Everyone knows having the top gear makes hunting easier and more enjoyable. To be more specific, choosing the best hunting clothing adds to this statement. When searching for this, you might ask "What's the hunter's most important item of clothing?"

There are a lot of things to consider when asking this question, and each of them might adjust your answer. You have to take into account weather, hunting regulations, and the type of game being pursued just to name a few.

While there's not one clear answer out there, we're going to point out some of the key areas to evaluate, and why each of these is an important requirement to a successful hunt. Check out the categories below, as well as some more specific references if you're looking for additional information on hunting clothing.

Blaze Orange

Hunting safely and responsibly should be at the top of the list for any hunter in any situation. For any beginning hunter you might wonder how clothing impacts this. Making yourself visible while out in the woods sets yourself apart from all surroundings - giving all hunters notice that you are not an animal

To put yourself in the best possible position, we recommend you clothe yourself with fluorescent orange from top to bottom. That includes an orange hat and shirt, vest, or jacket. Most importantly the blaze orange should be visible from all directions. Also, hunters should wear orange clothing during all firearms related season to notify other hunters of location. 

Fun Fact - Blaze orange is also called fluorescent orange or hunter orange. Keep this in mind when purchasing any new gear. To check out the latest blaze orange hunting clothing take a look here!

Blaze Orange Hunting Clothing

Hat & Gloves

A reliable hat and pair of gloves is important for a variety of reasons. As discussed above, a blaze orange hat is the easiest way to provide notice to all hunters of your presence from any angle. Hat, or beanies more specifically, are also the best piece of clothing to keep you warm in cold weather

In a similar manner, gloves are an essential component of staying comfortable in cold weather conditions. Aside from this, they also prevent your hands and fingers from getting cut while walking through thick briars or when messing with gear in the woods.

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Layering Basics

If you're not layering your hunting clothing before entering the woods, you're a bit behind. Minimizing the number of layers limits your ability to adjust clothing while temperatures change.

To summarize the most important layering tips, check out the list below:

  • Avoid cotton as a base layer
  • Synthetic and wool are great alternatives to base layers
  • Mid layer should focus on insulation
  • Fleece provides optimal insulation
  • Outer layer protects from wind and moisture

    If you're looking for more detailed information about dressing in layers, view our blog about How To Stay Warm While Hunting

    Layering Hunting Clothing

    Hunting Footwear

    Hunting footwear has advanced quite a bit over the years. People no longer rely on one style of hunting boots for all different terrains, weather conditions, or game. Whether you're hunting pheasant in the midwest or deer in Texas, comfort, protection, traction, and durability are the most important things to consider when purchasing your next pair of boots. 

    To check out the many different styles of hunting boots, take a look at the list below:

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      FAQs When Trying To Purchase Hunting Clothing


      What Is Technical Hunting Clothing?

      The term technical hunting clothing has become more popular over the years as companies like KUIU, Sitka, and First Lite have introduced higher quality apparel. Companies like these have advanced the camo patterns, technology, and fabrics so much. They no longer rely on standard cotton fabrics with a one-size-fits all construction and minimal features. While the prices are a little higher, you'll find that these companies have really listened to hunters and incorporated many innovative components into their apparel. 

      What Is The Best Material For Hunting Clothing?

      As stated several times above, it's time to move away from your standard cotton construction, especially as a base layer. Fabrics such as Polyester, Merino, Polypropeleyne, and Gore-Tex should be incorporated more into your layering system as they provided different benefits for several reasons.

      How To Store Your Hunting Clothes?

      Taking care of your hunting clothes starts with figuring out the best way to store it once the season is over. While different materials might require different care, here are some overall tips to extend the life of your gear:

      1. Wash with a high quality detergent before storing.
      2. Store clothes inside and in a dark area to prevent fading from the sun.
      3. Avoid storing hunting clothes with other apparel or items.
      4. Store in a climate-controlled area to prevent mold from moisture.

      For more detailed information, we have a full blog summarizing How To Store Your Hunting Clothes, we have that too. 

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