced tremendously over the past decade or so, with the top hunting clothing brands offering full clothing systems designed specifically for females.

If you're in the market for the best hunting clothes for women, then look no further! The list below is going to summarize the top clothing picks within each category, and I'm going to show why female hunters can't stop buying these items.

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1. Best Women's Hunting Jacket

KUIU Women's Guide DCS Jacket

KUIU has taken their Guide Series of clothing and brought it over with some slight tweaks to cater to women looking for the top hunting jacket available. 

The KUIU Women's Guide DCS Jacket is built for cold conditions, but that doesn't mean it's a one-trick pony. This jacket is made out of KUIU's proprietary PrimeFlex Polyester and Micro-Fleece Backer material, meaning it can stand up to cold temperatures while letting you breathe if things heat up a bit.

Its tough outer shell is both water and wind resistant and only weighs a mere 21.1 oz - you really can't beat that!

In case that's not enough, this jacket is anatomical shaped specifically for women's fit and comfort!

Top Item
Best Women's Hunting Jacket - KUIU Women's DCS Jacket
KUIU Women's Guide DCS Jacket
Best Women's Hunting Jacket
The best women's hunting jacket is the KUIU women's guide DCS jacket because its snug fit keeps hunters warm while also providing much needed ventilation.

2. Best Women's Hunting Pants

First Lite Women's Alturas Guide Pants

First Lite might be considered one of the "new-comers" in the hunting clothing world, but they are quickly becoming one of the most reliable, durable available options.

This durability of First Lite is well represented in their Women's Alturas Guide Pants, our pick for the best women's hunting pants.

If you do any quick search for the pants, you'll quickly recognize that the number of reviews is off the charts. Hundreds of customers rave about the warmth and comfort of the pants, saying that it's the perfect balance for any part of the year.

Additionally, the stretch of the pants provides the ultimate fit for many women. 

Top Item
First Lite Women's Alturas Guide Pants
The Best Women's Hunting Pants
The best women's hunting pants is the First Lite women's Alturas Guide Pants as it has a breathable and durable option for women.

3. Best Hunting Pack For Women

KUIU Divide 1200 

The KUIU Divide series made our list for the best hunting backpacks, so it's only natural that we chose it as the best option for women hunters.

Finding something that's big enough to carry all your gear, but still versatile enough to double as a daypack is a tough venture. KUIU recognized this, and as a result, created the new Divide series.

These packs offer a compact design with a unique "divide" pocket that expands so you can house a tripod or other additional hunting gear. 

The pack is built with 300D Cordura and is fully hydration compatible. Additionally, if you have to bring more, the pack has a sternum strap track for easy adjustability.

And finally, if you're looking for an easy way to carry a bow or gun, you can add KUIU's holder through the connection webbing loops.

Top Item
Best Hunting Pack For Women - KUIU Divide 1200
KUIU Divide 1200
The Best Hunting Pack For Women
The best hunting backpack for women is clearly the KUIU Divide 1200 because its compact, yet sturdy design is great for any small-framed individual.

4. Best Women's Hunting Vest

DSG Women's Upland Hunting Vest

Calling all women upland hunters - We found the perfect upland vest for you this season!

We've heard of the top brands like Filson, Orvis, and Field & Stream, but DSG is shaking up the top upland brands this year with the introduction of their new women's upland vest. 

This vest was built specifically for females, offering a lever of comfort that matches well with the shape of any huntress.

But don't let that steal your attention. This vest comes equipped with all the requirements any upland enthusiast expects. From the padded shoulder straps, to shell carriers, you've got everything you need!

Top Item
Best Women's Hunting Vest - DSG Women's Upland Hunting Vest
DSG Women's Upland Vest
The Best Women's Hunting Vest
While it's a bit of a surprise pick, the best women's hunting vest is the DSG women's upland vest due to the precise fit offered by this item.

5. Best Women's Hunting Gloves

Sitka Women's Traverse Gloves

A good pair of gloves might be at the top of the list when it comes to the most important piece of clothing for hunters. As a result, you might want to take a second or two before you make your final pick.

This year, we've chosen the Sitka Traverse gloves as the best pick for women looking for a comfortable and durable option to project their hands. 

This gloves is made out of Sitka's poly fleece construction, which is a piece of hunting clothing material that has so many positives. First, it provides hunters with a level of stretch that feels like a custom made glove. And at the same time, is a rigid enough material protect against brush and briars.

Additional features include a water repellent finish, and an ax suede index finger that's touchscreen compatible!

Top Item
Best Women's Hunting Gloves - Sitka Women's Traverse Gloves
Sitka Women's Traverse Gloves
The Best Women's Hunting Gloves
The best women's hunting gloves is the Sitka Traverse Gloves as the gloves poly fleece material provides the perfect balance of stretch and comfort.

Women's Hunting Clothing FAQs

1. Where Do You Buy KUIU women's hunting gear?

You can only purchase KUIU women's hunting clothing directly through their own website.

In Conclusion

So there it is, the best hunting clothes for women from the top clothing manufactures in the hunting industry.

Each piece of gear is at the top of their category area, and will last for years to come. You can rest assured knowing that if you purchase anything from this list, you're getting the best of the best. Now, you just have to head out to the woods and take down your game. Good luck this season!

To learn more about KUIU vs. Sitka, we have a blog about that too!