Moving a gun safe is probably the worst thing about purchasing a gun safe, or moving in general. It's a terribly work intensive task that you just can't avoid, and there's really not easy way to do it - or is there?

The information below is going to shed a little more light on what it takes to move a gun safe from point A to point B. I'm going to walk you through gun safe weight ranges, what it takes to move a gun safe, best ways to move a gun safe, and so much more.

If you've ever moved a safe, you know how difficult it can be. Hopefully, this information will help you avoid any mistakes, and aid you in getting this done as easily and quickly as possible.

How Much Do Gun Safes Weight Usually?

Gun safe weights are going to vary by size and quality. To give you a better understanding, I'm going to break down gun safes into four separate categories and showcase the range of weights I've seen from scanning several different gun safe brands and manufacturers:

Gun Safe Category Average Weight Range
Entry-Level / Small 180-550 lbs.
Mid-Range 600-1,000 lbs.
Expensive / Large 1,100-1,700 lbs.
Commercial / Industrial  2,000 lbs. +

Do You Need Multiple People To Move A Gun Safe?

Yes, you will most likely need multiple people to move a gun safe. 

According to Outlift, the average man can lift around 155 lbs. Taking this statistic into consideration, here's a chart showing how many men it would take to successfully lift each style of gun safe:

Gun Safe Category Avg. Number Of Men Required
Entry-Level / Small 1-3
Mid-Range 3-6
Expensive / Large 7-11
Commercial / Industrial 13 +

Of course, just because this is the recommended number of men required to move a gun safe, doesn't always mean it's the best or safest way to do it.

Once you start move some of the larger, mid-range hunting gun safes, you're going to want to incorporate a little bit more than just human strength.

Prepping Your Gun Safe Before Moving...

Before you actually start the move, make sure you follow these simple steps to make things as easy possible. Not checking off some of these might lead to more work on your part, damaged guns, and even additional safety concerns:

1. Remove all guns, ammo, files, etc. - anything inside the gun safe.

2. Remove all shelving to avoid damage.

3. Move your gun safe by hand away from the wall for final transportation. Adding rollers under the gun safe can help you position it better.

4. If you want to prevent scratches, wrap the gun safe exterior walls and corners in moving pads, cardboard, and/or plastic wrap. 

Best Ways To Move A Gun Safe

Here are some of the most popular ways to safely, easily, and securely move your gun safe:

1. Dolly

2. Electric Dolly / Stair Climbers

3. Hydraulic Dolly

4. Moving Skates / Slick Sticks

Are There Companies Available That Move Gun Vaults?

Yes, some standard moving companies will help you move a gun safe, but it's important to call and ask beforehand as there are companies that will not allow their employees to do this unless they are specifically trained.

Try searching "Professional gun safe delivery movers" and see what companies show up in your area.

One of the best options to consider, if you don't want to move the safe yourself, is to contact the dealer or retail store you purchased the gun safe from and ask if they will transport it for you. If they won't, they may know a company they routinely partner with to help customers out. 

My Final Thoughts On Transporting A Gun Safe

Moving a gun safe can an exhausting task, and honestly I've even heard stories of people leaving their safe behind because transporting it would just be too difficult.

For most people (and hunters specifically), you're not going to fall into this category - so you're going to need to figure out a way to transport that safe to your new destination. 

Reading all the information and following our suggested tips, should put you in the best possible situation to make this move as easy and simple as it can be. Good luck with your move and comment below if you have any suggestions. 

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