Hunting fanny packs are a great tool when it comes to hunting efficiently, but like all pieces of hunting gear they're meant to be used at specific times. Choosing to utilize a hunting fanny pack at the wrong time might prove costly, and that's exactly what you don't want!

To make things simple, I've listed out my favorite styles of hunting and scenarios that perfectly match up with the use of a hunting fanny pack. Each of these suggestions are going to take full advantage of the pros of a fanny pack and avoid the cons. 

Many of you reading this blog might not own a hunting fanny pack, and it's probably because you didn't think it matched up with your style of hunting. However, if you take a look at the list below and find something that looks familiar, then you might want to go out and find the best hunting fanny pack available. 

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1. Minimalist Hunting

Not everyone out there goes hunting on public land for days on end, packing everything but their kitchen refrigerator. There's a subset of hunters that are "minimalists", requiring only a few pieces of gear to get the job done. 

If you can easily step out of your truck or cabin and into the woods with minimal essentials, a hunting fanny pack might be the best option for you. A hunting fanny pack allows you to pack the optimum amount of gear while not being overburdened. 

Furthermore, today's top hunting fanny packs have expandable pockets that create additional space just in case you want to bring a few pieces of extra equipment (e.g. hunting clothing, bow releases, etc.) . Nonetheless, if you don't require a large day pack but still need to remain agile, take a look at this system of packs for your next adventure. 

Minimalist Hunting - Fanny Pack Use

2. Treestand Hunting

Hunting out of a treestand with a large hunting backpack is extremely cumbersome and even dangerous. Not only is it incredibly difficult to hoist a 25 lb. bag up 15 ft., doing so only increases your chances of a treestand accident

To combat both of these issues and help you stay organized in the stand, I would seriously recommend checking out a hunting fanny pack. Think about it - a hunting fanny pack is going keep your gear to a minimum, resulting in a relatively lightweight pack. Furthermore, the design of a fanny pack is great for strapping around a tree. 

By utilizing a hunting fanny pack while hunting from a treestand, you no longer have to bring additional straps or hanging hooks to house your bag and your gear. The fanny pack is already built for this, and its convenient pockets help you keep gear inside until needed. 

3. Final Stalk

So let's say you do hunt public land (or any large tract) and you set up your spotting location. There's going to come a point where you're going to need to get up and stalk your prey for the final shot. In doing so, you can't bring everything with you but you might not want to leave everything behind. 

The perfect solution - a hunting fanny pack!

Some of today's slightly smaller hunting fanny packs can actually be packed inside larger framed backpacks to only be used during those final moments. Furthermore, while you're closing in you might have to make some adjustments based on the wind or range, which requires to pull out and put away additional gear. 

All in all, having a hunting fanny pack doesn't necessarily have to be used for the entire hunt. It can be used for portions of the day, which brings me to one of my final situational recommendations...

Final Stalk - Hunting Fanny Pack

4. Trailing / Field Dressing

Similar to the outline above, purchasing a hunting fanny pack doesn't require you to use it for the entire duration of the hunt. Each piece of gear is used at specific times for specific purposes - why not apply this to hunting packs as well?

Time and time again, I mention the fact that hunters usually spend most of their time worrying about before and during the hunt, but always forget about preparing for after the hunt. 

Once you bag that buck, you're going to want to put yourself in the best possible position to find your kill quickly and efficiently. By having a hunting fanny pack handy, you can keep the load relatively light while you're on the blood trail.

And every hunter here knows that these things don't always go as well planned. You might be trailing for several hundred yards, and carrying a heavy backpack along will only leave you winded when the real work is only about to begin. 

Finally, having a fanny pack helps you bring about gear that might be needed along the way. You might find that you need to utilize marker flags to mark areas of blood, while even an extra bottle water could be needed to keep you hydrated.

And don't forget about a knife! Once you finally spot your downed prey, it's the most important tool you'll need to get the final part of the day wrapped up.

5. Scouting

While scouting doesn't necessarily match with the previously mentioned sections, this part of hunting still requires you to bring along gear to prepare yourself for the upcoming season. 

Of course, you can always drag out your standard daypack, but removing all your standard gear and repacking it can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance. That's why you need a separate hunting fanny pack to bring along a different set of gear that will help you stay out in the woods for hours on end without having to return.

And who knows, you might actually find a shed or two and a good hunting fanny pack would be convenient for carrying those back to the truck! 

Scouting - Hunting Fanny Pack

Avoid Hunting Fanny Packs If...

Every style of hunting and situation above was pointed out to specifically showcase when a hunting fanny pack can be an important piece of gear. However, these particular packs aren't built for everyone, nor every hunting situation. 

As a result, if you're a hunter that likes to bring about several pieces of gear or if you're looking for a backpack to get you out in the woods for multiple days and nights, I would not recommend a hunting fanny pack. While these are truly great systems, they might not prove beneficial in these particular situations. 

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