Hunting fanny packs can be a great piece of gear for any type of hunter. The only problem is find the best hunting fanny pack out there, and the one that best matches your style of hunting. 

As with many different types of hunting gear, you're going to be overwhelmed by the number of fanny pack options available to hunters. I know how difficult it is to go out and find a good pack that's going to meet all your needs. 

This blog is going to summarize the top 4 hunting fanny packs on the market today - No need in sorting through dozens and dozens of options!

I've taken the time to personally review each and every one of these, while doing some additional research on what other hunters are saying about their experiences. There's even one hunting fanny pack mentioned below that I personally use in my early season bow hunts (Scroll down to find out). 

We hope this blog quickly showcases the top options, and gives you all the information you need before making a final purchase. Don't forget to click the additional links associated with each product to gather some more insight into each model. Good luck this year!

    Question: What is the recommended hunting hiking pack weight? (Answer at the bottom)

    Continue to read more about our "Things To Consider" and "FAQs" in the sections below!

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    Sitka Tool Belt Badlands Monster Alps OutdoorZ Little Bear Alps OutdoorZ Prospector
    Brand Sitka Badlands Alps Alps
    Image Sitka Tool Belt Badlands Monster Alps Outdoorz Little Bear Alps OutdoorZ Prospector
    Straps No Yes Yes No
    Capacity 600 cu. in. 1,000 cu. in. 500 cu. in. 400 cu. in.
    Weight 2.6 lbs. 2.6 lbs. 2.1 lbs. 15 oz.
    Price Around $240 Around $180 Around $70 Around $30
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    Best Overall Hunting Fanny Pack

    Sitka Tool Belt

    If you're in search of the Best Overall Hunting Fanny Pack, look no further than the Sitka Tool Belt! I chose this as the best overall option as the quality, low-profile design (backed by Sitka durability) matches up perfectly with what a minimalist, fanny pack hunter needs. 

    The Sitka Tool belt comes in at a much higher price when compared to the competition, but if you want a true fanny pack design with unmatched durability it's actually worth the price. 

    The Sitka fanny pack interior is probably the pack's greatest feature as it incorporates 5 different pockets, both zipper and elastic style, to keep your gear organized. I personally think this is an unbeatable feature as it keeps your gear neatly in place, helping you get in and out of your pack while staying focused on your surroundings.

    Of course, anyone looking to purchase this particular style of hunting fanny pack needs to keep in mind that it does not house a shoulder strap design. The entire pack is supported by a uniquely comfortable waist strap, meaning it's entirely dependent on your lower back to support its weight.

    If there's one thing I'd try to change about the Sitka Tool Belt, I would offer more versatility to the pack. If you take a look at the Badlands option below, you'll notice hidden features that keep the design minimal, but also allow you to expand if needed.

    What We Like

    • Low Profile Design
    • Organized Pocket System
    • Very Durable
    • Quiet Fabric

    What We Dislike

    • Price
    • No Shoulder Straps
    • Minimal Versatility

    For latest prices, and more information about the Sitka Tool Belt check it out!

    Our Pick
    Sitka Tool Belt
    The Best Overall Hunting Fanny Pack
    The Sitka Tool Belt is the best overall hunting fanny pack because it combines Sitka's quality with innovative design for minimalist hunters.

    Best Hunting Fanny Pack with Straps

    Badlands Monster

    The Badlands Monster hunting fanny pack has to be one of the baddest fanny pack options on the market and due to its versatility I've named this as the best fanny pack with straps. 

    If you do a quick scan of the Badlands Monster fanny pack you might think it looks like any other, but take one more look and you'll find the following:

    - Top Frame Shelf: Great for utilizing in a treestand or resting gear on top of.

    - Hidden Hydration Bladder: Quickly expands from the shoulder straps to carry a 1 liter hydration bladder. 

    - Top and Bottom External Straps: Allows hunters to strap extra gear to the top or bottom of the frame for easy transport.

    As a final thing, this is the largest hunting fanny pack available to hunters today at 1,100 cubic inches. The design house 6 pockets, with the main pocket being large enough to keep a full light jacket inside. And don't worry! The Badland's frame system keeps everything in place during long hunting hikes. 

    Personal Note: The Badlands Monster pack is one I personally use for deer hunting during the early season as I can utilize the hydration system while also keeping my gear dry with its waterproof fabric.

    What We Like

    • 1,1000 Cu. In. Capacity
    • Hydration System
    • Comfortable Shoulder Straps
    • Waterproof Fabric

    What We Dislike

    • Price
    • Too Large For Minimalist

    For latest prices, and more information on the Badlands Monster take a look!

    Our Pick
    Badlands Monster
    Badlands Monster
    The Best Hunting Fanny Packs with Straps
    This well-engineered hunting fanny pack is best for those look to pack a little more than needed, but still want to stay lean.

    Best Turkey Hunting Fanny Pack

    Alps OutdoorZ Little Bear

    While it's not super common to hunt turkey with a fanny pack, if you're trying to keep it light and be ready to move quickly, you might want to entertain one of these pack options. 

    As a result, we've chosen the Alps OutdoorZ Little Bear fanny pack as the best turkey option since it houses many accessory pockets and its shoulder strap design makes it incredibly comfortable. 

    The Alps Little Bear has one main pocket, two side accessory pockets and one front pocket, and its removable padded waist belt has an additional two pockets. Furthermore, Alps designed separate call pockets specifically for this pack in case you're looking for any additional custom storage. 

    This particular pack is also very versatile as the shoulder straps can be removed in case you prefer a standard fanny pack lumbar support design. Lastly, the 500 cu. inch design is super affordable at only $70! How can you beat that?

    What We Like

    • Price
    • Padded Waist Belt
    • Several Easy-Access Pockets
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    What We Dislike

    • Capacity

    For latest prices, and more information on the Alps OutdoorZ Little Bear, we have that as well!

    Alps OutdoorZ Little Bear

    Best Budget Hunting Fanny Pack

    Alps OutdoorZ Prospector

    The Alps OutdoorZ Prospector hunting pack was chosen as the best budget fanny pack because its price point is well below other, comparable options with much better brand quality.

    Anyone can go online and search for a cheap hunting fanny pack, but if you're not careful you're going to end up buying something that could break easily - forcing you to waste more of your own money right from the start. 

    As mentioned earlier, the Alps OutdoorZ brand has provided hunters with quality, yet affordable, hunting gear for years and they've designed a solid hunting fanny pack for someone that's just looking to get out in the woods. 

    The Alps OutdoorZ Prospector isn't going to provide you with everything that the other packs have to offer, but it does give you a solid 400 cu. inches of space at the lightest available weight I could find. 

    Furthermore, the waist belt isn't actually too bad. It's a padded waist belt that holds up the single interior pocket design with an exterior strap pocket in case you need to bring a shirt or small jacket. 

    What We Like

    • Affordable Price
    • Lightweight
    • Kangaroo Pockets

    What We Dislike

      • Small Capacity
      • Limited Design

    For latest prices, and more information on the Alps Outdoorz Prospector we have that as well!

    Alps OutdoorZ Prospector

    What To Consider About Hunting Fanny Packs?


    A hunting funny pack's weight is probably the least important thing to consider before making a final purchase. Most hunting fanny packs are going to be made out of somewhat similar materials, thus they are going to all weigh about the same. It is important to keep in mind that most strap-style fanny packs are going to weigh more, but they also provide more support.

    I would personally recommend keeping an eye on structured pack skeletons that might add a little weight to the design. Furthermore, some fanny packs come with additional accessories to house gear. If any of these accessories are made out of additional plastic it might add more weight. 

    Pro Tip: Some hunting fanny packs can be wrapped around a treestand, and utilized as a hanging pack.


    Most hunting fanny pack are going to have a capacity of 400-1,000 cubic inches.

    When determining what capacity is best for you, you're going to have to understand how and when a hunting fanny pack can be used. From there, figure out which style of hunting best describes what you're going to participate in, and match that up with the many different styles of hunting fanny packs.

    But how does their capacity compare to a hunting backpack


    If you're heading out the woods with a hunting fanny pack, you've already committed to a relatively minimalist design. However, while most fanny packs are compact, many offer versatile features that expand the pack to house additional gear.

    The top hunting fanny pack brands have incorporate innovative design components like hydration bladders, expandable clothing pockets, bow/quiver holders. These additional features can be collapsed for a simple, streamline hunt, but if you need to carry a little extra gear it's there for your use. 

    Hunting Fanny Packs

    Hunting Fanny Pack FAQs

    What's The Best Bowhunting Fanny Pack?

    The best bowhunting fanny pack in today's market is the Cabela's Transporter Fanny Pack. This particular pack has external straps and boot to carry your rifle or bow. Additionally, it has a MOLLE webbing which secures your quiver or other gear.

    Best Hunting Fanny Pack

    What Should You Pack In A Hunting Fanny Pack?

    The most essential items any hunter can bring when packing for a fanny pack are the following:

    1. Optics

    2. Hydration

    3. Rain Gear

    4. (Want to know the rest?) Check out our blog about what you should pack in a hunting fanny pack!

    Where Can I Learn More About Hunting Fanny Packs?

    In this blog, we only highlighted a few of the top frequently asked questions about hunting fanny packs. To provide more information, we created a separate blog summarizing more hunting pack FAQs. Check out this blog as we routinely update the questions!

    Best Hunting Fanny Pack Review Video

    Answer: A hunting pack should not weigh more than about 10 percent of your body weight. (Source)

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