For the past 27 years, TenPoint Crossbows has produced some of the highest quality, most accurate, and fastest crossbows in the world.  The company designs, builds, and tests all of its products in the USA - ensuring the highest quality output for hunters. If you're looking to purchase a TenPoint crossbow, take a look at the most popular TenPoint crossbow questions below. 

Where Are TenPoint Crossbows Made?

TenPoint crossbows are made in the USA, more specifically in Mogadore, Ohio.

Who Makes TenPoint Crossbows?

TenPoint crossbow are made by Horton Archery. In 2013, Horton purchased TenPoint, combining both them and Wicked Ridge. 

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What Is The Best TenPoint Crossbow?

Well... this is a bit of a long-winded answer. To summarize the Best TenPoint Crossbows, check out our very informative blog!

How Much Are The New 2022 TenPoint Crossbows?

For 2022, TenPoint has released a few new crossbows that are getting hunters pretty excited! To check out the latest prices, view the chart below:

 Model Price
TenPoint Nitro 505 $2,999
TenPoint Viper S400 Oracle X $2,549
TenPoint Turbo S1 $1,299
TenPoint Titan De-Cock $999


What Is The Warranty On A TenPoint Crossbow?

TenPoint offers a limited lifetime operational warranty. This basically means that the company guarantees its crossbows against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Bow limbs, scope, and cocking devices are warranted for five years. Additionally,  string and cables are not covered under the warranty.

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How To UnCock A TenPoint Crossbow?

TenPoint has put together a comprehensive video on how to de-cock your crossbow with the ACUslide system. Check it out!

Where Do You Buy TenPoint Crossbows?

You can buy TenPoint crossbows at quite a few place, but keep in mind - you won't find a better price than Hunter's Wholesale. To check out the latest TenPoint crossbow prices, click here to view the entire collection.  

How Long Do TenPoint Strings Last?

It's hard to determine exactly how long TenPoint strings last, but the company does recommend each hunter replace the strings every 2 years or so. Also, it's important to remember to replace both the string and the cables at the same time.

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