Ravin Crossbows have quickly become one of the more popular crossbow brands on the market! They've been highly reviewed by many deer hunters - appreciating their quality, durability, and variety of choice. We've put together some of the most popular Ravin crossbow questions in case you're still considering the purchase!

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Which Ravin Crossbow Is The Most Accurate?

According to Field & Stream, the most accurate Ravin crossbow is the Ravin R29x. In a recent test that was performed in 2021, the staff placed three shot groups in "just 0.7 inches at 50 yards" - not too bad! This particular model also comes in a sniper package, which includes an upgrade scope. 

How Long Will A Ravin Crossbow Last?

While estimates do range, many hunters say their Ravin crossbow has lasted between 7-10+ years. Quite an accomplishment if you're looking for a reliable crossbow to perform year in and year out. Now, it is important to note that while this doesn't guarantee anything, Ravin does offer a five-year limited warranty on all of their crossbows. 

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Where Are Ravin Crossbows Made?

Ravin crossbows are currently designed, made and assembled in Superior, Wisconsin.

How Do You Unload A Ravin Crossbow?

To unload a Ravin Crossbow, follow the steps below:

1. Point your Ravin® Crossbow in a safe direction.

2. Visually confirm that the safety is in the SAFE position (pointing at white dot). If the safety is not engaged, push the safety to the SAFE position.

3 Grasp your Ravin® Arrow directly behind the tip and pull the arrow forward until it clears the archway bracket (Figure 30). NEVER PLACE YOUR HAND IN THE BOWSTRING PATH (Figure 31). Always keep your hand in front of the string stops.

4. Secure the arrow in the quiver.

5. Your Ravin® Crossbow is now unloaded and can be uncocked.

For a more visual set of instructions, check out the video below!


Can Ravin R10 Shoot 100 yds?

Yes, the Ravin R10 crossbow can easily shoot a 100 yd shot. At 400 fps, this model packs the power to reach a target at this distance. 

What Is The Warranty On A Ravin Crossbow?

Ravin does offer a five-year limited warranty on all of their crossbows. To be more specific, the warranty covers against defects in materials and workmanship to the stock, trigger and cocking mechanism, and limb assembly when used normally in accordance with Ravin’s published instructions and guideline

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What Is The Best Broadhead For A Ravin Crossbow?

If you're looking for a great broadhead for your new Ravin crossbow, check out the review done by Adventure In Wild. They do a great comparison of the top brands, including Muzzy, Rage, and many more. 

Where Do You Buy Ravin Crossbows?

While many retailers offer Ravin Crossbows, you won't find a better combination of price and customer service than Hunter's Wholesale.

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How Long Do Ravin Strings Last?

According to Ravin, they recommend changing the strings and cables about every two years or 400 shots (whichever occurs first). This can vary depending on the number of shots, care and maintenance, as well as weather conditions during use.

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