Every hunter needs a reliable case to transport their gun or bow in - whether it be down the road or across the country. Putting in all that work to sight in your weapon is pretty much wasted if your gun or bow gets bumped and your sights are off. 

Before you go down the path of purchasing a top gun or bow case, it's best to understand the Best Bow and Gun Case Brands available. If you can narrow down your options here, everything after gets a little easier. The only problem is the fact that a simple comparison list is hard to find!

Well, look no further because we've gathered the most popular, highly-ranked bow and gun case brands out there, and listed them in one easy-to-find spot. Furthermore, we've summarized each of their top products, as well as what sets them apart from the competition. 

Here's the Best 5 Bow & Gun Case Brands on the market right now. Take a look below!

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1. Pelican

Pelican might be the most popular and widely-known case manufacture on the list, and there's several reasons why. First, they've supplied both gun and protective cases for operations in the military, law enforcement, and even aviation and aerospace technology related industries. Furthermore, they are just simply built for hard use, high impact and supreme weather resistance. 

What Makes Pelican Cases Unique?

While Pelican offers quite a few unique technological characteristics, their most reliable feature is the guarantee they put behind each of their cases. Pelican offers a limited lifetime warranty for all of their cases (with the exception of Vault). For anyone that routinely uses a gun or bow case, having this backing ensures that no matter the price tag, a Pelican case is going to last you till the end!

Top Item
Pelican 1700
Pelican Protector 1700 Gun Case
A Great Pelican Option
Part of the super durable Protector series, this case will stand up to anything.

2. Savior

Savior was founded to provide a bevy of solutions to individuals looking for a reliable gun cases to protect their gear. The original founder recognized an imbalance in the case manufacturing world, and sought out a way to resolve such issues. Savior is dedicated to providing hunters with gun case options that match quality with price and price with quality. 

What Makes Savior Cases Unique?

While Savior offers a variety of unique gun case options at great prices, their best and most unique features is similar to Pelican's - a lifetime warranty on everything they produce. On top of this, Savior provides nearly unmatched customer service and even offers a hassle-free exchange system on their items as well. 

Top Item
Savior Classic Tactical
A Top Savior Option
A great soft gun case option for those that routinely visit the range. 

3. Plano

Plano gun and bow cases is one of the most well-established manufactures on this list - producing molded technology products since the 1950s. Of course, they later jumped into the bow, gun, and crossbow case category without skipping a beat. Plano's cases offer an easy and reliable solution to any hunter looking to protect their gear, and does so at a reasonable price. 

What Makes Plano Cases Unique?

One of Planos' most popular pieces of technology has to be the Pillarlock feature available on many of their top cases. This system utilizes “pillars” on the interior of the case to connect both sides. By doing so, the case provides balanced stability and a crushproof resistance from outside impact. 

See if Plano's pillarlock technology makes the cut in our latest blog summarizing the Best Bow Cases

Top Item
Plano Protector Compact Bow Case
Plano Protector Compact Bow Case
A Great Plano Option
One of the most affordable bow case options on the market today from a highly rated company.

4. SKB

SKB cases are similar to Pelican in the sense that they've provided unique protective cases across a variety of industries. Of course, they've taken this knowledge and advancements and placed them right into their line of bow and gun cases. If you decided to purchase a SKB case, rest assured you're getting a product that's been put through a serious amount of rigorous tests. 

Furthermore, they are team USA's official bow case! How can you beat that? 

What Makes SKB Cases Unique?

SKB's most popular features is a bit of toss up, and one that we just couldn't narrow done. One of their most valued aspects is the waterproof and dust tight design that keeps your gear safe from all elements. Also, many of their cases offer an Ambient Pressure Equalization valve that equally distributes air pressure in and around the case. 

Top Item
SKB iSeries Rifle Case
SKB iSeries Rifle Case
A Great SKB Case Option
One of SKB's more popular options that continues to stand the test of time.

5. Bulldog

Bulldog bow and gun cases wrap up this for one reason - they offer some of the most unique cases available on the market today. No matter if you're looking for a soft or hard case, one that's concealed or standard, or even those that have that sharp tactical look - you're going to find something with Bulldog!

What Makes Bulldog Cases Unique?

Similar to what was mentioned above, Bulldog's variety is their most unique features when it comes this great brand. They are sure to outfit any gun enthusiast, bow hunter, tactical expert, etc. with quality protection at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, their team at Bulldog offers great customer service to answer any of your questions. 

Top Item
Bulldog "Ultra Compact" AR-15 Case
A Top Bulldog Option
A great option for those trying to discreetly protect and transport your tactical weapon.