If you've been in the hunting world for the past few decades you know that Mossy Oak and Realtree are at the top of the list when it comes to legendary camo manufacturers. 

I bet every other hunter here has owned either the Mossy Oak Bottomland or Break-Up, or the Realtree Advantage or Max. 

Quite a lot of hunters still wear these two top brands, but with today's many options they are seeing quite a lot competition.

Take a look below to learn more about each brand, what they offer, and which one might be best for you.

What Are The Different Patterns Available From Mossy Oak And Realtree?

Mossy Oak and Realtree offer quite a few different camo options that are engineered for various hunting seasons and situations. For a quick summary, here are some of the popular patterns available from each brand.

Mossy Oak vs. Realtree Camo Patterns

Mossy Oak Camo Patterns:

1. Mossy Oak Break-Up Country: Designed to mimic the shadows and contrasts found in wooded environments.

2. Mossy Oak Bottomland: Featuring realistic bark, branches, and leaves for blending into timber and brush.

3. Mossy Oak Obsession: Optimized for turkey hunting with realistic green foliage and branches.

4. Mossy Oak Mountain Country: Geared towards hunting in high-altitude terrain with a mix of earth tones and rock textures.

5. Mossy Oak Elements: A series of patterns designed for specific environments, including waterfowl (Elements Agua), coastal regions (Elements Terra), and more.

6. Mossy Oak Country Roots: This pattern combines photo-realistic elements with the original Bottomland pattern. 

7. Mossy Oak Country DNA: Similar to Country Roots, the DNA pattern features photo-realistic elements with traditional styles of camo.

8. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat: The go-to solution for waterfowl hunters, Shadow Grass habitat features a strong shadow grass patterns with hardwood accents.

9. Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades: Another reliable pattern for duck and geese hunters is the Shadow Grass Blades as it has more of a 3D pattern than the Habitat.

10. Mossy Oak Break-Up Eclipse: This pattern is the the first ever camo pattern designed to be worn inside a ground blind.

Realtree Camo Patterns:

1. Realtree Edge: Offers high contrast and natural-looking elements for hunting in various terrains and seasons.

2. Realtree Timber: Designed specifically for waterfowl hunting with realistic bark, branches, and shadows.

3. Realtree Max-7: Optimized for waterfowl hunting in marshes, fields, and open water, featuring cattails, reeds, and grasses.

4. Realtree APX: Designed for all-around hunting in diverse landscapes with a blend of greens, browns, and grays.

5. Realtree ExcapeRealtree Excape is designed to provide effective concealment in treestand hunting scenarios. It features a combination of realistic tree bark, branches, and shadows, optimized for blending into wooded environments where hunters commonly use elevated stands.

6. Realtree Heritage: Realtree Heritage is designed to evoke a classic hunting aesthetic while incorporating modern technology for enhanced performance.

Which Hunting Clothing Brand Is Right For You?

Mossy Oak and Realtree both produce a mimicry style of camo. This means they have a "sticks and leaves" style pattern to resemble a hunter's surroundings.

As far as which one is right for you, I'd say they're about the same for any hunter. The patterns are engineered in a similar style, so it's pretty much up to the hunter to decided which style matches their environment.

What's The Worst Thing About These Clothing Brands?

From my standpoint, Mossy Oak and Realtree never did a great job of engineering their own high performance apparel like KUIU and Sitka.

They made great camo patterns - that's for sure. But they never made any great apparel or gear on their own. They usually partnered with licensed brands that made "ok" gear, which at times hurt the quality of the name.

Mossy Oak and Realtree FAQs

1. When Did Mossy Oak And Realtree Start?

Mossy Oak, a popular hunting clothing brand, was founded in 1986 by Toxey Haas. Realtree, another well-known hunting clothing brand, was founded by Bill Jordan in 1986 as well. Both brands have since become prominent names in the hunting industry, known for their camouflage patterns and outdoor apparel.

2. What Was The First Camo Made By Mossy Oak And Realtree?

The first camouflage pattern created by Mossy Oak was called "Bottomland," introduced in 1986. It featured a mixture of earth tones, such as browns and greens, designed to mimic the appearance of the forest floor.

Realtree's first camouflage pattern was "Realtree Original," also introduced in 1986. It was designed by Bill Jordan and featured a mix of natural colors, including browns, greens, and grays, to blend into various hunting environments.

3. What Owns Mossy Oak And Realtree?

Mossy Oak is owned by Haas Outdoors, Inc., which was founded by Toxey Haas, the creator of Mossy Oak camouflage. Realtree is owned by Realtree, Inc., founded by Bill Jordan, the creator of Realtree camouflage. Both companies remain privately owned and are led by their respective founders and management teams.

4. Is Mossy Oak A Good Brand?

Mossy Oak is one of the best hunting clothing brands on the market. They've been outfitting hunters with some of the best camo patterns for over three decades.

5. Is Mossy Oak And Realtree The Same Company?

No, Mossy Oak and Realtree are not the same company. They are owned by separate companies and produce very different camo patterns.

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