No matter if you like to practice archery for sport, or if you're an avid bow hunter you're going to need a reliable archery target to improve your skills. There's quite a few things to consider when looking for a top-notch archery target, and you're going to need a reliable source to help your search - not those archery reddit forums.

You want to look for a target that's going to handle both broadheads and field points, and one that's going to be durable enough for hundreds of rounds of each. You're also going to want a target that can withstand the power of today's top compound bows (and crossbows), and that can hold up to the weather if left in the backyard for a few days.

We've taken a look at the top archery target brands, and narrowed down their top products. Take a look at our picks, and enjoy the information below!                                                                   

Block Infinity Archery Target Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target Morrell Double Duty Archery Target Hurricane Bag Archery Target
Brand Block Morrell Morrell Hurricane
Image Block Infinity Archery Target Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target Morrell Double Duty Archery Target Hurricane Bag Archery Target
22" x 22"
20" x 20"
19.5" x 19.5" 20" x 20"
Broadheads Yes No No No

Shooting Sides

6 2 4 2
Price Around $200 Around $60 Around $125 Around $100


Best Overall Archery Target

Block Infinity Archery Target

Block has produced some of the top archery targets on the market for almost two decades now! They entered with a ground breaking target design that houses compact layers of density foam, stopping them with friction and not force. The design allows for arrows to find their way between the layers, extending the life of the target immensely. 

The Block Infinity archery target takes their original design and adds some much needed improvements. First, an outer shell surrounds all 6 sides of the target, reducing the impact of the arrow, and allowing for guided placement between the foam layers. Furthermore, Block has created five unique designs strategically-placed to offset aiming areas - extending the life of the target and ensuring maximum durability.

Overall, the Block Infinity archery target is a great solution for both beginners and expert archers, and will last well past most targets on the market today!

What we like: Takes Broadheads & Field Points, Multiple Sizes, 6 Sides, 500 FPS Stop Limit, Easy Arrow Removal, Reliable Brand, Durability

What we dislike: Price 

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Block Infinity Archery Target

Top Rated Archery Target

Morrell Double Duty Archery Target

Morrell doesn't really need an introduction as they are the "#1 leading innovator for Award-Winning archery targets world wide." While it's only a family company, established in 1986, Morrell has sold millions of archery targets worldwide. They specialize in producing high quality archery targets in a variety of types including bag targets, foam targets, 3D targets and target faces.

If you're looking for a top rated Morrell target look no further than the Double Duty Archery Target.  A true 4-sided archery target, Morrell has incorporated some really fun shooting designs to keep any archer entertained. From a standard vital section, to a dart board, and even nine ball, I can't see anyone getting bored with this quickly. 

As far as durability and construction, bag targets are not the top choice, but Morrell does offer a replaceable cover. This allows hunters to keep the core target for years of practice while the outside cover starts to get worn down. The target is tested at 450 FPS, a bit lower than the aforementioned Block product, but still very good nonetheless. Customers of Morrell really enjoy this target and we're sure you will too!

What we like: 4 Sides, Unique Target Designs, Durability, Replaceable Cover

What we dislike: Bag Target, Field Points Only

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Morrell Double Duty Archery Target

Best Priced Archery Target

Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target

Morrell continues to offer a wide range of archery targets at different price points while still keeping quality intact. If you're looking for something that's a little more affordable, check out the Yellow Jacket.

The Morrell Yellow Jacket archery target is probably one of the more popular bag targets on the market. Customers enjoy the easy to swallow price point, with minimal sacrifice on features. The Yellow Jacket is a more traditional 2-sided bag target with easy arrow removal. 

As far as features, you're not going to get the same level as the Block or one of Morrell's more expensive style targets, but it is equipped with 10 total bullseyes and a weather resistant outer shell. If you're looking for something to just leave in the background, take a look at this option!

What we like: Price, Brand

What we dislike: Lower Stoppage FPS, Bag Target, 2 Sides, Field Points Only

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Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target

Best Archery Target for Beginners

Hurricane 425 Bag Archery Target

Hurricane Bag Targets are under the same company umbrella as Block - Feradyne Outdoors. They specialize in a wide range of bag targets that can include their Tri-Core Technology. To explain further, they are stuffed to the max with a weather proof fill so it will never mold, mildew or rot and can weather pretty  

The Hurricane 425 bag target features high-visibility aiming points and off-centered impact points on each side. This helps increase target life, while still offering two finger arrow removal (even with a bow release on). As an additional feature, it includes hanging grommets in the top corners and a convenient carry handle for easy transport. 

Overall, if you're relatively new to archery and looking for a moderately priced target with great durability check this one out. We're sure you'll enjoy it!

What we like: High Visibility, Portability, Durability, 600 FPS Stoppage 

What we dislike: 2 Sides, Field Points Only, Brand

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Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Things to Consider When Buying An Archery Target

Types of Archery Targets

Bag - These types of archery targets are some of the most popular and well-known on the market. Archers, both young and old, enjoy theses large shooting ares. Additionally, most of these targets are filled with synthetic material, which stops arrows perfectly, while also making it easy to remove. As far as downsides, most bag target do not allow you to shoot broadheads or mechanical tips, and get rather heavy if left outside in the rain. 

Foam Block - If you're looking for the most well-rounded archery target, that's portable and moderately priced, you need a foam block target. They come in several different sizes and shapes for whatever your needs are. Unlike bag targets, foam targets stop arrows with friction - not force. Also, many foam block targets allow archers to practice with broadheads and mechanical tips, in addition to field points. In comparison to block targets, they are also more durable, especially when left outside for extended periods of time. 

3D Practice - Most 3D targets are made out of foam and come in the shape of some animal species. They are great way to prepare for upcoming hunts by getting more comfortable with the size and shape (of the vitals) of the animal you're going after. While these are great targets, they usually come at a high price - especially if it's replicating a large animal. The good news is that most of the targets come with a replaceable vital section so you basically create a brand new target without spending the same price. Lastly, while field points are preferred many 3D foam targets will take broadheads. 


    Durability is one of the most important parts of purchasing a target. You're going to be shooting hundreds, maybe thousands, of rounds of arrows and you want to make sure it's going to last. Be sure to check reviews of the different brands and their models to gauge other archers' experiences. As mentioned above, foam targets do offer the longest durability when compared to more traditional bag targets. 

    Broadheads, Field Points & Mechanical 

    If you're going to go out and improve your shot, you're most likely going to shoot a large percentage of your shots with field points. All types of targets will properly stop field points with a relatively similar amount of force needed to remove the arrow. However, once the season starts to get close, you're going to want to start practicing some final shots with your broadheads or mechanical tips. Ensuring your target accepts this will make a huge difference once you're out in the field.  

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