How often do you consider where your goods come from? What about your hunting clothes? If you place a high value on buying American made goods, this article has you covered. We’ll be breaking down which hunting clothes are made in the US and what we like about each one.

It’s no secret that a good number of our possessions are made overseas – that’s simply the world we live in. And of course, trade isn’t a bad thing! It’s a critical factor to our prosperity in the US. It fuels economic growth, it supports and creates new types of jobs, raises living standards, and provides us with affordable goods.

Nonetheless, there’s always something to be said for buying a product made right in the US, even if a lot of production has gone overseas. According to Trading Economics, China alone accounted for 19% of imports to the US in 2021. So when the opportunity to buy something made in the great ol’ US of A is an option, a lot of Americans will take it. According to a study by Retail Brew and The Harris Poll, 72% of respondents to the survey said that they seek out American-made products. And even with current inflation challenges, 48% said that they would be willing to spend roughly 10-20% more.

If this sounds like you, keep reading on to see several hunting brands that are made right here in the USA. And if you ever wonder if a company is being transparent about where their products are made, I let you in on some hints for how hunting clothing brands get around saying “Made in China”.

Hunting Brands Made in the USA

1. Crye Precision

With its focus on military grade gear and tactical clothing, Crye Precision isn’t always a hunter’s first choice, but they do make incredibly durable gear for out in the field. Their gear is routinely tested in the harshest conditions by our combat forces and Crye Precision takes into account all feedback from its number one customer, the US military. So, if it lives up to the standards of our military and its Special Operations community, chances are it will live up to yours as well!

Where is Cyre Precision located?

Crye Precision makes all its gear, sourced from American materials, right in New York with its HQ in Brooklyn.

What is Cyre Precision known for?

They are known for incredible durability and reliability.


FORLOH is a relatively newer brand that has earned high praise from its users. FORLOH uses cues from animal visuals, rather than what we as humans see, using larger, high contrast and bold designs to make up their camo. They have four distinct camo patterns – Deep Cover, for below treelines, in the forest, wetlands, and marshes. This is great for bowhunters and waterfowl hunters as well. Their Exposed camo, is made for hunting above the treeline, in desert plains, the tundra, upland, or open areas. At 75 yards and greater, they claim that you’re virtually invisible. The Snowfall camo is of course used when there is snow. It features shades of brown to blend in with dead grass, sticks, and rocks. And lastly, the Sea Clear, which is used if you’re fishing. Fish see in color, so the idea of the Sea Clear camo is to blend yourself into the sky above with subtle disruptive colorations.

Where is FORLOH located?

FORLOH HQ is based out of Whitefish, Montana but they source their materials from all over the country. They even provide a map with each location marked in the US where they are sourcing their hunting clothing materials from! American Made Matters – FORLOH

What is FORLOH known for?

The company's camo is based on an animal’s visual processing rather than a humans.

3. Blackstock

Another relatively newcomer on the scene, Blackstock Clothing has made it their mission to provide customers with high-end gear, all sourced in the US. If you visit their website, you’ll see how important USA Made is and that they take a lot of pride in this… as well they should! After two years of developing the right camo pattern, they landed on elements that are taken directly from nature, utilizing the science of fractals for maximum concealment. This camo pattern is best used in forested areas in lower elevations with medium to heavy foliage. If you’re in the deep south to the western high mountains, this is a brand you may want to consider.

Where is Blackstock located?

Blackstock Clothing is based out of the Queen City (Charlotte, NC) with material sources all throughout the Southeast.

What is Blackstock known for?

They are mostly known for their fractal camo pattern.

Blackstock Hunting Clothing

4. Darn Tough

They may just be socks, but there’s something oddly satisfying about a solid set of socks you love. And that’s why Darn Tough made the list. A brand rooted in tradition, their tagline of “Still Made in Vermont” rings true as they have been running that mill in Vermont for over 40 years now. These socks definitely have a high price tag but they are truly top of the line. Darn Tough believes in their socks so much so, they’re willing to take your socks back and replace them no matter what, even if you don’t have a receipt.

Where is Darn Tough located?

Located in beautiful Northfield, Vermont, Darn Tough has become an integral fabric that makes up that community.

What is Darn Tough known for?

They are known for their high quality and lifetime guarantee.

5. Gulch

Gulch was founded in 2014 and has been creating some of the most interesting camo patterns ever since. That makes sense, considering the founder worked at Pixar creating some of the most recognizable Pixar movie characters such as Carl, from the movie ‘UP’, and Merida, from the movie ‘Brave’. Not only are the camo patterns interesting, but so is the business model. They are a direct to consumer brand, so that helps them cut out any middlemen that would drive the price up. Of course, as expected here, everything is made in the US. But not only that, they actually take it a step further and give you and anyone else that visits their online shop, a chance to see what they’re costs are! They call it their Radical Transparency and is something rarely seen done.

Where is Gulch located?

Hillsboro, OR. Here’s an interesting snippet from their About Us page: “BCG, the Boston consultancy, estimates the average cost to manufacture goods in the U.S. is now only 5% higher than in China and is actually 10% to 20% lower than in major European economies. The BCG projects that by 2018 it will be 2% to 3% cheaper to make stuff here than in China.” as cited by Fortune Magazine.

What is Gulch known for?

Gulch is known for incredible camo design and business transparency.

Gulch Hunting Clothing

6. Origin USA

Origin is a unique company in that it manufactures everything from hunting gear to lifestyle boots, to jiu jitsu rash guards and gis. Pretty much, they seemed to take everything they love, and decided to simply make it themselves. And it’s working out pretty well thus far. They’ve got guys like Jocko Willink, Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan all sporting their gear, leading to a lot of busy manufacturers right here in the US. And it checks out – Origin makes super high-quality gear meant to last a lifetime. Whether you want a solid pair of boots or a camo hunting inspired rash guard, Origin has you covered. This is the kind of brand you think of when you think of a classically American made company.

Where is Origin USA located?

Farmington, Maine

What is Origin USA known for?

They are known wide range of products, all with quality being at the forefront.

7. XGO

XGO produces tactical high-performance base layers and gear. Launched in 2004, XGO began when they were awarded a contract by the US Army. To this day, XGO, still provides our military, LEO, and First Responders with moisture wicking base layers that are ready to take on any environment or mission. Good news is that these base layers can be used on your hunts to keep you warm and dry as well.

Where is XGO located?

As their website attests to, all their designs, sources, production, shipping, marketing, and management are handled within a 30-mile radius of Southern Pines, NC.

What is XGO known for?

They are really well-known for their moisture wicking base layers.

XGO Hunting Clothing

8. Dan’s Hunting Gear

Dan’s Hunting Gear is a family-owned business and can be found in over 300 retail stores across the country. They’re located right in the heart of Ohio’s largest Amish community, with over 40 local Amish seamstresses handmaking their gear. Each piece is made entirely by the same artisan, giving way to excellent quality of control.

Where is Dan's Hunting Gear located?

Sugarcreek, OH

What is Dan's Hunting Gear known for?

They are known for their handcrafted clothing by local Amish artisans.

Hunting Clothing Brands Not Made in the USA

If you’re wondering which brands are NOT made in the USA, here is a list of several that you won’t find with “Made in the USA” tags.

1. Ball and Buck – Only a few items are manufactured in the USA; the large majority are imported.

2. Cabela’s – Most of their name-brand hunting clothing is imported.

3. Field & Stream – Subsidiary of Dick’s Sporting Goods, mostly made in Asia.

4. Carhartt – Mostly made overseas. 

5. Sitka Gear – All imported

6. Drake Waterfowl

7. Kryptek

8. Mossy Oak

9. KUIU - Material sourced from Japan, but most of their gear is made in China.

How To Find A “Made in the USA” Clothing Brand

In the US, we’ve got laws working in favor of the curious customer. Title 19, Chapter 4, Section 1304 of the US code forces brands that import products to disclose the country of origin on the product of packaging. Since brands don’t have to disclose online where the product is made, the best way to find out if it is made in the US is to call and ask.

Brands tend to get cute when they’re not made in the US – they will say things such as “assembled in the USA”, “designed in the USA”, and similar phrases. It should say “Made in the USA” if it truly is Made in the USA.

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