Muddy is known for producing some of the top hunting gear in today's market - including Trail Cameras, Tree Stands, and Hunting Accessories. However, today we're taking a look at the Best Muddy Deer Blinds, and which one might be the best for you. 

The best thing about Muddy deer blinds is the shear number of options they provide for all deer hunters. No matter the type of location, budget, or personal preferences, Muddy has built something for your needs.

As always, with so many options comes a lot of information. We've taken the most important information and reviews out there, and placed everything in an easy-to-read format. Check out Muddy's top blind models below, as well as some key information that might help you before your next purchase. 

Penthouse Box Blind Bull Box Blind
The Bale Blind
Prevue 3 See-Through Blind
Type Permanent Permanent Bale Pop Up
Image Muddy Penthouse Deer Blind Muddy Bull Box Deer Blind Muddy The Bale Deer Blind Muddy Prevue 3 Deer Blind
87"W x 69"D x 78"H
72"W x 72"D x 77"H
82"W x 64"D x 73"H 58"W x 58"D x 66"H
250 lbs.
450 lbs. 90 lbs.
13.9 lbs.
Compatible Tower BBT500 BBT510 BBT500 N/A
Price Around $3,900 Around $3,300 Around $600 Around $250


Best Muddy Deer Blind

Best Overall Muddy Deer Blind

The Penthouse Box Blind

Muddy calls the Penthouse "the ultimate box blind" on the market and honestly it's hard to disagree. It might cost quite a few pennies, but if you're looking for something high quality, it's right here!

The Penthouse deer blind is Muddy's largest blind made to date, ensuring hunters stay comfortable (even with all their gear). The unique design features a flat back with 45 degree shooting angles so space isn't wasted and shot selection is fully available. Overall dimensions are 87"W x 69"D - Now that's a lot of space!

One of the key features that sets this blind apart from the competition is the Therma-Tek Panels. This four layer insulated wall provides Thermal, Scent, AND Noise Control! Click the link below to learn more. 

Additional features include the following: 

  • Solid Floor and Heavy Duty Roof
  • Vertical Windows: 12″ W x 42″ T
  • Solid Floor: Joist and Sheeting
  • Roof: Heavy-Duty Rotational Molded Plastic
  • Windows: Residential Quality Glass and Steel Hardware with ultra-quiet window latches

To wrap things up, purchase options include the blind by itself, blind with the 5-Foot Elite Tower platform, or blind with the 10-Foot Elite Tower platform.

What we like: Therma-Tek, Vertical Windows (Bow Hunters), Durability, Quiet Entry and Windows

    What we dislike: Price, Weight

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      Muddy Penthouse Deer Blind

      Best Insulated Muddy Deer Blind

      Bull Box Blind

      For the Bull Box Blind, Muddy took a look at the competition and decided to offer something that was not yet available to deer hunters. The technology of the Bull model is a great investment for anyone interested in the outdoors. 

      The Muddy Bull box blind focuses on 3 major things - Scent Control, Noise Control, and Thermal Control. Of course, Muddy took this and delivered with much, much more. 

      As listed above, hunters continue to brag about the blind's insulation and ability to beat the elements. The rugged construction and EZ One-Hand window design ensure heat doesn't escape - keeping the hunter nice and warm. The Bull Box blind is also a great addition for any family trying to introduce their little ones to the woods!

      Additional features include the following: 

      • EZ One-Hand Window Design
      • Ultra-Quiet Window Latches
      • 1 Shelf for Comfort and Organization
      • Drink Holder and Cubby Box Included
      • Molded Threaded Inserts Included in Each Shelf for Accessory use
      • Full-Size Door, with Lockable keyed entry

      Similar to the Penthouse, purchase options include the blind by itself, blind with the 5-Foot Elite Tower platform, or blind with the 10-Foot Elite Tower platform.

      What we like: Accessory Options, Insulation, Window Design & Latches

      What we dislike: Price

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      Muddy Bull Box Deer Blind

      Hunter's Wholesale Giveaway

      Best Bale Style Muddy Deer Blind

      The Bale

      Most hunters forget that bale blinds can be a deadly tool when trying to bag that buck in open field environments. While most companies have moved away from this design, Muddy continues to show their versatility and support of all hunters with The Bale Deer Blind

      The Muddy Bale blind is constructed with a powder-coated steel frame that's covered with black-backed, water-resistant denier fabric+burlap. This ensures added durability if you choose to leave the blind out in the woods, while also providing a high level of concealment. 

      As far as shooting window, the 10 windows that surround the blind create a 360 degree view just in case one sneaks up on you. Window width varies between 6" and 12" with a 16" height. Something to note, the silent slide windows can be opened and closed with minimal distractions. This is perfect for both gun and bow hunters!

      Additional features include the following: 

      • Large Zippered Door with Window
      • 4 Windows 6” Wide x 16” Tall
      • 6 Windows 12” Wide x 16” Tall
      • Windows are reversible, with Burlap on One Side and Black on the Other; Slide Easily on Bungees
      • Bottom Wind Flaps

      What we like: Price, Window Selection, Deer/Duck Use, Durability

      What we dislike: Weight

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      Muddy The Bale Deer Blind

      Best Soft Sided Muddy Deer Blind 

      Prevue 3 See-Through Blind

      For those hunters that venture onto public land, or who might enjoy the convenience of a good pop-up blind, Muddy has created the ultimate option - Prevue 3 See-Through Blind

      Muddy's Prevue 3 deer blind features one of the most innovates features on any hunting product - the One-Way See-Through Mesh. This particular characteristic is almost unfair when it comes to deer hunting. Hunters are now given a full 360 degree view of their prey with no blind spots. When the shot presents itself, Muddy added 2 Full-width panoramic window to help increase your chances. 

      The blind's easy set-up and lightweight feature makes it ideal for any hunter that likes to stay on the move, or hunt multiple locations in one day. It also includes multiple steel takes in case ground conditions are uneven. 

      Something extra to mention - Muddy claims that the blind comfortably fits 3 people. However, after looking at some reviews it might get a little tight with three people and all their gear, especially if you're a taller individual. 

      If you're looking for Muddy pop up blind with a little more space, take a look at the Muddy Infinity 3 Ground Blind.

      What we like: Price, Weight, Construction, Packability, See-Through Mesh

      What we dislike: Space

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      Muddy Prevue 3 Deer Blind

      Most Popular Muddy Deer Blind Questions

      Are Muddy Blinds Scent Proof?

      Muddy hard sided blinds come with Therma-Tek panel technology which provides hunters with thermal, scent, and noise control.

        Can You Shoot Through The Mesh Of A Muddy Deer Blind?

        Yes, while using a crossbow or bow, you can shoot through the mesh windows of a Muddy ground blind. Multiple studies show that broadheads, both mechanical and fixed, can be shot safely and with minimal interference. It's important to note that you should not shoot through the see-through wall mesh that's available on models like the Prevue 3. 

        We would not recommend you shoot through any ground blind mesh if you're using a standard firearm or muzzleloader. 

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        Where Are Muddy Deer Blinds Made?

        All Muddy blinds are made in the USA, more specifically in Irving, TX.

        How Heavy Is A Muddy Blind?

        Muddy deer blinds' weight range quite a bit depending on the model and type. For a chart comparing some of their top models, please scroll up. 

        Who Owns Muddy Blinds?

        Muddy Blinds falls under the family line of brands owned by GSM LLC. 

        Does Muddy Have Any Other Blinds?

        Yes, Muddy does offer many other models within their full lineup. For a full list, check out the summary below:

        - Muddy Gunner Box Blind

        - Muddy Infinity 3 Ground Blind

        - Muddy The Ravage Ground Blind

        Best Muddy Deer Blinds Review Video

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