Check out the chart below summarizing all Antler Shed Deer Blind Prices:

Model Price
Extreme Guide Series 4'x6' (Blind Only) $2,250
Extreme Guide Series 5'x6' (Blind Only) $2,550
Extreme Guide Series 5'x8' (Blind Only) $3,150
Extreme Guide Series - Bow Gun Combo 5'x8' (Blind Only) $3,100


Questions To Ask When Buying An Antler Shed Deer Blind

Do Antler Shed Blinds Come With Shelves?

Unfortunately, they do not. There is not enough space within the blind to house shelves.

    What Are Antler Shed Windows Like?

    Blinds come equipped with 360° horizontal sliding, tinted windows for optimal range of view.

    What Is The Antler Shed Exterior Made Out Of?

    A powder coated metal for long lasting aesthetic.

    Top Antler Shed Deer Bilnd Videos

    Exterior Features

    Interior Features

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