So you've decided that you want to purchase a new piece of Sitka gear - maybe this is your first or maybe you're just adding to the list of what you already own. If you're here, you know Sitka is one of the top hunting clothing brands available.

But don't forget - Sitka doesn't just making hunting clothing. They produce some of the most high-quality, durable gear available across each and every hunting gear category. 

We're going to roundup the Top 6 Best Sitka Hunting Gear pieces. And if you can't find something here you like, then I don't know what to tell you!

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1. Best Sitka Hunting Jacket

Sitka Stratus Jacket

Going out and searching for the best hunting jacket to fit your needs is a tough feat. However, this piece of hunting gear might be the most versatile piece of hunting clothing available in your hunting backpack.

Just think about it - a jacket is the first layer of protection from rain, wind, and cold, and it's the easiest layer to take on and off if conditions change. 

As a result, I would recommend checking out the Sitka Stratus jacket for anyone trying to find a hunting jacket that's going to do it all!

The Sitka Status jacket is 100% windproof, and a great solution for anyone battling those chilly days out in the woods as it's built with a warm micro-fleece with GORE-TEX INFINIUM and WINDSTOPPER technology. To be frank, it's really designed for whitetail deer hunters that prefer a stand, but it can be a great layering addition for anyone that hunts in much colder conditions. 

Based on the information above, it's clear that the Sitka Stratus Jacket is the most popular Sitka jacket.

Top Item
Sitka Stratus Jacket
Sitka Stratus Jacket
Most Popular Sitka Jacket
This jacket is at the top of the market when it comes to whitetail hunting jackets.

2. Best Sitka Hunting Pants

Sitka Timberline Pants

Let's say you're looking for a top-of-the-line pair of hunting pants, but you're not finding any luck. Believe me - I've been there before. And the worst part is the fact that finding a good pair of huntings pants that fits well is becoming more and more difficult. 

In all honesty, hunting clothing manufactures each build their own pair of hunting pants very differently. Some legacy brands are suited for older, less athletic built hunters, while today's newer brands offer a more streamlined fit. 

Sitka is one of the newer brands that offer a more athletic fit to their hunting pants, but they do have several options that still appeal to those traditional hunters. 

If you're in the market for Sitka's top hunting pants, I would highly suggest taking a look at the Sitka Timberline pants as it's one of the most reviewed (and highly reviewed) options on their website. 

The Sitka Timberline hunting pant is engineered for mid to late season hunts, and for those hunters that need to balance warmth with mobility. The design includes an ultra-durable 4-way stretch polyester and double reinforced ripstop nylon with the entire pant being both waterproof and breathable.

It's built to stand up to anyone hunting down South or out West with no trouble at all!

Top Item
Sitka Timberline Pants
The Best Sitka Hunting Pants
The perfect hunting pants for mid-to-late season hunts when the weather starts to turn.

3. Best Sitka Hunting Pack

Sitka Apex Pack

Scouring the internet in search of the best hunting pack takes time and effort, and it's key to make sure you're matching the type of backpack with your hunting style and conditions. 

But don't give up! Because having a reliable hunting backpack to house all your gear is essential. Additionally, with the cost of packs getting so high nowadays, you want something that's going to last several years. 

If you're trying to find a frameless pack that's optimal for day hunts, take a look at the Sitka Apex hunting backpack.

The Sitka Apex hunting backpack includes 1,800 cubic-inches of spaces and is constructed in a low-profile, streamlined design. Furthermore, it's super quiet - great for anyone that enjoys spot-and-stalk hunting. 

And one of the most innovative features is the deployable/retractable cam cables attached to the waist belt which allows you to rest your bow while waiting for that final shot!

Top Item
Sitka Apex Hunting Pack
Sitka Apex Pack
The Best Sitka Hunting Pack
A streamlined and versatile pack keeps your gear organized and ready at your fingertips.

4. Best Sitka Hunting Gloves

Sitka Traverse Gloves

Hunting gloves are key to staying warm while hunting, and keeping your fingers protected from rips and tears in the woods. While it is an essential piece of gear to have, it's relatively easy to find a good pair... especially if you get some from Sitka.

The best Sitka hunting gloves out there right now are clearly the Sitka Traverse gloves. They are built of stretch poly fleece fabric and treated with a durable water repellent finish that sheds light precipitation.

Additionally, and I know you're wondering this, you can operate your cell phone with these gloves as the fingertip is equipped with Ax suede.

Furthermore, they come in both men's and women's sizes, and are constructed from recycled materials. 

Top Item
Sitka Traverse Gloves
Sitka Traverse Gloves
The Best Sitka Hunting Gloves
A great early season glove that's built for comfort and dexterity.

5. Best Sitka Hunting Vest

Kelvin Aerolite Vest

Personally, I'm a big fan of hunting vests. And overall, I think it's a piece of hunting clothing most hunters don't utilize - leaving efficiency on the table. 

Unfortunately, not too many hunting companies produce a slim-fitting, compact, yet warm hunting vest that you can use throughout the year. You're really going to have to do your research to find something like this...

Oh wait... that's what this blog is about!

The Sitka Kelvin Aerolite vest is the top option from Sitka when it comes to this particular piece of hunting clothing gear. 

My favorite part of this vest is the synthetiPrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core™ technology which acts like down (giving you warmth and compactness) but doesn't falter when it gets wet. 

Additionally, it has 20-denier polyester outer layer which repels water and remains durable against abrasive wear and tear.

Top Item
Mossy Oak Vintage Hoodie
Sitka Kelvin Aerolite Vest
The Best Sitka Hunting Vest
A lightweight vest that maximizes warmth, and easily packs away if not needed.

6. Best Sitka Hunting Bibs

Sitka Fanatic Bib

Hunting bibs aren't quite as popular as they use to be, but they still remain heavily relied upon by a certain subset of hunters, especially those that battle extremely cold weather.

Unfortunately, a good pair of hunting bibs is hard to find as many companies tend to build something that's so unbelievable heavy to withstand the weather that it's almost impossible to actually move around in.

If you're looking for a hunting bib that offers a good balance of warmth and mobility I would recommend reviewing the Sitka Fanatic bib listed below.

Sitka calls this bib the "total package for ultra-quiet warmth" and honestly, it's hard to find a lot of options that beat this one. For more context, Sitak constructed this bib with four main elements: Deadly Silent Berber Fleece, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™, WINDSTOPPER® Technology barrier for 100% windproof warmth, and PrimaLoft® Silver Hi-Loft Ultra Insulation. 

This combination comes in a mere 53.1 oz so it's not going to weigh you down as you move in and out of the field.

Sitka also offers these in men's and women's sizes in case you're looking to purchase one as a hunting gift for your significant other. 

Top Item
Badlands Full Zip Hoodie
Sitka Fanatic Bib
The Best Sitka Hunting Bibs
A fleece built bib that it's ultra quiet and keeps you warm in the stand or on a stalk.

Sitka Hunting Gear FAQs

Which Sitka Pattern Is Best For Deer Hunting?

We've discussed what camo is best for hunting, but if you're trying to decide which Sitka pattern is best for deer hunting the answer is Optifade Elevated II.

Sitka clearly states that this camo pattern was engineered for whitetail hunters, especially those that hunt from elevated positions.  The macro and micro composition resemble the contrast of shaded trees against a bright sky background. Furthermore, Sitka states that this pattern is optimal for hunters that stay within 80 yards of their prey - helping them remain hidden while in a treestand.

Additionally, if you're looking for a handy KUIU vs. Sitka comparison blog we have that too!

What Are The Levels Of Sitka Gear?

Sitka gear levels are the following: baselayer, mid/insulation layer, and outerwear layer. 

Layering is an essential part of building the important components of hunting clothing and battling the worst conditions. Additionally, this system helps you stay out in the field no matter if it's early or late season.

What Are The Sitka Gear Camo Patterns?

Here's a full list of the Sitka Gear camo patterns:

1. Optifade Subalpine

2. Optifade Open Country

3. Optifade Elevated II

4. Optifade Waterfowl Marsh

5. Optifade Waterfowl Timber

In Conclusion

And there you have it! The best sitka hunting gear we've found on the market today for each and every hunter out there.

These top items hold the same level of quality expected from any piece of Sitka hunting gear. You can rest easy knowing each piece is going to hold up to years of wear and tear out in the field. The only tough part if figuring out how to get all the money required to purchase everything! Good luck!

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