The year has started, and many of the 2022 TenPoint crossbow models have already been released! But there's one problem - nobody has summarized these models in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow format.

Well, no need to worry any longer. We've researched the new 2022 TenPoint Crossbows and placed them in our friendly comparison chart. Additionally, we've summarized some new technology from TenPoint too. 

Take a look at all the new crossbow models below, and we hope you enjoy!

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TenPoint Nitro 505 TenPoint Titan De-Cock TenPoint Turbo S1 TenPoint Viper S400 Oracle X
Brand TenPoint TenPoint TenPoint TenPoint
Image TenPoint Nitro 505 TenPoint Titan Decock TenPoint Turbo S1 TenPoint Viper S400
FPS 505
380 390 400
Power Stroke 17" 14" 11" 11"
Size (Uncocked) 12" 14" 11" 11"
Price Around $3,050 Around $1,050 Around $1,350 Around $2,550


2022 TenPoint Crossbows

Most Powerful, Fastest Crossbow

TenPoint Nitro 505

One of the most popular 2022 TenPoint crossbow models has to be the Nitro 505. If you haven't already heard - the TenPoint Nitro 505 is the Fastest Crossbow On The Market!

TenPoint has really outdone itself with this particular model. The Nitro 505 produces a max FPS of 505, which will send those broadheads flying! This reverse draw crossbow comes in at 30" long and 12" / 6.5" wide (uncocked/cocked), and just 7.9 lbs of total weight. 

Of course, the Nitro 505 includes TenPoint's ACUslide technology, but that's not it. For 2022, additional features include a new 20" micro-tac barrel, new cable and string system, and a new RX8 cam system. 

The Nitro 505 comes in three models: Nitro 505, Nitro 505 Xero, and Nitro 505 Oracle X

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TenPoint Nitro 505

Best Selling Crossbow (w/ Upgrades)

TenPoint Titan De-Cock

The TenPoint Titan is not a brand new model as you may already know. It's TenPoint's top-selling crossbow of all time, but that doesn't mean they're finished with the improvements. 

For 2022, TenPoint as introduced two brand new features to the Titan, and hunters are sure to enjoy them. First is the D1 Trigger, which is a 2-stage, zero-creep design that delivers a very nice 3.5-pound pull. Additionally, it now has the option of the ACUdraw De-Cock or ACUdraw 50 SLED De-Cock

As far as specification, the Titan produces a solid 380 FPS in a forward draw frame that measures 32.5" by 14"/9" (uncocked/cocked). Additionally, it's at a very compact weight of 6.4 lbs

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TenPoint Titan Decock

2022 TenPoint Crossbows

Most Affordable, High-End Crossbow

TenPoint Turbo S1

Taking a look at this year's Turbo S1, you can tell that TenPoint really wanted to give hunters a high-end crossbow at an affordable price. Just check out all you get with the new TenPoint Turbo S1 Crossbow for 2022. 

Whether you're new to the crossbow world, or an experienced veteran, you'll appreciate what TenPoint has done with this particular creation. The Turbo S1 is TenPoint's most affordable crossbow ever (and their lowest-priced ACUslide crossbow ever).

Also, taking a looking at some of the specifications you'll see that this crossbow comes in at 390 FPS within a forward draw frame that measures 31" long by 11" / 7.2" wide.  

Additionally, the entire Turbo S1 crossbow package includes the following:

  • Optics: RangeMaster Pro Variable Speed Scope
  • Cocking Device: ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System with ACUdraw DC Handle
  • Crossbow Arrows: Three Pro Elite 400 Carbon Arrows (.003” straightness)
  • Quiver: 3-Arrow Quiver
  • Noise Dampening: Integrated String Stop System

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TenPoint Turbo S1

Most Affordable Rangefinding Crossbow

TenPoint Viper S400 Oracle X

Coming in last on the list... but definitely not least is the TenPoint Viper S400 Oracle X. Now, the Viper S400 has been around, but this year TenPoint added a sweet rangefinding scope!

The TenPoint Viper S400 Oracle X is currently the most affordable rangefinding crossbow on the market. Its Burris Oracle X is a laser range finder that creates a single, precise illuminated point (automatically adjusted for both distance and range). Additionally, it ranges game up to 200 yards away!

This forward draw model produces a solid 400 FPS - second only to the Nitro 505. It also weighs right around 7.5 lbs, and comes in at a length of 32". 

In case you're wondering what the crossbow package includes, take a look:

  • Optics: Burris Oracle X Rangefinding Scope
  • Cocking Device: ACUslide Easy Cocking and De-Cocking System
  • Crossbow Arrows: Three Evo-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrows (.001” straightness)
  • Quiver: 6-Arrow Tech Quiver
  • Noise Dampening: Integrated String Stop System

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TenPoint Viper S400

New 2022 TenPoint Crossbow Technology

Burris Oracle X

The Burris Oracle X is one of the top rangefinding scopes on the market with several great features. Top specifications include the following:

  • Automatically range game up to 200 yards away
  • Automatically adjusts for both distance and brightness
  • 2x-7x magnification range
  • Includes digital level, angle compensation, and auto brightness
  • Weaver and picatinny mountable
  • Adjustable to elevation and wind
  • Large ranging button

Alpha-Blaze Lighted Nock with LED Unit

New for 2022, TenPoint has stepped up their nock game with the Alpha-Blaze lighted nock. This system is a one-piece Nock/LED unit that lights up upon firing the crossbow. To deactivate, the hunter can easily turn it on/off by pulling the nock straight out. No tools required! 

2022 TenPoint Crossbows

RX8-Cam System

The new RX8 cam system, which comes on the Nitro 505, is real evidence of TenPoint's dedication to improved technology. The improved performance and accuracy comes from the 404-degrees of rotation - created by the longest speed-generating power-stroke ever on a crossbow. It's also designed with wider cable grooves for reduced cable wear.

Micro-Trac Barrel

For improved accuracy, TenPoint has introduced the new Micro-Trac Barrel for 2022. Its main benefit is the reduced string-to-barrel contact (coming in at a overall 50% reduction). This not only provides more forgiveness, but longer string life as well.

2022 TenPoint Crossbows Video 


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