Before you finalize your search for the best hunting jacket, you might want to figure out how much one of these things is going to cost you!

There are a lot of great picks out there, and some might say that there's too many. To make things a little more simplified, I'm going to walk you through the top hunting jacket brands, the general costs associated with each one, and list out the reasons why they might be a fit for you.

Let's Start With The Different Hunting Jacket Brands

This list compiles the top hunting jackets brands, and a few of the top options on the market today...

1.  KUIU

KUIU was founded to create the world's most innovative hunting gear. And it's clear their focus is performance, ultralight weight options, and technology development. 

KUIU's technology includes proprietary options such as 3DEFx+, Quixdown, Primeflex, Dot Air, NuYarn, and so much more. 

Their hunting jackets usually range from $150 to $800, with most costing somewhere between $200 to $400.

Our Pick
Best Overall Hunting Jacket - KUIU Super Ultra Down Jacket
The Best Overall Hunting Jacket
The KUIU Super Down Ultra is the best overall hunting jacket because it is the most highly reviewed and rated jacket from a very reliable brand.

2. Sitka Gear

Sitka's sole mission is to provide innovative hunting gear so hunter's can stop worrying about what they're wearing and instead focus their attention on other aspects of the hunt.

They introduced quite a few clothing advancements including PrimaLoft, Polygeine Odor Technology, as well as InsectShield.

Most of their hunting jackets are going to cost somewhere between $200 and $750, with a large portion hovering around $200 to $400.

3. First Lite

First Lite is set out to make the best apparel for every type of hunter through simple and functional products.

This company has created quite a few popular pieces of technology including the Trace System, KineticGrid™ fabric, as well as HeiQ Pure Odor Control Technology. 

Most of their hunting jackets cost between $200 and $600, with the most popular ones being around $250 to $350.

Top Item
Best First Lite Jacket - Uncompahgre 2.0 Puffy Jacket
First Lite Uncompahgre 2.0
Most Popular First Lite Jacket
This jacket combines the classic First Lite puffy jacket with some brand new innovations.

4. Stone Glacier

Stone Glacier started out trying to create the lightest and most functional load-hauling pack, and now they've taken this drive and focused it on building out some really amazing hunting jackets.

Their most popular technology includes the Primaloft synthetic insulation and DWR Pertex fabric.

While their jacket options are somewhat limited when compared to the other brands mentioned above, their jackets are going to cost between $150 and $350.

5. Other Top Hunting Jacket Brands....

Outside of these top four brands, you have several other options such as Drake, Banded, Kryptek, Mossy Oak, Redhead, and Under Armour.

Of course, if you continue to search you'll find that there are quite a few more options, but these are the most popular!

Hunting Jacket Levels & The Cost

The information below is going to summarize the three main hunting jackets levels based on the most popular cost ranges.

1. Level 1 - Under $100

These jackets are going to be the base level of jackets available to hunters today. 

While you might win on price, you're going to sacrifice on quality. These jackets are built to do the bare minimum and nothing more.

Brands Include:

Redhead, ScentLok, Cabela's, Mossy Oak

Hunting Jackets Under $100

2. Level 2 - $100-$300

This particular level of jackets is going to offer you the next step up in quality, while incorporating some really amazing developments in the hunting clothing world. 

If you're looking for the perfect balance in quality and price, this might be your best option as you're going to find something that will battle quite a lot from the weather while not destroying your wallet.

Brands Include:

Under Armour, Kryptek, Scentlok, Banded, Drake, KUIU, Sitka, Stone Glacier, First Lite Hunting Jackets From $100-$300

3. Level 3 - Over $300 

These jacket are going to be the cream of the crop, offering your the best protection from anything that your hunting environment can throw at you.

While these hunting jacket prices can soar up to $800, you'll find out that at this level it's an investment, and an investment that's going to last for years to come.

Additionally, these jackets are going to house some of the best materials available for hunting jackets. While the foundational material might be what you're used to, these company add their own technology to the mix to make larger improvements.

Brands Include:

Banded, Drake, KUIU, Sitka, Stone Glacier, First Lite

Hunting Jackets Over $300

Which One Is Right For You?

From my standpoint, if you're in the market for a top of the line hunting jacket, I would stick with the following brands: KUIU, Sitka, First Lite, and Stone Glacier.

All of these brands are going to offer superior quality, an athletic style fit, and are equipped with the latest advancements in technology for today's hunter.

To split the grouping a little more, for those that spend most of their time chasing down Whitetails or who hunt on the East coast, I would steer you towards either Sitka or KUIU, or First Lite as these three brands offer more options to better fit this style of hunting.

For those that hunt out West, or spend days on public land, take a look at KUIU or Stone Glacier. These brands were designed specifically for hunters that need a lightweight option to complete their hunt.

Lastly, for any waterfowl hunter, you will probably find most of your best options within Sitka, Banded, and/or Drake.

My Final Thoughts On Hunting Jacket Costs

Unfortunately, hunting jackets have become quite expensive these days, but it's all for good reason. The quality, technology, and capabilities of these item far surpass what hunters were using 10-20 years ago.

While it might be somewhat frustrating to pay this amount of money for a piece of hunting clothing, you can feel pretty confident that purchasing from these tops brands is going to produce a piece of hunting gear that will last for several years. 

I hope this summary of the different brands, price points, and general recommendations helped you in your final pursuit of a reliable hunting jacket. Swing back around again for more information related to this topic.

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