Finding the best bow release is a tough task! But don't worry, we've got some great information below to help you out before your next purchase. We all know how vital a top-rated bow release is, and how the perfect match can improve your accuracy by miles. 

Choosing the correct bow release means evaluating quite a few variables. Of course, you can always just go to your local sporting goods store and pick one that looks "ok" and feels "nice", but that's very risky. The list below summarizes the most popular and highly rated bow releases on the market, and why hunters choose them so much.  

Once you're finished reviewing the products, read our "Things To Consider" and "FAQs" section for some additional information. Thanks for supporting us!

Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw Scott Archery Wildcat Tru-Fire Patriot
Brand Tru-Fire Tru-Fire Scott Archery True-Fire
Image Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw Bow Release Scott Archery WildCat True Fire Patriot
Type Wrist Thumb Wrist Wrist
Adjustable Trigger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jaw Style Hook Hook Jaws Jaws
Price Range Around $105 Around $220 Around $85 Around $25


Best Deer Attractants

Best Bow Release For Hunting

Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle

Tru-Fire has been producing high quality bow releases for decades now, and each one of their options is made with the hunter in mind. If you're looking for the best option as a serious hunter, take a look at the Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle release.

Jumping into specifics, this model features a self-centering knuckle which eliminates torque on the string and adjusts for different anchor points. It's also very durable - the single jaw release is made of solid steel, while the strap is built from fine-quality leather.

In case you want more, the models loop matches up straight with the centerline of the release for deadly accurate shots. This particular features helped Tru-Fire win its 2nd Gold Award in the Hunting Releases category. What more proof do you need?

Also, it's important to note that this is a buckle style release - meaning you won't spook deer with the use of velcro wrist straps.

What We Like

  • Price
  • Length Adjustment
  • Ambidextrous
  • Made In USA

What We Dislike

  • No Trigger Thumb Adjustment

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Our Pick
Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle
Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle
The Best Hunting Bow Release
A bow release that will maximize the power and consistency of your shots.

Best Thumb Bow Release

Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw

Tru-Fire tops the list again, but the brand makes its mark in a different way this time. While it's not the first pick by many hunters, it's important to note a top thumb release option for those that like to see success in the woods. Check out the Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw if you're looking for reliable thumb design!

The number one thing that comes to mind when you review the Synapse Hammer Throw is "adjustable". Peeling back the layers of this release lets you know that that Tru-Fire wanted this release to fit each and every single hunter out there as best as possible.

Outlining some more details, the Synapse thumb release offers an ambidextrous design with an infinitely adjustable thumb barrel and independent trigger travel and tension adjustment. Lastly, the model features a 2 finger extensions that allows archers to set this release up in a 3- or 4-finger configuration.

Each one of these configurations gives the owner the option to tweak the release based upon their own needs and specifications. If you're worried about being stuck with minimal or no settings on your next release, be sure to review the Synapse by Tru-Fire for endless possibilities. 

What We Like

  • Trigger Tension Adjustments
  • Full Loop Capture
  • Thumb Barrel Adjustment
  • Ambidextrous Design 

What We Dislike

  • Price
  • Color

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Tru-Fire Synapse Hammer Throw Bow Release

Best Bow Release For Beginners

Scott Archery Wildcat

Breaking through as the odd-ball brand on this list, Scott Archery has been a tried and true solution bow release brand for many avid hunters. As expected, they offer quite a few different models, but the Scott Archery Wildcat is perfect for any beginner bowhunter. 

The Wildcat model is ideal for new hunters for several reasons. One, the forward positioned, knurled trigger design maximizes draw length and helps with forgiveness. It also gives hunters a sturdy touch point and one that feels very comfortable. Second, Scott's Single Caliper Roller Sear Design provides crisp pulls for added accuracy. 

Additionally, it offers a great ease of use when you're not shooting. Many hunters comment about the fold and lock release head design, saying they can fold it out of the way when climbing or getting in and out of the stand. 

Overall, this is a great bow release designed by Scott Archery and one that will be appreciated by those just getting accustomed to the sport of archery. 

What We Like

  • Knurled Trigger
  • Roller Sear Design
  • Fold Back Connector
  • Price

What We Dislike

  • Thick Strap

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Scott Archery Wildcat

Best Budget Bow Release

Tru-Fire Patriot

Purchasing a budget release aid is a great choice for anyone looking to have a back up, or if you're hoping to spend your money on other gear. Since you don't want to sacrifice too much, we've found a great option that's good for your wallet and your shot - the Tru-Fire Patriot bow release. 

Tru-Fire calls the Patriot "The most economical release available" and it's pretty easy to understand why. With its high-strength, ultra-wide jaws and smooth, adjustable trigger, you're getting quite a steal for this price point. 

While the Patriot doesn't come with a more well-built leather/buckle strap, it does offer hunters a padded nylon option with your standard velcro enclosure. Of course, this isn't the most convenient thing to have if you need to make any adjustments, but its still somewhat reliable. 

One last thing to note, it's a great back up option to throw in your bow case, especially if you hunt with a bunch of people as the release is compatible with left and right handed archers. We all have that one friend that forgets their release!

What We Like

  • Price
  • Sturdy/Smooth Trigger
  • Made In The USA

What We Dislike

    • Velcro
    • Durability Concerns

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Tru Fire Patriot

Things To Consider When Buying A Bow Release

Index vs. Handheld

Index/Wrist Release - A finger release is usually easy-to-use, reasonably priced, and more often than not help hunters get a shot off quicker when compared to handhelds. They also aid hunters in pulling their bow back with more power and security. 

Handheld Releases - Commonly referred to as thumb, hinge, or resistance releases. These releas aids are popular because of their consistent accuracy. Furthermore, they also help hunters get past what's commonly known as "target panic".

Trigger vs. Triggerless

Trigger - A configuration present within index/wrist and button models. To release the string the shooter must pull the trigger.

Triggerless - A configuration present within back tension and hinge style models. To release the string the shooter must perform some type of action other than pulling the trigger, i.e. rolling back the release aid. 


Before purchasing a bow release, you need to make sure it can be adjusted for proper fit. Even today's lower budget release aids offer some adjustments; however, they might not have many. If you're looking for something truly customizable, you're most likely going to have to spend a little more money to get the full list. 

Here's a checklist of what adjustment options to look out for:

Trigger Tension / Pressure

Trigger Travel

Peg Length

3rd Axis Peg

Wrist Strap

Pro Tip: Remember to keep you bow release anchor points at the same spot for every shot.


While many aspects of a release aid can be adjusted, there are some core components that just can't be changed. For instance on an index/wrist release, you're pretty much stuck with the wrist strap. Opting for a high quality leather strap vs. a synthetic, cheaper material will not only last much longer, but will also form better to your wrist. 

On the other side of things, handhelds can be just as difficult when it comes to comfort. What you buy is what you get, and there's really no way to improve comfort. Remember to test out your handheld release in person, and with and without gloves (if you're going to use it in cold weather conditions) to ensure the metal finger grooves fit comfortably with your grip. 

Best Bow Hunting Release FAQs

What Is The Best Type Of Release For Bow Hunting?

The best type of release for hunting is the index/wrist style release not only because it's far easier to get accustomed to, but it also provides an easy anchor point for more accurate shots; and it also offers a more convenient way to manage the release while out in the woods. 

What Bow Release Do The Pros Use?

Many profession archers today use a hinge or back tension release in competition. This allows the archer to activate the release by pulling/rolling back the aid - creating more of a "surprise" shot. 

What Are The Advantages Of A Thumb Release?

Thumb releases provide a much more easily accessible anchor point when compared to index/wrist style release. They also, according to some archers, minimize the desire to "punch the trigger" and rush the shot. 

What Bow Release Will Improve Accuracy?

Most archers say a handheld release will help improve accuracy, and help you hit the archery targets bullseye more often, no matter what type of target you're aiming at. However, it's important to note that each release offers their own benefits and drawbacks, especially since the needs of each archer vary. As expected, if you learn how to use any release in an incorrect manner, you will most likely create poor habits and hinder your accuracy. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you're able to curl your finger around the entire trigger on a wrist release - not just the tip.

What Is A Good Bow Release For Big Hands?

The best bow release for individuals with big hands is the T.R.U. Ball Short-N-Sweet'r. This release features a Cinch Strap - a micro-adjustable web strap that can be loosened for infinite draw length, wrist, and finger settings. 

What Is The Best Wrist Release?

As stated above, the Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle wrist release is the top-rated option on our list. It not only offers numerous adjustments, but does so with a high level of durability and at a great price.

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